What vibes do you give out?

  • Cocodd66, I feel like life is swirling around you like a dust storm at the moment. Your greatest gift is your practicality, your common sense - use it to get you out of the 'storm'.

  • Ultrablondbird, I feel like you are being pulled in several directions by other people. Shut them all out, listen to your instincts, and do what you think is best for you.

  • Thank u x

  • Im new to the forum and would love to hear your insight 🙂

  • Hi Captain.... im new here...... can you please tell me what vibes I give ? Thank you 🙂

  • Dixiee, I feel you might be overly concerned with your image or your looks. It won't help you form better relationships but kindness and concern for others will. I am hearing the words "lost" and "mother".

  • Sagi-girl, I get a lot of shy, hesitant vibes from you as if you are scared of coming on too strong. But then people get the wrong idea about you and think you are soft and that they can push you around - until you snap back. I also pick up some loneliness from you but I feel you live in a dream world a bit too much. Try and be more realistic about your situation.

  • Dear Captain

    How are you today? Hope all is well! Can you tell me what vibes I give out dob 071660. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thank you Star49.

  • star49, I feel like you are quite the worrier and that sometimes fear of the future can block the voice of your intuition and your powers of observation. Learn to relax more and don't be so protective of your sensitive side that you cut yourself off from the world and other people. Use your intuition to tell you who to trust. I think sometimes you can be a bit too passive but you are learning to assert yourself. A big (good) surprise, money-wise, is coming.

  • Im impressed! Im new to the tarot and astrology, but have recently learned that my moon sign in Leo suggests I have a strong need for affection and reassurance and I do tend to worry about what others think of me. I recently lost a relationship with someone I felt was my soulmate and I've had a hard time dealing with it. I just did a reading today to see if we are Karmic partners or something because I CANNOT get this person out of my mind and I pulled the The Empress card as my spiritual guide (mother). Thanks 🙂 Any advice on how to deal with this loss and finding balance in my thoughts? lol

  • Hello Captain, Not sure if I really want to know, but am at a crossroads and feel it might help to find out what vibes I put out. Thank you for the time.

  • Hi there, Captain! I'd love to know what kind of vibes you're getting offa me! Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Dixiee, when something is taken away, we feel a 'hole' in ourselves. Find something or someone else to fill that space. Get busy and you won't have time to pine for the past.

  • Denisem006, I feel you have a tendency to follow others rather than go your own way. Step out from the crowd and live life the way YOU want to. Yes, you will incur criticism and gossip but it's the only way you will find real happiness.

  • RiahDanee, I feel you can be rather ruthless about getting what you want. Try honey instead of vinegar and you will find the going much easier. A male person around you needs you to be kind.

  • Hi Captain--Please let me know what kind of vibes I give out. I will appreciate it. Thanks

  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you so very much for your insights!

    Much appreciation!

  • Thank you Captain, I stay tired but I think it's because I'm so unhappy and worried all the time.

  • Dear Captain, I would be interested to know what kind of vibes I give off,please feel free to give it your best thought,if you have time. thanks

  • Captain ,What you said makes complete sense...knocked me off.Am working on it.Blessings,love and light to you....Thanks again!

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