What vibes do you give out?

  • Kicktastic, your vibes tell me you can be quite stubborn about doing things your own way and that you may have problems with being responsible or with authority. This may see you get stuck with feeling like a faliure or very dissatisfied with yourself and your life. Being independent of external restrictions is only half your battle - what matters is the freedom that will come from being more flexible in your attitudes and beliefs. Cultivating less rigidity and more creativity in your approach to life will bring a decrease in frustration and an increase in your personal security and self-satisfaction. You can overcome any insecurity and self-doubt through developing a more positive attitude and self-approval. In love, you do need warmth and affection but the very responsiblities inherent in a relationship with someone or your fear of being dominated might prevent you from forming one.

  • excellent read captain! Spot on.

  • Thaank you Captain, yes, I am feeling stronger and starting to feel more grounded in myself. Learning to 'roll with the punches'. Still hard work and an ongoing process.

  • Is it possible for you to give me a reading on my husband? Ritesh, 6/7/1979

    Thanks for the reading, you're very right, but I don't know how to do it. People come and go so much that it seems it won't make a difference, and I never know when they're going to bail on me, no matter how good of a family member/friend I was to them. I realize now that maybe I shouldn't worry, Ritesh does truly love me and will always be there for me. 🙂

  • I don't want to be like this, what can I do???

  • LeoLover, you have to face your fears, not run away from them. By doing the very things you dread, you will realise that your fears were completely unfounded or else you will find you have the strength to endure whatever the situation throws at you. Feel the fear but do it anyway,

    Your husband Ritesh can be a bit passive at times and must choose to tackle his own problems rather than relying on others all the time for help. He does have a darker side and may at times get too wrapped up in negativity and self-pity. Yet he is an intersting and highly individualistic person, motivated by a strong need for acceptance which can work to his advantage. He has wonderful communicative talents and can work out ways to resolve conflicts through using this talent. His biggest problems may be his defensiveness and aloofness when he feels misunderstood.

  • oh, captain. my positive attitude has been back since about a couple days after my last post.thank goodness! i was getting a little despondent there, and when i get down it is so hard to get back up... it's been one heck of a year, so far, but despite the obstacles and roadblocks i have encountered, i have found plenty to smile about. i have been reading your blog, which put the new year into perspective for me. thanks 🙂

    peace and love,


  • Good for you, Mel! 🙂

  • Hi Thecaptain,I'd love to know what vibes I am giving right now please ? Do I appear more approachable to guys or people in general ? Thanks.

  • thanks, captain. sometimes i just need your perspective and for you to put me in my place 🙂 lol

  • thanks capitan, I will try that. I have lost quite a bit of courage in the past year, it is something that needs to be rebuilt. sorry for my dramatic outburst 😛

  • Littlespark, have you changed something about your appearance?

  • Hi TheCaptain , not really . I lost some weight during the last few months which makes me looks slimmer I think . I also had a hair cut two weeks ago but it's the same hair style that I usually have ..There's a cute guy at work who works in a different department from mine .We rarely cross paths but when we do , he has been staring a bit and trying to make eye contact ..

  • Dear Captain, what vibes are you feeling from me? Really interesting & wonderful gift you've been blessed with!

  • Littlespark, then it must be your thoughts about what constitutes attractiveness that I am picking up form you. I think you are making exeterior good looks more important than inner beauty. Be careful that you don't judge people solely by their appearance. That's not what attracts people to you - it is someone who is most honest and authentic about themselves who is the most attractive of all.

  • Friendforall, your vibes are not very confident and rather fearful. You have a deep need for love and sex and to prove to yourself that you are desirable. You are a sensitive trusting soul, very empathic, but you fear society's condemnation if you do what you want or put yourself forward too much. You also have very creative vibes but you have so much low self-worth and insecurity that you don't express your talents enough. You must find an outlet for your natural assertion and initiative. You will be much happier when you stop worrying about what others are thinking of you and just go ahead and do the things you know you need to do.

  • Hi theCaptain , thank you .I am single for ages but I don't think it's because I'm shallow. I look good for myself and because I love myself. I don't think I am to be blamed all the time how people see me or if they are drawn to me or not.. It's perhaps just their issues.

  • Littlespark, it's dangerous thinking to tell yourself that it's everyone else's fault if you are having problems in your life. If you are alone now, it's because some aspect of yourself wants to be left alone.

  • May I have one please?

    Thanks. 🙂

  • ReeseyReese, there's an excess of frustrated energy building up in you. Find an outlet for it - fast. The quickest way to burn off energy is to do something very physical. So go for a run or punch a punching bag or something before you explode.

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