What vibes do you give out?

  • Well that's interesting. Elf? I'm 5 ft 10 inches tall 🙂 I'm not a prankster never have been and if anything I am over sensitive. but thats ok can't hit the mark every time.



  • Good Evening Cap-E-ton,

    I just found this forum today and hope its not too late to request a reading. I would love to hear what you have to say about me. You seem to be a very popular and respected member of this community. Thanks

  • Pfree,

    I think the prankster feeling was maybe because you were slightly skeptical when asking? Also, you tend to put up barriers when you are around people you value the most. Why? You do have a slight playfulness about you. You like to be happy, and feel sad when others are feeling down. Maybe I am off the mark as well. I only try to interpret the images and words.

    But in case those words have different meanings for you. fuzzy, happy, mercury, red, white, brick, doubt.

  • 'Elf' doesn't have anything to do with your physical size - it;'s what you give off. Ask other people around you what impressions they get. I still maintain you like to fool people. 🙂

  • Hazel8, you give off very down-to-earth sensible vibes - a pillar of the community.

  • Xmasbelle, you give off very fragile, delicate vibes - like a piece of fine glass. Are you feeling vulnerable or breakable at the moment?

  • I agree with the Captain. I see green and a blonde colour, wheatish. safe.

  • That earlier comment was for Hazel8

  • Captain, I don't really feel vunerable at this moment, however I was holding a very fragile glass object at the time my first post was created. Please try again. Anything about my immediate future, finances,love-live or career will be helpful. I havn't had a reading in many years. I do dabble a bit with runes though and have been very successful with insignts for other poeples issues, however, I don't seem to feel it for my own circumstances. I welcome anyone's thoughts or comments regarding myself and future endeavers.

  • Goldenshadow,

    That could be true, the skeptical part anyway. I do intend to stay open but yes I do have what I'd like to think is healthy skepticism. I may have tried to protect myself from a disappointment. I consider myself sensitive even oversensitive which I know can give off resistance and insensitive energy too. Plus empathic, I do greatly feel others pain but yes I do have walls or better said I put space between myself and those who have and can hurt me. Even my dearest. Trust issues. I have made progress tho and am more able to accept & "let it be." I do try to laugh at myself when possible bring a lightheartedness. I've been a single parent of a disabled child and my twin is mentally ill so I think it's hard to witness stuff continually so sometimes I retreat. I aspire to loving unconditionally yet I find their self absorption a bit much sometimes. I know their spirits are good altho their behavior can be a bit looney. 🙂

    Fuzzy is good made me think of my kitty he's so soft. Hans said something similar about imprisoning myself. Thank you for your gentle input you are a dear.



  • Captain

    I'm ok w/ you maintaining that, I just disagree. It doesn't resignate. I consider myself a straight shooter. Why would I want to fool anyone?


  • Haha, Xmasbelle, that'll teach you to have empty hands when posting, eh? 🙂

    Ah now that you have put the bauble down, i can see you are a furry bunny, not a piece of glass. You are hopping about very inquisitively sticking your little pink nose into everything. Uh-oh, someone thought you looked pattable and you growled at them (yes this bunny does growl.)

    I am only giving vibe readings here - if you want something more, can you start a separate thread and I will answer you there?

  • Pfree, I feel that you sometimes exaggerate or embellish how good you are so that people will like you. You have a deep need to be needed and appreciated.

  • GoldenShadow, please keep pouring your golden insights over everyone. One person can only see but part of the picture so any extra input you can give is priceless.

  • Hello Captain ,

    Thank you for the Vibe reading . I am not really sure about the Black Blockage thing . I was on the phone at the time , and it is black in color and was holding it on my left ear as I always so . But.. that may not even run in to the equation. As far as the Fear thing goes , i am walking fear bomb lol and always keeping my fears to myself . I will try to visualize what you suggested .

    Thanks again .

    Take Care and God Bless ^A^


  • Good Evening Captain 🙂

    I would love to hear what you have to say about my "vibe"!

    Thanks a million!


  • Captian, thanks so much. I have some errands now, but will start a new thread later tonite. I'm looking forward to your mighty words of wisdom. until later *belle

  • Thank you Capitain and Golden Shadow You both are RIGHT,RIGHT,RIGHT.I hope to develop my gift as you guys are to help people also.Its such an AMAZING feeling to help others!!!

  • Dear Captain

    I would love you to pick up on my vibes - . I hope you can find some ! Many thanks.

  • I must ask that when you apply for a vibe reading, you are not occupied with anything else - on the phone, holding anything, or have a pet or person around you at the time as this will confuse the reading. Thanks!

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