What vibes do you give out?

  • Bluecat123, you are such a giving person. But people always take advantage of that part of you. Time to toughen up and start getting what YOU want from life. You can still be a giver - just pick the right people to give to and stop handing your love out to everyone. And don't worry - you have more strength than you think you have.

  • can youplease tell me what vibe your getting from me?

  • Now it's starting to become clearer for me. I am the one who has caused an enormous amount of friction in our relationship, that has got him wishing for more peaceful idylic times of the past. I believe that I am also the reason he isn't feeling as suave and attractive as before.

  • Honeybeeflower, for you I am seeing a child peeping out from behind a tree, hesitant and shy. You are never sure of how you will be received by others and put a lot of work into maintaining an appealing image. But that must get tiring after a while. Drop your guard and really enjoy yourself without worrying about what others think of you.

  • Ineedtomeditate, sorry but I feel you two are moving in opposite directions - unless you can convince your partner that he is attracitve to you as he is now. But he has a very strong idea that he has lost all that he once had.

  • Ain't that the truth! Thanks again!

  • Hi Captain, what are your feeling ton tithing as opposed to good works? I'm having a dilemma and want your in-put, also a Psychic just told me I will never win the lotto, that sucks! Thanks for you time. 🙂

  • Wow, guess the common sense was there all along. I love to journal and will use the writing more to "unjumble" my thoughts. Thanks again, Captain, for sharing with us.

  • Poetic555, personally I feel there is more good karma in doing actual good works for others than simply reaching into your purse for some money. There's more human-to-human contact too.

  • I agree with doing good for others in works, the most valuable thing we can someone is our time,our energy. On the other side, with the money, well I guess it depends on what you have more of at that time. My grandmother always said give with all your heart whether it be in the tithing or throwing yourself into a project, with the tith I was taught that it is about the faith that goes into the handing over of what was yours, the faith that you will either safe, or returned too you in many different ways in abundance for putting yourself out there, and giving freely.

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  • Thunder07, I get the vibe of a 'rough diamond' with you - not many people see or are allowed to see that inner gem because you cover it up with a tough exterior. Don't be so afraid to show your beauty and your vulnerable side to those who care about you. They're vulnerable, too.

  • Laithano, with you I see a vision of a giant holding back a huge dam that is cracking in places. You are trying to save a village from being drowned. You fear the power of your emotions and hold them back for fear they will break out and destroy those around you. But a better solution is not to dam up all those feelings but to cultivate some calm so you can express yourself in a gentle easy manner a little at a time. There doesn't have to be shouting or screaming or drama to get your point across. But you need to say what's on your mind - otherwise one day it's all gonna burst out and drown everyone...

  • I have to ask for a vibe reading lol thanks Cap

  • On Feb. 21 you responded to me, sorry so late responding back:) I have to say you were very accurate. I am not confindent when comes to my talents or what I can achieve.

    Thank you for the reading.

  • Hi there captain what kind of vibes do I give out? And I was also wondering our these vibes you are noticing from the inside circle or out in the world how people and or others might be viewing me. Your other reading you gave me I did not understand for a few weeks, any suggestion how to unlock my mind more Thanks I need to learn more from people who have walked before me. I am a student of life and i need to hear the truth even if it hurts give it to me anyways. I am hungry.

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  • Hello Captain, To see all these posts I wondered , dare I ask...... well even if it takes a month I always love what you have to say and I certainly am prepared to wait I wished I could help YOU sorry I am an Artist and a poet and you are a mind reader or more" Angelic" comes to mind..... I am going through a difficult time right and I am not sure how my vibes are being interpretated, anytime you are ready I will be grateful. Leonida

  • Siriuslupine, I am sensing there is an important task around you that you feel you must complete but you're not sure what it is. It involves helping other people around you sort through their emotions and find solutions to their problems. When you calm your mind and your own emotions, you become a very clear channel to spirit and can find the wisdom you seek there.

  • Blacknblonde, when I do a reading, I pick up something about you that you need to know the most - it might be what vibes you give off, or what's bothering you, or a piece of information that you need to know for your growth.

    With you, I sense a young soul searching for a parent to guide you through life. You tend to give away your power by believing you need other people to help you and make decisions for you. Find your own guiding light inside by severing your dependence on others. Take some quiet time to sit and go within, searching for the wise sage inside you. Whatever form the sage takes for you, listen to his/her/its wisdom and advice. You don't need anyone else to tell you what to do or to lean on. It's time you stood up for yourself and cut all those ties that are binding you in an enslavement to others.

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