What vibes do you give out?

  • Tickybox, you give off very youthful vibes, almost shy or unsure. It feels like you hold a lot of yourself back from others. You are quite sensitive to strong emotions and try to avoid them - in yourself and others. I do get an image of you laughing so I feel you try to keep things from getting too serious. But others can get the wrong impression of you as superficial or an airhead because of this. I feel like you just want to get through life without hassles but you are going to have to find your inner strength because problems will always occur - no one can avoid them.

  • Wow, that's pretty much dead on. The part you mentioned about how others perceive me was actually something I strongly suspected but really hoped wasn't true. Sadly I've been holding myself back for so long that I feel like I don't even know how to open up to people anymore. At least, not the people I'm not already close to. Any attempts I make always seem to go horribly wrong and chase me further back into my shell. I don't want to give up, but I am feeling pretty lost. I'm not even sure I have inner strength to use. I think I gave it away very young.

  • i agree with what you said, though it makes me feel no better about this engagement talk. how can he love this girl?(much less be IN love...2 different things....) i am not the only one who does not think that he does. there have been many speculations on how this will play out. i don't know what i am looking for, short of peace of mind. which i am not going to find...either way.

    putting this aside, it has been difficult to keep up my positive attitude while feeling like i have been backed into a corner with the world crashing in on my head. my friends telling me all this crap right now doesn't help. but what does not (and has not) killed me only makes me stronger. it is shaping up to be quite the interesting year.....and it is only feb.....lol 🙂

  • If anyone is really struggling to understand themselves and their life, you might check out my "Spiritual Boot Camp" thread. All are welcome and there is no judgment there, just support and love.

  • I posted here before... but I'm curious of what vibes I may give off now compared to what it was before... and read by a different person, perhaps. If you would? ^-^

  • OCain, what do you mean - a different person? There's only me on this thread doing the vibe readings here. I think there may be other members who read vibes but I don't know if they're still around.

  • There was. Not my point. ^-^;

    I can't remember the name she went by, but it's highly irrelevant by now. I'm just curious about a vibe reading, that's all. Didn't mean to be confusing ^.^;'

  • Yeah I do remember someone else giving vibe readings but I don't think she was here for long.

  • How interesting never heard of this please have a go for me. Thanks Captain

  • and don't be gentle give it to me straight X

  • As to your vibes OCain, you give me the impression of being strongly and almost defiantly or fiercely self-sufficient and independent. Like you don't want to lean on anyone or appear weak. But it gives you a bit of a cool exterior and puts others off getting too close sometimes - like they feel you don't need them. It wouldn't hurt to show your vulnerable side from time to time. I also feel the huge frustration you have at the moment for your life. But you do need to reach out to others more.

  • AmgelBoots, you have a very delicate and fairy-like soul - it's very beautiful but very fragile. It's almost like you're afraid that being tough will go against your true nature or break your delicate soul but all real fairies have a magical 'shield' of awareness and self-esteem that protects them from harm. It's not being too rough n' tough to stand up for yourself and your needs.

  • ...I never really thought much about it, but yeah... I don't really reach out to others. You're saying I should so... I guess I will, hmm? Perhaps I should begin to express that more...

    And it's actually quite the opposite to me... I feel as if others don't need me so I begin to retreat >.<

    Well... thank you very much, Captain. ^-^

  • OM goodness you have me to a tee thank you Captain, i am learning so much about myself through you God Bless you

  • Oh, I've been reading a book on vibes and all that, trying to finish it so I can move onto one about Fairies. OCD thing, have to finish a book before I can move on :P... Anyway! I would love to know what sort of vibes you pick up from me ^^.

  • Hi Captain, I was drawn to this thread this morning. Curious what vibes I give out.

    Thanks for your time & energy

    Blessed Be

  • MercurysBlueFox, communication is your thing, isn't it? I can feel your articulate vibes from here. Just make sure when you pass on your insightful comments and sharp wit to others you apply some charm and tact when you do it. I feel you get irritable and stressed rather easily. You have very delicately wired sensibilities so keep your mind fixed on higher concepts and away form sensationalism or daredevil thrill-seeking. It's not attention you should be seeking but real genuine communication and connection with others.

  • Amused59, your vibes say you have a sense of reaching your destination, penetrated to the heart of a mystery, but now you feel lost as to what to do there, where the good hotels are, what activities and services are provided etc. Like all adventures, you just need time to assimilate the new stat you are in and get used to the new you as well. Don't get impatient or frustrated or try rush it. Just relax and let the mystery unfold at its own pace.

  • Captain, In many ways I do feel as if I'm in uncharted territory. Patience is a lesson for me- enjoy the process & not worry about the outcome-its not easy but I'm getting better at it. So far I'm enjoying new activities & I like the new me...hasn't been easy to figure out what the part of me that was a wife wanted & being a mom is changing as the guys are now young adults so I'm remolding myself. Thanks for the encouragement

  • I loled at what you wrote about communication, it most definitely is my thing. I may be shy and not very social in some ways BUT when I do get social and on a topic of interest there's no stopping me. And its true at times I lack tact, something I try to work on, mainly because I can tell when I have stung the person on the receiving end and almost immediately I feel guilty and ashamed I did such a thing. Charm though, is something I know how to apply and should do so more often ;3.

    And I do get stressed easily but that's something I can't help, it comes when I get nervous, bit like a snow ball effect.

    What you wrote about attention-seeking definitely struck a chord, I recently discovered this weird attention seeking thing I do. I don't even realise I'm doing it but I think that has to do with my childhood, having realised that I do this though I am trying to stop it. Plus I would much rather have genuine communication and connection with others anyday.^^.

    Thanks! 8].

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