What vibes do you give out?

  • IStillBelieve said "a psychic told me that the reason I cannot find a partner is because a woman from a previous life took my partner from me and has followed me to this life to keep me from finding a partner in this life."

    Not exactly right - what happened was your FEARS came with you into this life, not the woman, and now you think every person you love may get taken away by someone else. So you hold your heart back in case of betrayal. It gives you this deep sense of mistrusting everyone, and other people sense this expectation of betrayal in you and pull back. You are lonely because you make yourself alone. You are so desperate to be self-reliant and considered successful (in that other life, you suffered from people's pity) that you push away the very people who can comfort you. You also have a fear of losing control - issues about male/female roles and who gets to be on top - plus a fear of losing your good reputation and position if you show weakness. It's hard for you to relinquish your hard-won post for even five minutes in order to relax and hang loose. You have to learn how to allow yourself to be nurtured and cared for. You need the warmth and intimacy a relationship can provide, even if you may stiffen when somebody tries to hug you. Give up your cool polite 'armour' just for a while and let go of control. Let people see your vulnerable side so that they know you are actually human and approachable.

    Now you know what you fear, it will begin to fade and lose its power over you as you deal with it.

  • Captain,

    Thank you for that....I think I'll write that down and bury it away as I ask my guides to assist me. While I may not understand completely from a physical perspective, I'm confident by what you've told me that my soul certainly knows. It's time I turned the reigns over to her and allow her to deal with that which binds her. I know who I am and the funny thing is, I miss me and the fun carefree attitude I used to have. There are but only a few who know who I really am and have told me many times to come back, yet I've become so isolated by my own actions it seems at times that I lack the energy to do it.

    You've given me a precious, precious gift that words could never repay. I don't know you personally, but it must be so fulfilling to assist others in this way. Surely, your rewards will be many...

    Many thanks and blessings,


  • Hi TheCaptain, what vibes am I giving off right now please ? I have made efforts to be more approachable lately ... I would really like to find my life partner this year and feel so ready for it . I would also like some new friends .. Thank you .

  • Hi Captain, I was wondering if you could read my vibe-age? Thanks a ton!

  • Hi Captain, What a wonderful offer you have made. I know you started this way back in January, but I hope you do not mind if I ask also. I have always wonder how others see me. I am on a new journey at this point in my live and I would love to know what vibes I am sending out now.

    Thank you very much for your kind offer, and please no hurry, only when the time is right ~smiles~ Take care

    Blessed Be


  • This post is deleted!

  • Littlespark, I see you as a boat that is straining to break away from safe harbour and sail off to find adventure and love on the high seas. But you are anchored to your moorage by a chain of fear - fear of the unknown which keeps you clinging to the security of the things and people you have already known. But you have already conquered all of the known territory around you. It's time to cut the ropes that are binding you (rather than keeping you safely tethered) and find the courage to face meeting new people and new situations. You have been stagnating of late - you need this new freedom and new challenges to stimulate some excitement for life in you. Sail off now into the sunrise.

  • Popinjay, you give off very energetic vibes - the vibes of someone who is an explorer in many ways. You yearn for a bit more excitement in your life and may even stir the pot just to get some activity going. I feel you leave most people in your life for dead as they can't keep up with you. You are a born leader who has not yet found what mission to lead. I feel you would be a good mystery or adventure writer.

  • PKristine, you give off very serene, centred vibes. You are the captain of your own ship - you just aren't certain which way to steer. You prefer calmer waters but you will find your greatest satisfaction going into deeper unknown parts - places where you have never thought of (at least consciously) going. It's time to throw away your planned-out map and take a chance by putting yourself into situations that have always attracted you but you have never dared to venture into. You do have the ability to do all those things you have dreamed about. You just need to believe you can.

  • Hello Captain, thank you so much. This is very helpful to me and I much appreciate your help and advice. I do have more faith and hope in myself and in life. I will continue to grow and move forward. It is very reassuring to know that I am improving and gaining ground. It is also good to hear that I have advanced spiritually. It feels like I am ready for certain things now, whereas before I wasn't. You have made me smile and I do feel stronger. You are very kind to do yet another reading for me!

  • Hi TheCaptain , you are so right ..This is exactly how I am feeling .. I really want friends and love but have some fear of the unknown..I have been stagnating lately and need some fun in my life ..Is there anyway I could find the courage to face the unknown please ? Thanks.

  • Littlespark, it is only by facing your fears and moving into the unknown that you will gain the self-confidence to do it more often. The first time is the hardest - from then on, it gets easier. Just do it.

  • Ooo... this is interesting. Will you read my vibes, please?

  • Andiyana, you give off the vibes of someone who has so many things on her plate that she doesn't know what to eat first. You have an abundance of curiosity and energy but sometimes you have no direction for it. You don't really know what you want - you just want a lot of it. Life and people are like a smorgasbord to you - you like to go back many times to sample all the different dishes. You are also looking for the 'chef' who can provide you with all these different yummy experiences but no one person can give you all that you think you need. You have to look inside to decide what really works for you and suits you best - otherwise you will just end up with a tummyache. 😉

  • Oh, man. It's so true! I don't think I've ever heard it summed up so well. That is the perfect analogy. It's funny, though, because I am VERY much a Cancer, and underneath all that confusion, my desires are pretty simple: a comfortable, secure home, a steady guy, and a lot of connection with my friends and family. I guess it's just that the confusion is more about... how do I get that?

  • Hi Captain

    Looks like I have come in when everyone has finished or gone to sleep. I would have loved to help out, I guess you have finished also, exhausted to say the least. suppose it is to late to ask of my vibe.

    Take care

  • Well thanks Captain, I really appreciate it. You must be on this thing all day long! Some people consider me (excuse my french children) on the bitchy side...would that be a first impression sort of thing or once-you-get-to-know me deal?

  • Helen49, I hope you don't take this the wrong way. I see you as an old book, somewhat faded and dog-eared but full of the accumulated wisdom from a lifetime of experience. You have so much to teach others - don't sit on the shelf and gather dust, will you? There are still a few pages to write yet.

  • Popinjay, i think it's your honesty and directness that puts people of a bit. You could be a little more diplomatic...

  • As soon as we sell and move on , I will be getting back to teaching Numerology and doing readings as I was doing so for over 20 years, Hey I don't mind nor do I take offence, this business we moved to 7 years ago has taken me right out of the spiritual realm.

    Running a 7 day a week business gives no time, even for myself.

    So the move will be a new lease of life.

    Can I suggest to you to watch your health mainly over the two months. You put up your guard as being in total control when spirit is working with you, but you are lacking sleep, I keep getting more rest needed. You are truly a special channel so look after your self

    Thank you

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