What vibes do you give out?

  • Hi Captain,

    Was wondering if you could assist me with the type of vibes i give out. I am still trying to figure out my place, purpose, or whatever it is that I'm supposed to figure out. I genuinely believe in this as well as auras, palm readings, etc and know the insight will be helpful for me. Thank you!

  • SexiiScorpio, wow, your vibes really woke me up. Your energy is like a knockout punch. I bet a lot of people you meet can't handle that sort of power. You feel to me like you are wound very tightly like a coiled spring, controlling yourself and your feelings like you hope to control your life. But you need to relax more. There's a big wall of self-protection and suspicion around you, yet I feel you yearn to be liked and accepted. You have to let all that emotional sensitivity and empathy you have inside out more and show those you love that you really care. Showing your affection for others is not a weakness that can be used against you. Let down those defenses and let love in - and out.

  • Hello, again, Captain!

    So I'm involved in a few of your other threads as well as this one. And I feel I've been working on myself quite a bit since our last vibe session.. Do you sense the difference and change from me? I am noticing a difference from before.


    Thank you!


  • AngelaVictoria, yes there has been a progressive change but you must beware when doing a lot of self-work and bringing out your character flaws that you don't become very negative and critical of them. Love your whole self, even your weaknesses. Don't hate them and be impatient to get rid of them, be kind and gentle to them and nurture them into strengths.

  • That definitely helps... 🙂 Thank youu, Captain!


  • Hi Captain, I'm hoping to meet a very important person tonite. Do you sense any positive vibe for her to show up? Tks.

  • LostLeo, I sense your deep desire for her to show up to prove something to yourself and to fill a need in you. No one else can fill your needs but you.

  • Thanks Captain, I guess going with no expectation would be my bet tonite.

  • hello captain what vibes do i give off then?

  • 5d, you give off very self-protective and mistrustful vibes. The message you are broadcasting is "Don't come near if you don't understand me or what I need. I tell myself I don't need anyone but I really do, though. I am easily hurt and have been hurt in the past so just stay away or I will lash out to defend myself." This would make it hard for others to get near you or even understand you very well.

  • how on earth did you do that ?!?!?

  • I am not unique or special. It's an ability that everyone has if they would only use it. We are born psychic and we often just lose the ability as we grow older and argue ourselves out of believing in it.

  • I've just now read you're reply and I'm wondering WHY am I so down on myself? How can I break through these self- imposed chains? I have felt insecure as long as I can remember. Thankyou for your time spent helping others understand themselves better. 🙂

  • Friendforall, insecurity usually starts in childhood. Someone in your lfie at that time made you feel very unloved, unworthy or unwanted. I have a thread that you might like to join that is helping people work through their old issues like that. If you are really struggling to understand yourself and your life, you might check out my "Spiritual Boot Camp" thread. All are welcome and there is no judgment, just support and love.


  • Hello Captain,

    Thank you for your response and my apologizes for my delayed response. Have had some computer problems. Anyway, yes, I would agree with you, but please let me clarify. I do feel that I am really ready for "my turn" in life to make wonderful possibilities happen. It has been a most challenging life from day one but I am finally ready to be a in a position to be open to it, own it, and make it happen. I am actually quite positive about it. Thank you for your help as always! I hope life if wonderful to you!


  • How about me captain?

  • Chocolatemoose, I feel you are sad about something, like you have lost something precious. Inside you feel jaded or worldweary, like you have lost some childish innocence or enthusiasm for life. Like you are tired of trying...but you mustn't give up, just change your attitude and methods.

  • thank you! 🙂

  • What vibes do I give out Captain?

  • Athousandtimes, you can be too hard on and critical of yourself, and you need to relax some of the strict rules you apply to your life. You do have great objectivity and analytical skills, except towards yourself. Give yourself more freedom to breathe and move. You run the risk of withdrawing into depression, even paranoia, if you don't. You also need to stop feeling like you have to help everyone else and begin to help yourself more. A regular routine of yoga, meditation or relaxation exercises will lead you to good health and self-fulfillment. Structure is important in your life and you have to realise the connection between your physical and emotional health. Beware of chasing financial rainbows and re-examine your philosophy of prosperity.

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