What vibes do you give out?

  • That is great to hear, honestly, you are such a great teacher and guidance to us. Positive energy stay with you!

    For the most part, many things are going well for me! I am having a few key troubles that are holding me from expanding my life, but I'm very grateful for the things that are going in my favor. I am in the constant battle to remind myself the power of energy and its implication in the physical world!

    Turning this back into this threads conversation, I think that 'energetic imprint' is something many of us forget after a while even when we should know better! We (or at least I) get bogged down by the 'real world' and after a while it just builds up a wall from the spiritual forces, and you have to break it all down again! Almost like 're-enlightening' one self.

    Anyone else have this experience? 😃

  • Hi Captain! I'm curious about what vibes I give out. I think they're probably the wrong ones, unfortunately. Do you need any additional info to do a reading?

  • Angelic Sensuality, indeed sometimes we forget we are powerful spiritual entities having a vulnerable human experience, and not vice versa.

  • Mh83, I am getting a deep burning anger from you against someone who you believe wronged you. But this dark energy is only hurting you. You need to find positive ways to resolve and release it, such as confronting whoever hurt you if possible, or at least calling them or sending them a letter/email expressing the truth of what you feel.

  • Yes Captain 😮

    Would you mind giving me a little advice on what ways of thinking or action I could take to help the circumstances around me, with how my aura feels?

    Thank you so much for your wisdom!

  • Thanks so much Captain! I guess I haven't really let go of the anger I've been feeling. If the anger is directed toward who I think it is, then I think it's about closure. I wrote a few emails to this person and he wouldn't even admit that he said things that I heard him say. I just wanted him to say "Yeah. I did say those things." I didn't even care if he apologized. Instead he denied saying any of those things about me. It really hurt because I feel like what he said caused irreparable damage. He has continued to badmouth me to associates, implying that I'm mentally unstable. I asked him politely, but firmly to stop to no avail. Your suggestion of writing a letter, calling or confronting him in person is a good idea. I think the best thing is to tell him how what he said made me feel and ask him why he says negative things about me. And I also believe I should limit contact with him. Unfortunately, his reputation in his field and the field I hope to go into is very good. People believe him over me. A lot of the anger is about that, too. I've been struggling to get things together and get a job in this field and I feel that what he might say could jeopardize my chances of success.

  • Sorry for the long post... I think it's good to get that out there. I really haven't done a good job establishing rapport with the contacts I've made. If I could find people who would contradict what this man is saying, then it would be OK. But, people believe him, even though he lies. I just think it made a mess of things.

  • Hi Captain

    Hope all is well with you and family.

    What vibes am I giving out to my husband & immediate family.

    I know outside especially people that I don't know find me very friendly. A lot of times strangers

    have told me how friendly I am. But who knows only you can tell somehow.

    Thank you and many blessings to you and loved ones

  • Hi Captain

    I forgot to mention that when I come and talk to babies they are always smiling and sometimes

    there eyes are not directed to me but on the side of my face.

    Thank you again

  • AngelicSensuality, your vibes affect your circumstances automatically. You only have to ensure that you are being as honest and authentic as you can be, showing the real you to the world, in order to give off the most positive and effectual vibes.

  • Mh83, don't over-estimate the amount of influence that this man has. A lot of people sense his instability. Many people would prefer to make up their own minds about you so behave impeccably, work hard, and you will succeed.

  • Magickal, I feel sometimes your husband doesn't entirely 'get' you but he loves you regardless. You do give off an openness and kindness that other people find appealing.

  • Thank you Captain. I will focus on this.

  • Thanks Captain! I'll work on those things.

  • Hi Captain

    Captain you are right. I know my husband doesnot understand me sometimes. I think because he is just too serious and not an open type of a person. In fact I try to tell him a lot about

    different people and different stuff like different cultures, etc. I think its something to do of how and where he was raised.

    He is a very serious person & conservative but a good man. We are completely opposite but we try to understand somehow our differences and learn from each other.

    Thank you and many blessings

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