What vibes do you give out?

  • Phxbird, I feel that you hold yourself back quite a lot from participating in life. I should say, you hold your heart back in reserve. It's a pristine heart, well preserved because you have kept it in its original wrapping and only rarely brought it out on special occasions. You are quite happy putting your quick mind to work in the world but when it comes to emotions, you are not very forthcoming. It's like you have and 'wait and see' attitude before you commit. But by doing this, you also attract the same sort of people to you who are unsure about any commitment or long term emotional involvement. Take the plastic covers off your heart. Somebody has to take a chance and get the emotional ball rolling - will it be you?

  • Thanks Captain... I'm working on moving on and accepting that the control is out of my hands. Time to take care of myself!!! Yes - today I'm smiling...

  • could someone give me a vibe reading, ive been going through lots of spiritual and physical changes lately so id really like to know how people are starting to feel me in this awakening and coming into myself

    thanks!!! ~larken

  • Captain,

    I'm wondering what kind of vibes you feel I am giving out?

    Thanks in advance for your insights,


  • Hi Captain!

    You are pretty much spot on and that is a good part of what I have been working on lately.

    Thank you for your insight!

  • LarkWahya, you are actually alieniating people around you with your changes but that's OK. The people in your life at the moment want you and everything to always stay the same for their own feelings of security. But you can't stop growing and changing to please others. You will find as you change that many of your old friends drop away - that's fine, let them go, they no longer serve you - and new more compatible friends arrive who can aid you in your growth. Things must always be changing and moving on or we would never learn anything or get anywhere.

  • thanks captain, this helps alot, ive actually already started to see some of these changes in my friend circles and families. ill def keep it in mind now, thank you!

  • Weezie12298, you are giving off tired feelings of resignation. You have mostly given up hope and are abandoning yourself to the whims of random fate. You no longer have the urge to try to get what you want. This is sad, Weezie. It's not that you can't get what you want - it's just that you have been trying for the wrong things. What or who you think you want won't make you happy. You need to look inside yourself to find out what it is you really need. That involves clearing away all the junk of your fears and self-doubt so that you can clearly see your true authentic needs.

  • Captain been working on myself a bit has anything changed ?

  • Captain - I would really like to know if my vibes have changed. I have achieved a great deal over the last few months and feel that I have changed and am feeling much more positive and happier. I would really appreciate any insight you could give me. Many thanks, your help is always appreciated.

  • Hi Captain, what vibes do i give now

  • This post is deleted!

  • Chrissicat, i sense you are putting a lot more thought into your situations and behaviours now, instead of just reacting emotionally as you used to.

  • Intrigued, the light of your life force/aura has increased in intensity and brightness so I can tell you have more faith and hope in yourself and in life. Your head area is especially glowing so I can see you have advanced spiritually.

  • Scully21, your vibes are a bit contradictory - one minute you are up and excited, imagining a bright future - the next you are down and depressed, unable to see your way out of the darkness. Try and lean more towards your positive side and use your powerful intuition rather than dissolve into emotion. You have an effect on people that they either really like you or they can't stand you.

  • Fanaa25, you feel afraid to me. Your vibes are very tense and anxious as if you feel you can't move one way or the other in case you do the wrong thing. But then you don't move forward either. You have to trust life more and be willing to take a chance. When you start to live an authentic life - the life you really want and not just what others want for you - then you will be free to be happy.

  • I'd love a reading on my vibes! Thank you! 🙂

  • Captain,

    I couldn't believe how well you could read me, I know I am intuitive and I wonder what I can do to nurture that so that I can share with others. I so wish I could help myself. I feel lonelier now than ever before and there is a fear within me that I don't understand. I've found myself doing things that I never would have done. I don't know how to release this unknown fear but I do think it's keeping me from moving forward.

    In a brief reading a psychic told me that the reason I cannot find a partner is because a woman from a previous life took my partner from me and has followed me to this life to keep me from finding a partner in this life. I've had a few readings but no one has ever mentioned this to me. Can you see anything of what this woman told me? Can you see a brighter future for me anytime soon? I used to have such confidence and still do in some areas but not on an intimate level, only intellectually. I have the respect of so many, but when it comes to love, I either intimidate them with my strong independence, or I attract those who just like the way I look most of which I have no desire for. If only I people knew that in reality, I'm not strong at all. I feel the bright light I used to emit growing dimmer every day and powerless to stop it.

    I need your help so badly. Please, tell me what you can.

    Birthdate: 1/4/1963

    BirthPlace: Houston, Tx

    BirthTime: 11:54pm

    I tried to upload my chart but was unsuccessful. I have Capricorn sun, Libra rising, and Taurus moon.

  • wishing you good luck IStillBelieve, but I can see why people would go for you based on your looks, you are a very attractive woman, never let yourself believe that you are powerless nobody is unless they convince themselves that they are. there is someone out there for you and I feel that they will come, but when you are least expecting it, maybe they are already a friend from your past, maybe they are with you now, I can't tell but their feelings will grow as will yours, and you will be happy I do not have a strong gift that way but The Captain has so they may tell you more

    Brightest blessings

  • Maryx, you give off very mistrustful vibes as if you can't trust either yourself or anyone else. But you have good intuition about people - if you feel something is 'up' about them, you can trust that feeling. But you must also learn to follow your instincts when it comes to those who are trustworthy too and not turn everyone away willy-nilly. Go with your gut.

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