What vibes do you give out?

  • Hey Captain,

    I think you missed the mark on this one! I know I won't go back... he was abusive and controling... he also made threats to burn my house down so I would not be able to run my business out of it. I had shut down emotionally out of self preservation and finally left him. My fears now are more for my safety as far as he is concerned. Do you see vibes from him that I should be concerned about my safety?

    I have been "looking around" and have found a wonderful guy who has become a great friend. It is long distance for now but we hope to be together soon! We have spent several weeks together and get along great.

    I'm looking forward to some calm in my life! Do you see that ever happening for me??

  • Maryx, you seem to have a lot more hopefulness, even eagerness for the future, in your vibes.

  • Rimgirl, you misinterpreted what I said. I didn't mean you would or should go back to your ex but you are in danger of going with the 'same old' pattern with this 'new' man. But is he really new or just what you are familiar with?

  • Thanks for the reading Captain. You were right on the money. I definitely do need to go with the flow, because quite frankly it's less taxing that way.

  • Cheers Captain. I always feel I am open to everyone I meet. Perhaps I get into shy mode or not knowing what to say to people so kind of back off?.

    I'd greatly appreciate if you would answer a query I have. I am 28 years old and would like to know if you see any connection between me and a man named Daniel (ard 34 yrs old or so). Any insights you see here?

  • thanks captain. you're exactly right....scary lol

  • Is that a bit like having a photo reading? Does anyone want to read my vibes? Please?

  • Mia1982, I feel you had a past life with Daniel where he was your borther and one or both of you may still share some sibling-type feelings for each other.

  • Paddifluff, I get feelings of extreme frustration from you. You want to be settled in a new life in a place where you feel comfortable and natural. You yearn for peace and contentment. But you feel you have a 'battle' ahead of you to achieve it. However, this situation calls for peaceful assertion rather than any fighting. If you lose it now, the situation will deteriorate.

  • You are so to the point Captain. yes I am very frustrated, I want it all to happen now, just ot too sure about that fight thing. I guess the fight is within myself and maybe I should just stop fighting my intuition. It does seem like it will be a battle to get where I want to go, a huge big hill to climb. Could you check my other post please please please, crisis in the family.

    x thanks so much

  • Yikes...

    You are good... you make me look at different perspectives... Thanks for the clarification.

    I am trying to put my life out there for the universe and not try to control it and embrace each day as it comes. I'm getting better but would love to share my life with someone special.

  • mr. captain, i am interested in knowing more about you. how does one get to read auras? i feel oblivious to most everything in life. i am intrigued....

  • MELinSC, reading auras and vibes is just about becoming more aware of other people and life. Sometimes we become so deeply invested and distracted by our own problems and situations that we miss what is going on with other people. Everyone has the potentail for psychic ability - but it's like a muscle, if you don't use it, it withers away. You can develop it by stepping outside yourself and becoming interested in sensing what others are going through. Try seeing what you can pick up about someone - a friend whom you don't know mucn about - then tell them what you feel and get some feedback. It's all about practice - you learn by doing. Don't worry if you are wrong at first. That's how you learn what is the right way and what does or doesn't work.

  • lord, most of the time i can't even pick up on my own feelings or vibes. ive got a long way to go

  • I would be interested to hear what you have to say about mine.

  • Parakett, I read your other posts to see what I could pick up about you. Spirit is telling me that prophetic dreams are not given as warnings to avoid actual events per se - whtever happens to you is what is meant to happen. Prophetic dreams are more about changing a behaviour that will prove 'disastrous' for you. It seems you are being given a warning through other people that something in your attitude or behaviour will cause you to head for 'disaster' unless you modify or change that behaviour. When your ex has her dreams of other people, it is as a warning to those people that they must change certain beliefs or patterns of behaviour that are destructive. If physical 'disasters' do happen after that, it is because they did not change their destructive patterns. It is a warning intended to try and help you avoid disaster by changing yourself. You need to examine where an unhealthy or unrealistic belief or behaviour is damaging your life. If you can change it, then you can also avoid the attendant physical distress. I feel that something in you that you consider to be a positive belief is actually something very harmful and negatively impacts on yourself and others.

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  • Tangerine7, you give off mixed messages in your vibes. One message is that of an impatience or intolerance with the dull side of human existence and the consequent desire to be left alone. The other conflicting message is a need to be at the centre of attention and the action. So people are never sure if you want to be with them or not. You tend to see things from your point of view, not anyone else's, which is why you find it so hard to get along with others. Try asking people how they are feeling and what they are thinking, and how they see you, so that you can get another point of view of yourself and the world. It's only because you have not made enough effort to get to know people that you have problems with empathy. You suffer from extreme stress because you find it difficult to let go of issues or people, caused by your desire to dominate every situation. Once you release ego-based concerns and develop more feeling and concern for others, your life will improve dramatically. People are much more interesting than you think.

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  • Dear Captain,

    If you are still giving vibes readings I would certainly enjoy one. Wishing you the very best. Sincerely, MissD.

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