What vibes do you give out?

  • Missdeliteful, your vibes are a mix of restlessness, disillusionment, and just a little bit of hope. You crave affection and emotional support but I feel it may be difficult for you to know when your search for love has brought you the right answer. You have an adventurous spirit and can move from person to person, searching far and wide, without forming a deep spiritual bond with anyone. Most people find it difficult to figure you out because you don't share a lot about yourself. You need to get to know people better on a deeper level in order to decide if they are suitable mates or not. Some of your relationships may have been very superficial. You are well suited to devoting yourself to a person or a cause or a belief, once you settle down long enough to make your decision. But guardedness, self-pity, and mistrust can hold you back from getting more closely involved with others. Past hurts and disappointments may have led you to resolve never to get so deeply involved again. This would be a shame because you are capable of lavishing much affection on those you really care for.

  • Dear Captain, Thank you for your time and energy. Much of what you say hits home. I have been on a quest to "risk" myself with relationships. Since youth, I kept myself at bay for protection. I have established and been blessed with some wonderful relationships with true women friends. In doing so, I have learned from them and they in turn have given me respect for what I have endured and it has been positive on both sides. I do feel a barrier when it comes to trusting men but I am working on it. I have devoted myself to caring for my handicapped sis and to a woman's organization that donates 100% of what we earn to honorable charities. In fact, I stepped "out there" and was president last year and this year. I do feel that I will also step "out there" and be willing to establish a healthy relationship with a wonderful man at some point. That is something I would treasure. Sincerely, Miss D

  • i've been trying to change my vibes mr. captain. let's hope it works

  • MELinSC, yes I can feel a lot more hope and happiness flowing from you today. You feel very SUNNY! This will definitely reap rewards for you.

  • hey cap'n 🙂 me again ! 😄 checkin' my vibes 🙂 thank you so much!

  • Danielleissmiling, I feel you have grown more mature in your outlook on life.

  • Captain, it's meeeee....I'm stopping by for a quick vibe reading..thanks hun!

  • Hi Captain! I'm new here but i'm always interested for this kind of topic. Can you please give me a reading. Also is it possible if you can tell me something about my current long distance relationship. I'm a bit confused with the guy right now. Can i really trust him? Is he telling the truth about his real feelings towards me?

    I hope you can help me. Thank you very much!

  • Hi Captain:

    Can you read my vibes PLEASE!!


  • 🙂 thanks mr. captain. i feel myself letting mr. aquarius go a little more every day....i guess those e-mails i sent were my closure. i couldn't be more excited about what or who finds me next...lol

  • Hi Captain! I haven't had internet for a month.So what do you see? I have alot of negativity around me. I get upset for a few minutes but then I try to be positive. Annie (my dog) it seems to work a little. She can't be bit by 1 flea. I have added more and more lavendar oil and I bought some Frontline Plus. She picks up fleas everytime she goes outside. I have treated the yard 4 times. If she doesn't get better by the end of the month, I will have to take her to the pound. I can't find anyone to take her and she is fullbred. She has papers and all but she is fixed.Anyways, gotta go ttfn

  • Sylvannah, the negativity around you is what you have attracted. You have to see everything that happens as a good thing, a teaching and learning thing. All you have to do is focus on what is good in your life and ignore what 'seems' to be bad. The more positivity you put out, the more it comes back to you. The same with negativity.

  • Truetoyourheart, I feel a lot of confusion surrounding you coming from the outside, as if people who thought they knew you cannot figure out what is going on with you or why you are changing so much. They feel threatened by the advances you have made. But you can't wait for them to catch up.

  • Bluebutterfly925, I feel this man doesn't want to commit himself to any one person at the moment. He prefers to have lots of friends and few responsibilities.

    I feel your biggest stumbling block is high expectations and a need for perfection in your life, but this is unrealistic. No one and nothing can ever be perfect - but really life is 'perfect' just as it is with all its highlights and lowlights. It would be very dull if it were indeed 'perfect' all the time. You need to relinqush your need for control and just go with the flow more, rather than trying to change what doesn't need to be changed or getting involved in less-than-worthy pursuits. Don't get so preoccupied with details, either. Make sure you have an even balance between your working life and your personal life, and between your needs and those of others.

  • Please "The Captain" , I am going through divorce. There is a certain someone I would be very interested in who appears to be dating someone else. We have been communicating over 1 year on the net and I consider him a friend. He is a very private person who for the first time actually told me about going away with this other person. Being friends is ok for me (at least for now). What do you think?

  • JJon, I feel a lot of conflict in you between your true nature and your needs. You are at heart a warrior and leader. You want to run ahead of the pack, searching for adventure and fun, but instead you allow yourself to be dragged to the back of the pack, where you wait for others to catch up - a potential partner whom you imagine you need to love and support you in order to be happy. But inside you feel like you are killing that vital part of you that wants to run ahead and explore and be free. Why do you keep holding yourself back for those who are weaker and will never be able to keep up with you? You are so far ahead of those you choose to hang out with. Why are you not seeking an equal relationship?

    Because you don't see yourself as you really are - that bright energetic forerunner and leader. You will only find happiness once you accept your true nature and honour your bright spirit by seeking out only those companions who are worthy and capable of keeping up with you and inspiring you to even greater efforts.

  • Secondtimearound, I think your friend needs you to be a real friend at the moment, someone who gives him good advice with no ulterior motives or selfishness. In other words, you must put your friend before your own needs. He thinks of you as a friend and also someone who needs his help during a difficult time - if he feels you are only after him to become his lover, he will turn away from you. He trusts you to be someone who doesn't want anything but friendship. Don't break his trust.

  • Hi Captain:

    I truly see what you are saying. I guess what holds me back is love, I really would like to meet my mate & feel that would make me whole and able to move forward in life. Love is a true void in my life & I feel very lost without it. I sometimes guess I dont know how to choose the RIGHT people, could you offer advice on that subject? Also, when will love come around for me? The real deal!!

  • I also posted a pic of me and my son on the photo readings thread. I would love to know what you think of us!!

    Thanx so much

  • JJon, people always do love the wrong way around. They spend their lives searching for love on the outside, from another person. When what they should do first is to find love inside themselves. Unless you know what love is inside first, how will you recognise it on the outside? If you cannot love yourself, how can you give it to anyone else? Like attracts like - when you give off loving vibrational energy, that will attract the same sort of vibe in someone else. If you want to attract a true soulmate, you have to become a love magnet by filling yourself with the proper energy of love.

    Read about finding happiness and loving yourself here - http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=9559&replies=8

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