What vibes do you give out?

  • Ooooooooh, Captain, I would love to get a "vibe" reading!! I'm so excited to see what you get on me!! This is awesome, thank you so much for your very generous offer!!!!


  • Hello Captain,

    I would love for you to tell me what vibe you get from me? And what vibe I give off to people around me?

  • Lildolphin, you give off very young-at-heart vibes which will draw to you similar young-minded, though rather immature, types. You have so many wonderful dreams but most don't have any basis in reality. If you really want to get somewhere in the world and have the things you want, you need to make your plans more practical and realistic. Instead of fantasies, you need to have concrete workable ideals, not ideals. It fun to have a young fun side, but you also need to develop your adult side so that you can live a responsible productive life. Life should be an even mixture of work and play.

  • Domini, you give off vibes that are very self-centred which can be good if they are turned inward to positively help you deal with your issues in a deep and honest way. But if you focus too much on your flaws rather than looking equally at your strengths and weaknesses, you run the risk of becoming depressed and anxious. Also, other people can sense that you are not as interested in them and may turn away from you unless you give them equal attention to your own life.

  • Hey captain, what sort of vibe do I give out? Thankss ❤

  • Mintgirl321, you give off vibes of someone who is uncomfortable with overly emotional people or situations. Your vibes say "Stay away if you can't control yourself". You have high morals and standards - maybe too high when it comes to other people or life situations. You can judge others a bit too critically sometimes so unbend that rigidity a bit. People are only human - and you are too, so forgive flaws in everyone, especially yourself. You like to be right, but everyone makes mistakes. In fact it's how we learn. When you have more consideration of others, they will behave more considerately to you, too. Try to accept that it's OK for other people to feel differently to you. Each to their own way...

  • Captain,

    Thank you so much for your feed back. I don't mean to come off that way. I have been so misrable and things have been going so wrong that I must be giving out this vibe. I do care about people and am willing to help. I have to get my life back and center myself so I can be the loving, caring person I use to be. Thank you very much, I will work on this.

  • Captain !

    Heh i remember you asked me about something that relates to this..why do i attract guys that do not trust me ?

    There is some curiousity in me to know what you feel are the vibes i give out ?? 🙂

    It'll be very interesting and much appreciated to know another's perspective !

    x x x

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  • Domini, it's not a bad thing to be self-centred - you have to consider your own welfare as much as other people's. It just depends on what you focus on in yourself. You must see the balance of your strong and weak points. Then you must deal with your weak points with a positive can-do attitude, rather than just brooding over them and doing nothing.

  • Ethereal27, in my mind I see you with your arms wrapped tightly around yourself. There is almost nothing of your real self that gets through to people. So people don't trust you because you give nothing out - you don't feel safe enough to reveal yourself and come off as secretive and shady.

  • Angelwings86, you give off very dramatic aggressive, yet overly sensitive, vibes that probably drive you to over-react in many situations and will undoubtedly scare people off. Self-doubt and second-guessing yourself will only hinder your efforts at empowerment. You must acknowledge your need for emotional sustenance via love. A lot of your suffering exists only in your mind - instead of protecting yourself to the point of driving everyone out of your life, try to ask yourself exactly why and what you are fighting so hard.

  • Interesting thread I might say Captain! If this is not closed,

    could you please let me know what kind of vibes I am giving out?

    thanks so much for your gifts and your time! 🙂

  • Captain, I very much appreciate your threads ~ YOU have GIFTS!

    What kind of vibe am I giving out?

    Thank you for sharing your gifts and your time!


  • Captain not sure weather i Have done this One or not dont think i have, but whats vibes do you get from me? 🙂

    thanks again.

    Blessings to you


  • Ohh cool!

    Sure, why not?


  • Lisette89, you give off very uncertain hesitant vibes - "I am not sure what I want from life or people, I just know I want to be happy." Consequently you draw things and people to you that have no real relevance, compatiblity, or use to you because you do not know what you want.

  • MysticalEnergy, you give off rather helpless energy like you are standing wringing your hands and shaking your head in confusion. It's not that you don't see a path to follow - you can see many possible paths and are not sure which one to choose. This means you don't know yourself well enough to see the right choice for you. You need to dig deep to find out what you really want and need. Then your way will be clear.

  • RebeccaAnn, your vibes are confused and all over the place as you seek answers from everyone but your own inner guide. I can feel that you do know every answer to your life that you seek but you are afraid of doing a deep internal search to find them. But hiding from your truth will not help you. Besides, your dark side is not nearly as dark as you think. Take a peek and see for yourself what I mean. Everyone has a dark side and must confront it sooner or later.

  • Okay Captain :O) will try!

    Bee X

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