What vibes do you give out?

  • Aprilca, I feel your heart is so full of love - but you shouldn't waste it on keeping it for just one person or one thing. Give it freely to all, your family, friends, work, co-workers, pastimes, pets, even people in the street (as in smile at them and wish them well in your heart). Love never runs out. Appreciation and gratitude are always good-luck bringers.

  • captain, may i have a vibe reading please? thanks.

  • Pinkrose08, I am getting concerned vibes from you over a loved one or friend. But there is not much you can do in this situation - just wait for them to sort it out for themselves. You are a good friend but you need to know when to jump in and when to back off and not interfere. I sense a father-figure around you, trying to make his influence felt. Do you feel him?

  • Captain, What would we do without you? I may have asked a while back for a vibe reading on David, 9/04/42.. Things have changed so what is going on now...please.

  • Thanks captain.

    Yes I am pretty concerned over a guy currently and yet I really can't do anything other than what you pointed out, which is stay away while he trying to sort out his issues.

    As for the father-figure, I am not sure if you are referring to him. I am in love with a much older guy currently.

    If yes it could be this guy, do you have any idea what kind of influence he wants to have on me?


  • Pompanofish, I am feeling a tightening in the chest for David, as if fear is clutching at him badly. He feels trapped and wants to get out of his life and run for it. Feels like the weight of the world is pressing down on him. He cannot handle any problems he might have at the moment. Very much feeling pressured and wanting to flee...

  • Yes, Pinkrose08, I feel this father-figure is the man you are thinking of - he wants to persuade you around to his point of view in some way that reeks of dominance. Be careful here!

  • Captain , Thank you for the previous vibe reading. David, 9/4/42. Should I just let him be, as we haven't been getting along lately or should I try to help him? He seems happy but has been making some rather strange and irresponsible decisions. May I ask for another...Peter, dob 1/31/67.

    Thank you and God bless.

    I love your wisdom on your blogs. Wish I was so wise.

  • Pompanofish, yes best to leave David alone to work things out. Peter is fine - he just has his own way of doing things and though you may not understand, you need to accept that.

  • Yes! you are most likely right. I hope so and will certainly let you know.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Captain, Can I have an update vibe reading please? and any insight on what kind of vibe my bf is giving off recently? his is aug 10, 1967. thanks Captain

  • Hll, I feel there is soemthing unsettled or wrong between you and you BF, some sort of bone of contention that needs to be dealt with. He feels you have wronged him in some way.

  • Hi Captain, I think your right. I think what you said is related to the email I sent to him. But besides all the craziness happened between us, do you feel if he's still true to his heart that he loves me and wants to be with me?

  • Hll, he is having many doubts, not just about you but his life in general. Don't push him too hard at the moment. You have to pull in your needs and allow him the space to think. And not just physically, he can sense your thoughts too on an unconscious level.

  • I see. in fact, I have been giving him a lot of spaces. just hoping he can sort things out alone. Besides what you said, Captain, is there anything else I should be aware of regarding him and/or our relationship? Thanks.

  • Hll, you may have been giving him physical space but he feels you reaching out to him with your emotions a lot. He is actually very empathic and psychic but doesn't know it.

  • empathic and psychic? Captain, I am kinda confused here.. what you mean by empathic and psychic? Did you mean that he has sorta psychic ability himself or did you refer it to psychic ability between us which means he probably knows what I am thinking abt inside?

  • Hll, no it is his ability.

  • i see. Thanks Captain. Very interesting! Can I please answer my another question which I have always found puzzling...

    One month and a half after we started to date, he told me that he knew I would be his wife in less than 2 yrs. And after that, he has said so many times that I will be his wife, although i have never really responded to that. And one time after a big fight, he said, we are meant to be, and its our destiny.... So Captain, do you feel if his comments about marriage and me are also related to his psychic ability? Like he just knew we would get married someday?

    I even told my friends about it since I didnt get it. We thought he just like any other man, who knows that he would marry her once he meets her...

  • Hll, it was just his way of controlling you and keeping you around, telling you what he thought you wanted to hear.

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