What vibes do you give out?

  • It seems quite interesting to me to know what vibes I give off also Captain. 🙂 I tend to receive opinions from others that often contradict often. Thank you in advance.

  • Electrum, you give off very deep-thinking, philosophical, serious vibes. You feel more mature than your age and might find it hard to mix with people of the same age. Make sure you take enough time to have fun and are actually enjoying your life and the things you do.

  • thats so weird! thanks. do you see anything about this relationship im in right now?!

  • captain, please read my vibes...

    thank you for the opportunity.

  • Thank you THECAPTAIN

    You really put on the line for me ive looked at the relationship closely latley and im pulling away from it .The rest of my life is a mess i need to deal with that thanks again

    love,peace and happiness

  • hey captain... i would love a vibe reading...

  • Lynv, I don't think you realise what you have in your relationship. The more energy you put into it, the more rewarding it will be.

  • Sandrella, you give off vibes that say "I don't really deserve much better than I have in life. I'm not special or worthy enough to experience any of my bigger dreams."

  • ShawnaKS, your vibes tell me you haven't quite found what you want or want to be doing in life. But you feel very energetic and smart to me - just try to follow your instincts or your heart a bit more rather than always thinking your way through.

  • Hi Captain, just a note to say thanks for all you do, I appreciate you! You are so kind and giving of your time and I find you to be quite, quite, accurate about the things you have said about me. Don't need anything thing today, just saying Thank U! Many, many, blessings will be coming your way for all the good you do! Take care. 🙂

  • thank you for the reading captain.

  • Thank you captain!! How wonderful that is to hear.. and very true! One person at a time.. okay I will do!!!

  • You are all most welcome. 🙂

  • hello TheCaptain, i would love to know what vibes I have,if you could . thank You in advance

  • captain, i would like one ifs it not too late.

  • Anngora, I feel a lot of frustration in you. You feel you have dedicated so much of your life to others but have little to show for it, like everything good has been taken away from you. But that is because it's time for you to give to yourself. I sense you are afraid to do that however because you have a fear that, if you should attend to your own needs, you will somehow be punished for being selfish. But the Universe wants you to become more self-caring and self-loving. That is why everything that you put between your own needs and those of others has been removed. Do you even know what you want and need anymore?

  • Earthwindandfire, it is the fire part of you that I feel flaring up inside. You have a burning need to be of service to the world but you aren't sure how best to do it. I also sense the earth part of you - solid and dependable and kind. You are very good at giving people advice in practical ways but you don't think that's enough. I feel you want to build something, to produce tangible results in the world. Do you write? I also feel that's not enough for you, though. I really get the feeling that using your hands or being hands-on in some creative constructive way will be most fulfilling for you - like building homes for the homeless or something similar. Some good result you can see with your own eyes as proof that you are making a contribution...

  • Are you reading my vibes CAPTAIN?

  • GemTwin52, I am sensing in you a tremendous need to be needed and to feel useful that is not being satisfied by anyone or anything in your life at present.

  • In part, you are correct Captain.. There are changes going on in my life and I am trying very hard to listen and follow the path being presented to me, both in work and a relationship.

    Thank you...

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