What vibes do you give out?

  • Thank you Captain. This is something I have been aware of for a while now. My motto lately is "I am fearless". Now I just need to breathe and take that step!

  • ~Captain~ Oooh Captain, My Captain, Show me the way! You picked a perfect name. I thankyou you from the debt's of my soul! I just am going to figure exactly what which causes me not to heal and let go. Do you think after I start healing I would be good to take some Reiki classes to help others with my "Motherly Vibes"? ~Blessings Devine~

    Please try not to take too much on, rest,restore & protect! There I go again with my Motherly ways, I love myself (gee whiz) lol.

  • Captain

    wow!! thank you...that was one i did not expect!! I am interested in reiki and have even had it done a few times, and I gotta tell you it was great!

  • Opalten, for you I am seeing a white pristine beach on a desert island. Either you are dreaming of a holiday or you are remaining pure at heart by the sacrifice of being alone or keeping people at a distance.

  • Anngora, you have very mixed intense vibes. Confused too. Half the time you want to be a global peacemaker - the rest of the time you want to lash out and crush the selfish and the evil people you see everywhere. This war inside of you needs to find resolution. Before you can help anyone else, you must make peace with the past and the issues that are still bothering you. Back somewhere in your past, someone hurt you very much and you haven't forgiven them. All that anger is still inside you, boiling and festering like a deep wound. Without forgiveness and understanding, you will always feel this war of emotions inside you. You take things far too personally - what was done to you was not your fault at all but the weakness of spirit of those who hurt you.

  • DevineEvanescence, all you need to break the shackles is forgiveness and understanding.

  • Hi Captain

    What do you mean by being pure of heart by staying alone? And yes I do keep people at a distance and yes I am by myself. Not that I want to be but I am. Thank you for your response.

  • Hi captain thanks for all your help and advice. what a great idea for a post it is always good to know what others first see/feel ,

    Would love to know what vibes I give out ?

  • Opalten, I feel you have a fear of 'catching' other people's problems and weaknesses, and of being hurt and disappointed so you keep yourself apart. You feel like you have enough trouble with your own problems and couldn't handle anyone else's. But we learn through other people and through making mistakes. Get off your beautiful desert island and take some risks in relationships. Otherwise you won't make any progress or grow.

  • Spalma, I can 'hear' you crying out "Please come and look after me - I can't manage on my own." but you can, really. You have more strength and courage and abilities than you think. Don't underestimate yourself.

  • Dear Captain,

    Can you please tell me what vibe you might be feeling for me?

    Thank you,

    hobbles76 🙂

  • Dear TheCaptain

    what vibes are you feeling from me

    ive been through alot this past year do what you do THANKS

  • This is very interesting. I'm interested to see what you're picking up from me. Thank you in advance.

  • Ahhhh, Captain I am curious! My life no longer fast nor furious. Is it too late to ask you to see; what vibes you pick up from me?


  • Dear Captain

    Thank you for the feedback. I know I am overly protective, worry, and I do tend to keep to myself at times to regroup and focus on what it is I truly want out of my life. Been hurt too many times, but I am gaining strength to move on, to stay focused, and find peace within myself. One day at a time! Thank you Star49

  • Hobbles76, your vibes are like those of a caged bird - how you long to fly free! But you feel you have too many responsibilities and duties to go off and do your own thing. Try spreading out the responsibilities and let others step up to the plate to ease your burden. Relax more.

  • Baebae, I feel something is eating away at you inside. You really need to release your emotions at the person or people who are causing this. Speak up and express what you are feeling. Is there a Scorpio who is bothering you?

  • Gem71, I feel you are way undervaluing your talents and yourself. You are doing far less than you are capable of and deserve/can achieve so much more. Have the confidence to step up and ask for more.

  • Scribe1, I see you unpacking a case of books. Are you thinking of going back to studying or already doing it? You should - increasing your education will pay off financially and creatively. It will take a lot of hard work and focus on your part however.

  • Dear Captain,

    Lol! You are so right...I do have a lot of responsibilities and duties...I am a single mom of two young boys and I am going to school and trying to keep their drug addict father away from them as much as possible. I do have a lot of help from family, but I often times feel guilty that they area having to help me and I can not do it on my own. And I am so grateful to them for the help they already give, I am not sure what more I could ask for...Any suggestions on how to relax? 🙂

    THank you for you kind insight,


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