What vibes do you give out?

  • Captain, sorry about jumping in someone elses thread last night I forgot how to start my own and some threads you can jump in an others it appears you cant. I loved my photo reading and need some encouragement. I have been really stressed at work, have a cold and am very weepy which is normally not my mode. My dob is 11/01/62. I have had a very exciting life up until about 2006 and its been very bumpy, boring, with a terrible lack of romance and genuine companionship. I am a person that would rather be alone than be with Mr. Meantime. I have to have the full enchilada or its not worth taking away from responsiblities. I dont know if there is such thing as soul mates and if I am going to meet mine. I have had a lot of wonderful love affairs and seem to attract very well but the connections are not that deep. I was terribly lovesick about that 20 years junior guy that was a go no where situation, but nonetheless I am still hungup somewhat but I think its finally fading. I am fighting off depression and cannot seem to find a good group to fit into. Your attention would be very soothing and comforting to me right now... Thank you in advance...

  • Sweetpcdenise, I feel in you a deep nervousness that goes right back to your childhood. It's a feeling that at any moment a volcano could erupt to tear your life apart, no matter how hard you try to keep order and sanity. I feel your family life may have been like that - you could never be sure when the bomb would go off that would bring everything down. This domestic uncertainty is so imprinted on your psyche that you keep on recreating the same craziness in your current life. But lots of people get addicted to situations to which they were introduced in early life. As angry as you are at those people who were supposed to take care of you and didn't, you're still very attached to them. But it must dawn on you that you are on some level emotionally upset all the time because of this. Now, you can either stay at home, lock all your doors and windows and cry your heart out, or you can step out into the world and meet your destiny, which is to become successful and respected in your chosen field. You have to do the latter choice and you need to do it.

    But it makes makes you so nervous to have something of your own that you are great at because if you're too successful, you won't have a family or personal life to come home to and you'll be all alone with no one to take care of you. Your childhood will never leave you - nor will it do for any of us - but you can leave IT. The side of you that is brilliant, creative and a born leader must always be on top right there for everyone to see. The lost little kid can grow up! You just have to stop looking for a caring parent and BE your own parent.

    You can develop the strong coping mechanism - the one the adults were supposed to give you when you were young to keep you from feeling unsafe. The trick is to overcome the conflicts stemming from your rather chaotic background and be able to compete, perform, direct, and produce, no matter who abandoned you forty years ago or last Saturday night. So then you can stop fearing being overthrown just when you're nearing the top or screwing it up yourself for personal reasons. Your real power comes not from trying to recreate idyllic scenes in the present to make up for the deprivation of the past. It comes when you drag yourself out of the house and your misery and force yourself to remain in a professional position at work, making the big contribution you are destined to make in the world.

    You will finally be able to have the intimate love affair you crave when you stop being so terrified of it at the same time. Nothing will clean out your pipes and juice you up with confidence and power like a love that forces you to give up associations that have long since lost their meaning. Lose that fear of screwing up a family like your parents screwed up yours. You can succeed in whatever you do - you just have to realise what's happening and stop repeating the past. Put it behind you. Now turn to the front and step into the future!

  • Just wanted to say thanks very much Captain - you are wonderful! K x

  • Hi TheCaptain, I would love to know what vibes I am giving off right now ? I've really been making efforts to let go of my fears and being more approachable ...Feeling more confident and want to imrove my communication skills. Really hope to attract my soulmate. Thanks.

  • Littlespark, I still feel you tend to put on a 'performance' more than behave like your real self when you are with other people. And people can tell you are not being honestly yourself and it turns them off. They feel like you are trying to trick them and they think it's for a nasty reason, not that you are just so shy. Yes, you have worked through some of your fears but there is still that fear of revealing your true self in case you get ridiculed or laughed at. You have to get past that if you want to have normal relationships. You know, people are not looking at you as much as you think. They are far more concerned with how they are coming across to others than about you. Your deep self-consciousness is still a problem. But I do feel some improvement there, so keep up the good work.

  • Thanks so much TheCaptain 🙂 You are so good ! lol . I tend to put on a bit of a performance especially at work ... I try to appear strong and smile no matter what . Normally at work , I feel a bit annoyed and fed up . But I never let this show and almost never complain.When I'm around family and close relatives, I am more comfortable being myself and to say what's on my mind . Even if I tend to ramble , I'm not scared then. My true self is usually being rather quiet or doing the things I love. I'm a bit scared of being judged . Glad that there's some improvement though 🙂

    What side of myself do you feel I need to reveal more to others please ? Do I appear so shy ?

  • Hey captain, Just wondering if you can tell me what kind of vibes I give out. Thank you in advance.

  • Littlespark, people are all weak and vulnerable at times so they don't like someone who tries to be superhuman all the time. It comes across as false because no one is that perfect or strong. Show your authentic nature and you'll be surprised how people take to you. Just be like you are around your family with everyone. Be natural. Others aren't judging you as much as you think they are or as much as you judge yourself. Trust me, other people will like your real self more than your false front. Acting is just for the stage. Real protection is all about knowing you can cope no matter what happens, not trying to avoid trouble and conflict and criticism all your life. That's too darn tiring.

  • Fiercetika, I get an image of you standing in front of a beautiful cake you have just baked. It is a towering gorgeous creation that anyone would be proud of, but you can't stop adding more icing to it and more and more decorations. It's like it can never be perfect enough for you to eat it. So you stand by starving. This is your life - start eating, please.

  • my vibes are back on the downswing. i got some devastating news yesterday. my soul is way too sensitive....it is a downfall. my feelings rule me. what do you think about this, senor captain?

  • MELinSC, you do take things too personally. You need to toughen up a bit.

  • Dear Captain-

    I am curious, what vibes do you sense from me?

    May the universe shineits light on you-


  • Thank you captain, You are so right I have to start living. I always want everything to be perfect and I am never satisfied.

  • it's so hard. my feelings rule me and affect every thing i do. i just feel defeated right now.

  • Gmfergus, you give off rather naive and dreamy but charming vibes that will probably attract people who want to take advantage of your child-like nature if you are not careful. I feel you can get lost in your fantasies and need to ground your visions in the present if you want to accomplish anything real. You might have been led astray quite a few times in your life by a lack of self-control or a desire for freedom - or maybe a bit of both. You need friends and partners who have maturity, wisdom, and self-sufficiency and who won't encourage you to depend on them as you have done in the past with people. Affection and empathy are far better for you than a tumultuous romance.

  • TheCaptain thank you, I agree with you that people are all weak at times . In my case , whenever I've shown my weaknesses , people have used it as a way to hurt my feelings . And when I get hurt , nobody is there to take care of myself except from me . I don't trust my co-workers enough to let my vulnerable side show. At work I'm quiet and keep to myself mostly. When I tried to mingle more , they would always make comments that I'm quiet or ask me personal questions I'd rather not share. It's indeed tiring for me to be like that ...I just need to trust more and allow myself to be natural around them .They all know that I'm shy but I am not weak and I don't want to project that ..

  • Think I may seem a wee bit intimidating @ times. What do you see, Captain? Thank you. Blessings...

  • Hi Captain! Thanks for the readings I honestly believe you are right about that guy. 😄

    I'm here again to ask you for another reading about this new guy who seems interested with me. He lives in the same province as mine but in different city.

    Can you please give me a reading about him? Thank you very much for your time.

  • Archersbow, it's not so much your formidable air that intimidates people, although you do give off confidence and knowledge. It's that strong air of independence that really bites with many, especially men. But anyone so easily put off is not someone you need in your life anyway.

  • Bluebutterfly925, it's very early days with this new man but I do get quite nice friendly vibes from him. You both need to get to know each other more before you can make any assumptions about the relationship. At this point I feel it could go either way - fizzle out or ignite. Don't scare him off by going too fast.

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