What vibes do you give out?

  • LovelyLibraJ, you give off very exacting and perfectionistic vibes. You tend to see what people could be rather than what they really are and this can get you into trouble. You need a dose of reality to make you relax your overly high standards or else you will be very lonely and alone. No one is perfect down here, not you or anyone else. How would you feel if your partner expected you to be perfect all the time? It would be exhausting and stressful - and also impossible. Instead of withdrawing in disappointment, you need to mix with as many different types of people as possible so that you can see for yourself what real humans are like and then you can adjust your goals and guidelines for finding a compatible romantic partner. You will need to develop flexibility and calm so that you don't become overly rigid in your beliefs and preferences. Yet I feel a lot of humour in you too that you can use to make people think.

  • Bonnieb2, unfortunately you come across as being rather condescending and know-it-all, someone who doesn't know how to mind her own business, even when you are trying to help. You must learn when to offer advice and when to wait for it to be asked for. People perceive you as being a 'do as I say, not as I do" type of person when they look at your life. You will impress and get through to people more if you simply give a good example to follow by being as happy and fulfilled as you can. When your own life reflects your beliefs and strategies, then others will get that you do know your stuff. Everyone will want to know your secret and will come to you for help.

  • hi there Captain. 🙂 Hope you don't mind if I ask to get my vibes read! Thanks a bunch 🙂


  • Danielleissmiling, I am sensing an excitement in you. Like you have gained more understanding of life and people and find it easier to make your way in the world..

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  • 2011 is kicking my butt so far. i have hit 2 major roadblocks that are gonna affect not only the rest of the year but my life. ugh. had i answered last week, my answer would have been more positive. i am far from positive right now, but trying to get back to that mental place i was in. i was pretty content before new years. definitely not now...i don't know what to do with myself. i have no idea how the rest of the year is going to play out or where i will end up. sigh...

    ❤ mel

  • MELinSc, it's not how life hits you but how you handle those hits that are important for you. Attitude is everything and a negative approach will only attract more negativity. You can either moan about how bad things are or feel pleased that you are able to handle difficulties with so much ease.

  • Please give me a reading captian! Thanks girl.

  • LeoLover, you give off the vibes of someone who was mistreated or abandoned when young - vibes that say you don't really trust anybody to take care of you without taking advantage as well. I feel that early bad experiences may have hardened your emotions so that you have become rather cynical of life and love. You want to create a normal family life for yourself but unless you can learn to relax in an intimate situation and put your trust in another person, you will never achieve it. You don't have to be constantly on your guard against abusive people - you just have to believe you have the strength to endure even the worst of situations. Harden your willpower, not your heart so that true love can get close to you. Don't let the past badly impact on your present and future. Don't let the darkness win.

  • This is a topic I have been really wondering about in myself, as I strive to make changes in my life. Any wisdom would be appreciated. 🙂

  • LamiiaBlue, you give off the vibes of someone who is wiser than their years. but often your wisdom is applied to help others and not yourself. You can often be fooled by those who seem to need your help but are really looking to take advantage of kindness. There is also a deep spirituality about you that others might find a bit intimidating or unable to match. I feel you need to spend time away from people in peace and quiet to regain your balance. Being around animals and nature is refreshing for you. People can drain you, especially when they are needy or greedy types. Be careful of who you associate with - make sure they have a good character and motives. You can work with less moral types to help them raise their consciousness, but your friends and lovers must be of the highest standard.

  • Hi Captain, can you read my vibes again please? Feeling quite different from the last time you read them. Thankyou.

  • Please read mine too Captain 🙂 And any blockages you sense? Thank you

  • Chefjessie, your vibes ARE different in that they seem to contain more confidence and less fear. You are learning that it's not by avoiding life that we have the easiest time, but by doing the very things we fear we find real satisfaction and ease of soul.

  • NeptunianDreams, there is a severe hardening of your heart chakra. You have set your heart against something, maybe out of protection oe fear. But you must remember that chakras are two-way avenues of energy. If you harden your heart against something that might hurt you (or has hurt and upset you) and shut down your love, then no love can reach you from the outside, either.

  • Hello, Captain! Reading all of your vibes for everybody here has set this fire inside me! I'm so surprised and impressed that you're still doing this a year after you started! All the people you're helping and guiding... I hope you understand that you're doing something so amazing. I've been thinking a lot about intuition, meaning, and progression the past couple months... it's enlightening but I get so stuck sometimes. If it's not too much to ask, would you mind reading my vibes as well?

    Thank you for your thoughts!


  • AngelaVictoria, you give off very restless and free-spirited vibes. I feel it's hard for people to pin you down as your personality can change so quickly that they are never sure who the real you is. You make them uneasy. You can be a good role-player or actor/con artist. You are very intelligent and witty and intuitive and you have no problem making new friends. Dreaming and planning are your favorite pasttimes but many of your ideas never manifest in reality because of indecision and a lack of practical application. You must establish a stronger sense of identity, achievable through patience, discipline, and introspection. In love, try to be more consistent as you can come across sometimes as thoughtless, fickle or selfish, due to your restlessness and tendency to move on quickly. I also feel you can be too impressionable because of your idealism and may get disappointed with the people you once admired or hoped would guide you, or else led around blindly by the wrong type of person. Become your own guide/guru. Make sure you establish a firm set of beliefs and principles that you stick to, although I feel you may not achieve this completely until around middle age or thereabouts.

  • I must admit that you're right Captain.. thanks for the reading 🙂

  • I have been told that more progression will be made later in my years rather than sooner... And you're so right... I don't even know my own personality. I suppose that is why I take so much interest in things like astrology and tarot- to try to get a sense of self. Thank you, Captain. I appreciate the reading very, very much. I've got a lot of new goals to dream about now! 🙂


  • Can you read my vibes?

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