What vibes do you give out?

  • Luckymermaid, I'll answer your concerns about this new man in my other thread where you have posted

  • Thank you very much Captain for my reading, bless you.

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  • Thank-you so much Captain, you truely ROCK!!!!

    Many Blessings to you and Love & Light 😉

  • Alenabrz, I feel a lot of books around you - you seem to be very studious at the moment. Are you taking classes or considering it? I feel it would go well for you.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I feel that your studying this time will bring you the results you seek. You are a slightly different person to the one you were from last year. More mature and focused...

  • PS Alenbrz, it was not the right time for you to pass your exams because the job you want will not be available until next year.

  • Dear Captain,

    You are really a blessing....Is there any hope for me and my husband? What do you see for my future in the next year or so...I have to admit that ending a 20+ year marriage is not what I want....I am trying to do some soul searching...I think my husband is doing the same...I am trying to get through each day while balancing my young daughter's needs. I thought my husband and I were soul mates....each destine to learn and grow but together, not separately.

    My date of birth: 3/17/58 and my husband's: 7/31/59.

    Very grateful for you insights....

  • Lifer, i feel in you a great need to break free - but it is not from the physical you need to break out but from the constricting thoughts in your mind. You are very set on how things SHOULD be, but think instead of how you WANT them to be. I feel you had high expectations of marriage that were not fulfilled -but perhaps they were too unrealistic? I think that pressing emotional issues were often neglected in your relationship that can still be aired and sorted out. If you can both become 'new people', you will have a new life in your marriage.

  • Thank you very much! Will do my best to live up to this! 🙂

  • Thank you so very much, Captain. You have given me food for thought...though I have to say that I am not even sure how to begin with this. If I look at my marriage and my wants (instead of shoulds), it gets pretty emotional. I am confused because I feel that I ask for such little and I get even less than that....It seems my husband wants me as business partner who also takes care of our child. Other than that emotional support is limited to sex. Yuck, this seems so very sad as I write this. I feel stuck and not sure how to reach him or communicate these things to him. Then, there is the question of will he care or understand what I am saying.....hmmmm.

    Thank you...

  • Captain>>You might want to tone down your energies - it can be a bit off-putting to the more serious dignified types you feel drawn to

    Sandran712>>Thanks Alot.

  • Thank you Captain,

    I remember having abilities as a child, though I was discouraged from using them by my Maternal Grandmother, who thought people would think I was "crazy" and have me committed. I have been recently working on reviving them, you "got me"!! THanks again!!

  • Good Morning The Captain,

    Just checking in for a vibe check this morning. Hope it is good.

    Love!! and light!! blessings

  • I definatley want to attract good vibes, go ahead Captain, what vibes am I giving out. 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    I"m new here but I'd love to know what vibes I give off. So many people react to me differently. If you are not overburdened already I'd like a go 😃

  • Sunshine you can practice on me if you want to let me know! Captain I just found this thread I think what are my vibes? Thanks! You are so much fun!

  • Dear Captain

    Do you sense any change in my vibes?!I have tried to change myself...Thanks!

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