What vibes do you give out?

  • HighPriestess! So nice to see you here 🙂

    May I share with you the vibe that "I" get from you?

  • Also anyone that wants to have a go at reading, please jump in. it doesn't matter so much if you're wrong, just that you're honest.

  • Sacogirl, you give off a vibe of brightness, perkiness and above all a feeling of fun. But be careful - otherwise some people might not take you seriously enough.

  • Highpriestess3, you give off a vibe of seeking and spirituality, of someone who lives in other worlds - but maybe should come back down to earth a bit more?

  • Captain

    May I have another at go at the vibe reading , seeing where I messed up the first one with being on the phone ? If not I will understand ... I realize you are very busy .


  • Dear Sacogirl

    Would love you to. xox

    Dear Captain

    Thanks so much. Spot on as usual. xox

  • Yes the ear thing was no doubt the phone. I still feel the fear thing around you though. And it is moving to cover you whole body. What is this overwhelming shadow? It's almost like you're in danger. Do you feel at all threatened by someone?

  • Hi everyone! Digging the new avatar, captain. 🙂 I would looove a reading!!!

    Much love & thanks!

  • Hey Captain...This is so cool...Can you share your reading on my vibe? Love and love....

  • The Captain,

    I was surprised to hear your answer because it looks right--it feels like me. but I feel like I want to be more me. To the first question I copied and passed a previous sentence from someone else and I focused very little on it and I wonder if this affects the answer. so I wonder what could you pick from me this time. I am married but i love someone out of my marriage. please tell me some more. greatly appreciated,


  • JustineCleo, I see you playing tennis and whenever the other person misses a shot, you deliberately miss too to make things even and balanced between you, and so the other person doesn't get upset. Thus, you give off concerned vibes for other people. You have a good sense of fair play and justice.

  • Andherson, you give off very masculine energy. A sense of courage, steely strength, and raw power - yet also a vulnerability that is hastily covered up.

  • Brick1, I feel like you should be repairing the chinks in your wall (marriage) at this time and not lettting the flame of your passion get out - not yet. The time is not yet right for you to show your passion. Make friends with your husband, even if the romance is gone. You have allowed the wall to fall into disrepair, weakening its foundation. I feel the wall was a good wall and should not have been treated like that. A time is coming when you will need all your husband's support and the other relationship will not give you that.

  • hmmm what do you feel from me then?we'll do a swap if you like

  • I like swapsies. 🙂

    Stranger2, you give off a certain wariness but beneath it a powerhouse of strength and goodness. I feel like you haven't found the right way to use your gifts yet.

  • thanks for that. you could be right there. im workin on it .

    you.- you come across as alittle yellow face the size of a pea with a white hat on holding onto a ship steering wheel also the size of a pea.and all around is a shade of off white..could that be fog or sea mist or smoke??

  • Haha! That is an exact likeness. ; )

  • Wow Captain ,

    Now that put the Fear of God in Me !!. I was wearing a long semi dark robe when I wrote you . But then again it could be my own self inflected fears of trying to keep what could possibly be my life's path to myself , that being the same gifts that many offer have here on the Forum . I put myself on edge all the time lately , with searching the internet trying to get answers to my questions in regards to all of it , while keeping it to myself . I was told it was not good for me to think about those things now . and well . I think they were right . I should heed to their warning and when the student is ready . My gifts will come to me . God willing .

    I said a prayer and will calm down


  • Yes, Dove, don't be afraid of what people will say about you or think. To be a good psychic you have to be willing to be honest and upfront about what you see, otherwise it benefits no one. You will definitely suffer psychic attacks from other people's fear or jealousy but there are ways to protect yourself. Search the internet for methods of psyhic protection because when you start to open yourself, both light and dark forces will be attracted to you.

  • Yay, Captain! This is great! Perhaps I'll be able to figure out why I keep attracting security guards who want to date (or have sex) with me. I doubt that there's anything about me that needs saving, so do your stuff!

    Also, I think that I may have spoken to you about this briefly in another post, Captain. But getting a reading on my vibes may also provide some insight into other things in my life as well...so work your magick, LOL!


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