What vibes do you give out?

  • Hi Captain, Would love to know what vibes I give off. Thanking you

  • hello again captain, I am very curious as to the perceptions others have of me, your insight will be greatly appreciated.

  • Dare I ask????

  • Ah, Captain, you are so kind 🙂

    I am a Gemini with Aqua rising. Though I must say, when among strangers, my shy and socially awkward Virgo Moon plays out. But when among people I know and feel comfortable with - it's a different song altogether (well, we Gems ARE two polar opposites in one body - schizophrenia, anyone LOL?)

    Thank you, I will be more mindful of my loved ones, at times I'm so enthusiastic about sharing, that I don't realise I could be coming on too strong.

    May peace, joy and the love of your life find you in 2010, Captain 🙂

  • All my impressions come from you as you are when posting.

  • Oh my Blackiespistol, there is a swirling black fog around you that lets nothing in or out. I feel it is becoming self-destructive.

  • Sexygem, I feel a lot of wariness around you for life and other people. Like you are saying, "give me some time to work out if you are going to hurt me or be nice." There is also some hurt.

  • Captain, thats not good news. What do I do about it? How can I make it go away? Please help

  • Daisyfairy, I feel that you give off a question. "Am I a good and worthy person? Because I'm not sure myself."

  • Blackiespistol, this fog is made out of negativity and needs feelings of positivity from you to blast it apart.

  • I have to say you've nailed it.... people who dont know me tell me i come across as confident but those who see the real me know im plagued by self doubt! something im always working on and trying to improve... deep down i know im good and worthy but that niggling sense of doubt is always there... thank you for your honesty and insight. You've really been working hard today, helping everyone here... thank you again and take care of yourself!!

  • "Darknness Angel, you feel like a very soft pillow I just want to sink my head onto. Be wary that you don't give everyone trying to 'relax' into you."

    Whoa. Oh, the things I could say to that, lol...

    pulls mind out of gutter 😛

    Seriously, that's funny because I've been told that I comfort those around me...that I radiate warmth and comfort. Thank you, you're really something! Love and Light! 🙂

  • Captain any suggestions as to where to start?

  • very astute! I always try to be confident and strong, but this is a true reflection of my experience

  • Wow, Captain, I am pleasantly surprised. I suppose I expected something different, but I love it. You are amazing, and I truly appreciate all the you give to us, here.

    Thank You:)

  • Blackiespistol, the fog is made of gloom and despair. So you need to do something that will give you joy and excitement to dispel it. It's very tightly wrapped around you so you need to do something. It's blocking out the 'sun' for you and must be making you feel very confined.

  • Bless you Captain!Please tell me as well?!

  • Suramya, you are projecting an image of a dutiful, beautiful person whom anybody would love and admire, but the image is blurred and flickering, and I feel like you don't really believe this image you've created and that the real you is desperate to bust out from behind it and do what is NOT expected of you.

  • Gjay, you sparkle like a diamond but with sharp protective edges.

    Oh Wow! When I read this to my husband we both laughed like crazy....what a perfect short desription of me. amazing!! Thank you so much for your time.

    Captain, hope you don't mind if I try.....what I see of you - down to earth, classy, taking care of business, and maybe you live near the water, and used to be on the water more.... or I could be influenced by your new avatar which I love by the way. Thanks again.

  • Wow that's AMAZING Captain!How do you do it?!:)Thanks!

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