What vibes do you give out?

  • Ok I'm new to this but would love to know what vibes I'm giving out.


  • Hobbles76, I feel you need help with your finances at the moment. I feel you have a talent that could pay off. As for relaxation, do you devote any time at all to yourself? You really need to set aside some 'me' time when you put down all your burdens for a while. Are you able to talk with friends in a similar situation or are there any single mother groups you could join in the area?

  • Hi Captain, can you please do a vibe reading on me please? Thanks....

  • Cahdesigns, I am feeling you are trying to be 'cool' and keep your emotions under control at the moment. It is a self-protective action to stop yourself from being hurt, but a frozen heart doesn't allow anything to enter either, like happiness.

  • Worthy1248, I feel you are thinking of yourself as a beggar in rags at the moment, someone bereft of all abundance and love, someone who is 'poor' in all sorts of ways.

  • hi there ! i guess you're still doing this .... so i was just curious what you get from me ?? thanks!!

  • Mindy814, I am seeing candy for you which suggests you either like to over-indulge or you are a very 'sweet' person. I do feel you need to pay more attention to your diet and your health, however - and get your teeth checked. Overall, you seem contented with your lot but you do tend to wonder if the grass is not greener somewhere else.

  • hheeyy captaiinn!

    hhhmmm..interestin,these reading ahaha i luv it.

    what about me ? what vibes do you feel ?

    $$$$ ??? 😉

  • Addictdtoriches, I feel a lot of sadness coming off you. Have you lost something special?

  • ............ ???

    realllyy Captain ?

    Not that i know of, anyhtinq particular ?

  • Addictdtoriches, I feel this is from long ago - in the past. A betrayal occurred that hurt you very much and caused you to become mistrustful.

  • Dear Captain,

    I wanted to apologize for my not so kind response to your take on me. The chip on my shoulder and buttons all got pushed. Some other readers have told me they did not get what you got but then again others said similar stuff pertaining to character.

    I did react I was hurt and offended but then I did a honest inventory of myself and had to ask "why" did it bother me? beyond the transparency of everyone seeing your remarks and oh boy my ego did not like that... I had to admit to myself I know I would not have reacted so if you had not dinged some truth. I plowed thru my ego and layers of denial and now I can thank you for altho I still am a bit perplexed your hit did help me look at where I am out of integrity. I do aspire to be good, truly but I'm no saint. I'm learning to give w/o expectation practicing acceptance, altho I still falter. I wanted to thank you for the experience showed me "again' I have layers of reactive ego to still be let go of.

    As for the "elfish" what comes up for me is I do sneak behind our local grocery and raid the dumpster a couple times a week. My daughter and I are very low income at the moment, they totally over buy and it's amazing what they waste. it's all pre packaged so it's not as gross as it sounds. This is what comes up for me around that. The mischievous bit.

    Just wanted to share and move on from here.



  • Pfree, you are very gracious. Maybe the elf thing was advice to let yourself be a bit mischievous and fun more often?

  • ookkkaaayyy C.

    Thanx, the information was nice not really as specific as the others

    but pretty expected.

  • 😉

  • Addictdtoriches, I'm not sure what you mean? You expected to be told about the past sorrow?

  • Captain,

    not expected to be told about the past, sorry i phrased that wronq.

    YOUR ADVICE WAS ACCURATE, its something ive acknowledged...

    so thats why i said it was expected, i do feel like i am mistrustful of PEOPLE

    i dont however recall any major past betrayals thats causing me to send SAD vibes off

    but the insight i recieved from you was great, just a little catchy made me think ahahaha.

    ya know ?

  • Addictdtoriches, I feel like this is something that occurred when you were a teenager - someone betrayed you and you learned to be mistrustful of people and to keep your secrets and feelings to yourself. This is what you give off - "I don't trust you not to hurt me so don't get too close."

  • ahaha. oh my goodness C.

    this is exactly how i am, very protective of myself

    ive been like this my whole life, just about.

    sorry if im holding you up.

    i havee one last question if you dont mind.....

    not too long ago about a week ago i met a guy who

    claims to be a physic/healer & he said some things about me

    he didnt really say MUCH expect im preserved and he see's

    fame in my future and soon after that he sees me coming across

    influentiual people being involved in drugs i was just wondering...

    is this to be expected ?

  • Addictedtoriches, I feel like it's more fame from association rather than through your own fame. It's in the area of show business. But you will have a rich and rewarding life once you let people get in closer. Start working on your intuition so that you will be able to know who to trust.

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