What vibes do you give out?

  • Ashydashy, you vibes say to me that you tend to let others solve your problems and tell you how to think. You follow society's lead rather than use your own original thinking. Are you afraid that people will reject or laugh at you if you speak your truth? Do it anyway - you'll be surprised how people will appreciate your honesty and advice. Trust in your own inner wisdom to guide you. Your vibes say to others "Well, what DO I think? How should I be? Tell me."

  • Hmm, thanks Captain,

    I do feel sometimes like I have no direction,

    I am In a relationship that most of the time have no say,

    so I am not sure how to change

    that and go for what I want in life!

    thanks again for your time! 🙂

  • Hi Captain, Can I get a vibe reading for Robert Haigh, Thankyou

  • Hello Captain. Are still reading vibes? Would you be intrested in mine ? Thank you

  • Hello Captain. Are still reading vibes? Would you be intrested in mine ? Thank you

  • Hello Captain. Are still reading vibes? Would you be intrested in mine ? Thank you

  • Hermither, I feel that you are a very level-headed person with your feet firmly on the ground - maybe too much. I feel that a part of you doesn't dare to dream anymore for fear of being disappointed. I feel that you want to be hopeful but hard knocks in life have made it difficult to feel hope. I feel you may often think back to the past and to 'better' times. But, without new hopes and dreams, you don't attract anyone or anything new into your life. Your vibes tell others that you are afraid to be too open to new friendships because you fear the hurt that losing loved ones brings.

  • Dear Captain

    Please read my vibes . Thank you lovely.

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  • Karmafilter213, your vibes tell me you feel you need another person - a love partner - to make you feel complete. You search for the ideal mate, someone who will take you to the higher realms you feel you cannot reach on your own. But no one else can do that for you. The perfect person for you is really only a projection of what you want to be yourself. Before you can have the perfect partnership with another, you need to find the real you and learn what it is you really are and truly need, rather than what you imagine you want. You can complete yourself once you know what you are missing to become whole. I feel you have trouble distinguishing between real passion and mere impulsiveness so consider carefully when you think you are in love. What you admire in someone else is what you need to find in yourself.

  • Mymissymoo, your vibes are crying out for a big burning change in your life. You feel stifled and unchallenged at the moment. You feel you can be so much more - you want excitement and adventure. You want to see some outer change and forward movement in your life but what you must initiate first is inner change. When you change your approach and thinking to life, you will find that your world changes outwardly as well.

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  • Hello Captain, thank you for your earlier readings for me, they ae really helpful. I am feeling very unsettled at the moment and am trying hard to maintain my inner strength and 'go with the flow'. Could you read my vibes again please. Thank you

  • Thank you for the reading . It is so accurate..

    Thank you so much..

  • Chefjessie, I feel that when you don't see any outer manifestation of change in your life, you fall into self-doubt about whether you are heading the right way and doing the right thing. But all your changes are internal at the moment. Outer change only occurs after the inner change completes. Take care to get enough rest and proper nutrition at the moment - in other words, care for yourself like someone who is rehabilitating from a long 'illness' or waking up from a long sleep. Take baby steps to challenge yourself and don't expect too much of yourself yet until all the necessary changes have taken place.

  • Thank you Captain, this is very much how I am feeling at the moment. Also, I met a new man a few weeks ago, and although I don't feel ready for a 'full on' relationship at the present, I do enjoy his company and would like to get to know him better. I just wonder what vibes I'm giving out , how he sees me, and what he is wanting. What sort of future do you see in this situation?

  • Hi Captain,

    I would love a vibe reading, if Im not too late!! this thread is quite long.

    Love your blog thread also, food for thought!!!

    kind regards


  • Chefjessie, you need to make sure this new man understands that you want to go slowly and get to know him because I feel he wants to push things a bit faster to the physical stage. And there is a part of you that wants to 'rush' into a deeply emotional connection. He is picking up your 'hasty' vibes but misinterpreting what you want. So there may be different and opposing priorities here.

  • Cazmayo, you give off very masculine vibes - that is, you seem very driven to achieve, very strong-willed and determined, and someone who doesn't like to show or talk about their feelings or be ruled by emotion. Like a 'real man', you hold in your secret suffering and don't share your pain, but it builds up inside. You also have an elaborate defense system to protect you from hurt. But you neglect your intuitive sensitive female side and often ignore your best hunches and ideas. I sense you hold a lot of old hurts inside, old wounds or resentments - let them go and move on as they are anchors that slow you down from achieivng all that you want. Your 'masculine' vibes put off members of the opposite sex who might otherwise be interested. Nurture your feminine side more - and I don't mean become more 'girly', just more open and able to show love.

  • @thecaptain.

    How it be possible to have a vibe reading as well. Your readings are amazing!

    Warm regards

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