What vibes do you give out?

  • Sylvannah, your vibes say to all "I am not worthy of love" so why would anyone be attracted to you? Unless you give off the message that you love and respect yourself, no one else will love or respect you, either.

  • Foxfyr1, what I get from you is a desire not to be bound to the earth plane or your physical body. Your spirit is in a continual battle with your body - it's like you have a 'master/slave' relationship there. This is your first life in a human body and you are finding it very hard to take. Until you acccept that you have chosen to learn the lessons of a restricted earth-bound life, conditions here will always be against you and you will experience physical problems and material difficulties. Instead of railing against this limited existence, see it as a friend and teacher who will help you evolve. Make peace with this life that you have chosen and take responsiblitiy for your choice. Once you stop fighting and resisting the flow, you will find you open to all the many benefits and joys this world can provide. Be open to all experiences - the small ones too, and not just BIG important universal ones. Redefine who you are in the context of a life as part human being.

  • LoveDetox, you need to make a list of the things you do that you see as right. If you think about it, they may be morally and socially right but ask yourself if they are right for you as an individual. Are you doing enough for yourself or simply thinking of others? Because there must be an even balance - you are a human being and as such have the same rights to receive as anyone else here.

    Do the same thing for a love mate. Write down what you think you want, then eliminate anything that sounds like you got it from somewhere or someone else. Unless you develop your own goals and beliefs, you will never get what you want, only what others have told you you should want. It's all about throwing off all the social conditioning or traditional brainwashing that has stayed with you your whole life. It's about starting again with your own authentic set of rules and desires. Why would the Universe send you anything that is not really you?

  • Well, You're right! I think though that I am not gonna look for a person's love so much as I know I have the Lords love. I am a very good person and I know I have a place in heaven and will be reuinited with all my loved ones that have gone before me. I tried to make peace with everyone before they died but I didn't with everyone. I was still kinda young when my dad died and I refused to talk to him for many years before he died. I hope that that didn't harm him in any way. I forgive him for his part in our disagreement and I hope he forgives me for mine.I have NEVER done anything so bad! I wish I could make peace with my father (although my mother and father aren't biological) but I haven't sensed him. I want him to know that I did love him even though at thge time, it seemed I couldn't ever do anything good enough for him. At least I was able to get my G.E.D. before anyone died so they all witnessed that after witnessing me dropping out ofschool in the 6th grade. I had AD/HD in a time where it didn't have a name. I was just a problem child. Me and my mother didn't get along until about 2 years before she died and then I was the only one in the family that could relate to her. When I had my olodst son, you could plainly see that she was trying to do with him, everything that she never did with me. All I have now is tha family I create. And that's it! No friends or nothing. My daughter is the last one I have and she treats me like garbage. I am putting her in God's care. Hopefully she can stay with me and hoping if she doesn't, that she won't have to go through what I've gone through.She will always have my cell number so if she does, if her foster parents do anything wrong to her, hopefully I will remain the good person that I am!Anyway, I got into talking about alot of other stuff but I just wanted to say, that all I am going to wory about is God's love. And I want to mend my relationship with my father. I don't need to speak to him but just let him know that I'm sorry and I love him and ask forgiveness for my part of what happened. Anyway, gotta go. ttfn

  • Thank you Captain, it is much easier for me to decide what I don't want, rather than what I do. I will try your method.

    Thanks Again,


  • Captain,

    Firstly, thank you for the astrology reply "ideal partners". Reading through so many things I was drawn to this thread and was hoping you could give me an idea of the vibes I may be giving to the universe and others also. (Too much fun!)


    Best Regards,

  • JRising, I get a lot of nervousness - even fear - coming from you and I feel you tend to run away when faced with any emotional dramas or upsets or even intimacy. You need to stop taking things so personally and focus on things outside of yourself - more universal ideals and themes. You do have a strong core of inner strength and determination there that can help you to take more risks and not be so afraid of life. You have a lot of vision and can be very inspiring to others. Follow your curiosity where it will take you. I feel you have good managerial ability.

  • Goodness gracious you hit the head of the nail directly. I am hoping that managerial ability could mean with children as I am an aspiring high school teacher (currently a nanny), and the corporate world just frustrates me. I also am crossing fingers that inspiring could be the kids I look to teach one day. I am working on many different things in life with certain people in my family with a multitude of different tools such as core health which has helped me in energy releasings in the past. Thank you again.

  • Captain,

    I am new here, and found many threads from you:)

    The gift of insight on vibes & love romance readings with your responses and replies comments are amazing!

    If this is the correct thread, I loved to know any insight.

    Thank you kindly!

  • Yes JRising, managerial skills will help you in every area of life.

  • LadySails, when I tune into you, I see an image of the sun burning brightly. You radiate warmth and poise. But I am feeling this blaze' might be a bit intimidating for lesser mortals. Men in particular can feel very disempowered by your 'fiery' presence. SOME men, anyway, and ones you don't really need around you - needy clingy types. But I feel you are attracted to weaker people in a desire to raise them up to their feet. Yes, this is one of your missions in life - to help the weak and unfortunate - but not to DATE them. You need an equally strong, bright partner yet, because you don't feel all that equal to powerful men, you tend to avoid them. As soon as you accept what an amazing superbeing you are, your love life will really take off.

    Just don't mix your 'work' with your play.

  • Hi Captain!

    Would like to hear what vibes I'm sending out now... I love your insight! Thanks!

  • Me too Captain... ? Big thanks for all you do for us all. Kerry x

  • Rimgal, vibes don't change that quickly.

  • haha i can tell you i'm sending out confused vibes....b/c i am very...

  • MELinSC when is your DOB - I kinda understand the confusion- possibly a crabby thing?

    Love and light K x

  • Caringcrustacean, from you i get a very strong need to be in control. You have an inventive mind, but sometimes you misuse your powers of observation to make dark criticisms of others. Your worldview can be a bit old-fashioned or inflexible. Beneath that sometimes ironclad exterior you adopt however lurks considerable passion and emotional power. This can cause you to make bad choices in partners - you may choose people who are either too tough or too weak for you, never just right. This lifetime for you is more about devoting yourself to the service of a cause or to making a mark in your work, rather than to a relationship. Your challenge is to overcome that frequent negativity of yours to develop a more positive outlook towards other people and life.

  • Thanks Captain - Yep scared to death - have always had to be in control. Absolutely have introversion and may be judgemental but try so very extremely hard not to be. Am with my relationship soulmate who is finding me lovely but difficult as lifepath is numerology 8 but spirituality this is opposite of what makes me happy and am fighting it. Want to live a simple life in Scotland and grow potatoes but currently make a financially nice but not even remotely happy living as a commercial business manager. Hubby needs financial security due to very poor childhood, whilst understanding I need as you say to feel of service to others (without judgement!) - but have no idea in what direction to take this - please help with direction/cause captain - as this is causing deep introversion/pain. Thanks so much. K x DOB July 12 1969 born 2.10 am.

  • Sorry Captain that should be 2.10 am GMT as am British

  • Caringcrustacean, what does your husband love more - financial security or you? Would he want you to be miserable but well-off, or happy but getting by with less material things? You know which direction you want to go - you have to tell him you are not happy or fulfilled in your present circumstances. If he truly is your soulmate, your happiness will mean more to him than material security. You two have to have a serious honest talk about your future direction together. You will never achieve peace and contentment by always putting others first and neglecting your own needs. Your marriage can't stand the strain of continually feeding into his childhood fears - he must deal with them sometime, not give in to them and allow them to run his life.

    But make sure you do the research on your Scottish farming lifestyle to make sure it is viable and practical. Trust a Cancer to want a homely domestic lifestyle!

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