What vibes do you give out?

  • Thank you Captain.. I respect your input and appreciate your time. It is so very helpful to know I am on the right track. A friend from this forum has also been a wonderful support in my time of need. I only wish I had something to give back.

    Peace and Blessings..C

  • Wow, Aquarian31, I am feeling you have travelled a long way through the stars to get here. You are so different that you cannot live life the way we 'Earthlings' do. Don't even try to live by other people's rules or way of doing. And don't try to fit in - this lifetime for you is very much about going your own way and doing your own thing and striking out into places no one else has gone. You are here to open up new worlds for the rest of us land-locked mortals. Cast off the restraints of trying to please others and being accepted - you are not of this world but you can still make a great impact here as long as you follow what your own instincts and internal compass are directing you to do.

    Welcome to earth!

  • Can't tell you how much this resonates with me! In every way! Spent way too long shackled to the normal, so much so that I am having to uncover the truth within me, it's so deep down. Thank-you again, Captain, for this affirmation!

  • Heh heh, just reading your vibes, Aquarian31, has made me feel all giddy and spaced out! I also got a huge burst of energy as I was posting to you. Wheeeee!

  • WOW...

  • I meet the most awesome people here - thanks everybody! 🙂

  • I got goosebumps from that!

  • I'M getting goosebumps too! And crying, because I know it's true what you've said! That energy is definitely there, just been covered up for a long time, I'm setting it free!

  • Good for you, Aquarian! (I should have said the classic quote - "You're not from round here, are you?")

  • Captain, I am also curious about what vibes I'm sending out...

  • LOL! No, I don't think so, first time here!

  • Pisces178, you give off very 'can-do' capable vibes for a Pisces person. I think you can accomplish whatever you want once you set your mind to it. Except that you tend to put other people's lives and needs ahead of your own - you really could have gone a lot further in life with your own ambitions. Just be careful of those lone wolf "I can do everything for myself, thanks!' vibes.

  • That sounds a lot like me. I always have this idea of the things I want to accomplish, but sometimes I worry too much about the people around me and how they would react.

  • Dear Captain, It took me forever to return and thank you for your vibe reading:

    Cocodd66, I feel like life is swirling around you like a dust storm at the moment. Your greatest gift is your practicality, your common sense - use it to get you out of the 'storm'.

    That was 3 weeks ago when I posted. (In typical Gemini changeable fashion) I don't know if today I am sending off those vibes. Am I still? I LOVE the "gift" of common sense advice..deep down I "sort of" thought I may have it. Guess I don't use it enough.

    Bless you for sharing your gift.

  • Cocodd66, the storm has indeed subsided - you used your gift of common sense and you didn't even realise it because it came so naturally to you to do the right thing.

  • PS Writing things down will allow you to see how your common sense flows to you when you focus your mind.

  • Hi there. I'm reaaaaally curious what kind of vibe you get from me; there's so much going on. Thanks a million for a thread like this. It is so insightful.

  • Gladyouwroteme, you give off a very intelligent, bookish feel. You love reading and knowledge and learning new things - it's like being an explorer on a voyage of discovery. You have a never-ending thirst to understand the world you live in and all its secrets.

  • :0) Thank you. I was expecting something completely different but I like the intelligent explorer vibe a LOT!

  • thanks captain! i dont really write but i have thought of doing something like that in either music or blogs or stories... i used to be a muscian so music may be a good thing to write. sounds like your right on it about the rest as well. chronic fatigue seems to be blocking my efforts. thanks again !

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