What vibes do you give out?

  • yah.. thats true. thanks again for the advice, Captain!

  • Oneofmany647, I sense a curious duality in you. Though you hate phony people, you yourself tend to wear a mask or put forward an image that is not really you. There is a feeling around you of your real self not being good enough to show to others. But people can always sense when someone is not being their authentic self and may become suspicious or mistrustful of you if you try to keep secrets or hide yourself. Try to build up your self-love and self-respect so that you lose your fear of being ridiculed or abandoned for who you truly are. You true self is beautiful.

  • Buzzingpalms, you have a very big heart and a helpful caring nature, but I feel sometimes you may come across as bossy or pushy or interfering to other people. You must ask if others want your help and not just assume it. Sometimes all another person needs is a good listener and not someone to take charge of them. Learn when to pull back and when to lend a hand. I also feel impulsiveness or emotionalism can enter into your personal decisions so try to take some more time to ponder things objectively if you can. I see 'gold' in my mind when I think of you so I take it to mean your future is potentially golden. There is an increase in finances coming next year but first there will have to be a sacrifice. But it doesn't have to be painful if you just let go gracefully.

  • Fluffyninja, your vibes say that you are mad keen to fall deeply in love and be adored by someone who is even more deeply in love with you. You are definitely the marrying kind but you will have to be careful about your choice of partner as you can get carried away by a desperation to have a relationship and receive someone else's approval. Don't surrender all of you to someone who promises romance but who might take far too much from you. I also sense a fear in you that the other person may tire of you quickly or you of them. That's why it is so important to take your time making your choice - and be objective. Rose-coloured glasses may be lovely and thrilling to wear, but they can blind you to what the other person is really like. You need someone who will share equal give-and-take within the relaitonship - not create a situation where you are giving all the time and the other person is taking. Marrying for image is dangerous - beware of control freaks!

  • Amused59, there is a new maturity and strength around you. Like all of a sudden everything you have been through in your life has finally come together and clicked - you understand it all far better now in hindsight. You feel much steadier and more stable, more even-keeled to me. It's a good place to be. Yet I also sense a little loneliness for people with the same awareness as you.

  • Captain

    You nailed it!! I do feel as if I've had a break through & am at peace w my true self...just haven't found others there w me. i am also at a place where I realize in time I will meet others who are at a similar place..... time to expand my tribe .....all in good time as it is meant to be



  • Captain, You are so right! I am currently a nurse, so yes, I have a big caring heart. But, I also have a tendency to jump in and offer assistance, and sometimes it is not always wanted, so again, you are correct! As for the sacrifice, I am going thru a divorce (found out my hubby thought it was okay to observe my teenage daughter showering, and had started touching her in the shower) so I kicked him to the curb. The sacrifice is my home is going into foreclosure, and I had been fighting it, trying to find a way to hold onto it. You must have sent me some good vibes, because today I came to the realization that this house and the material possessions do not matter. My daughter is safe, never to be gawked at again by someone whom she was supposed to be able to trust. And the money issue, is that I have been toying with the idea of starting my own business relating to assisting the elderly, or switching jobs to work in hospice. I also have a few childrens books that i have written but have not done anything with. Any help in which direction I should go?

  • Buzzingpalms, you may have to self-publish when it comes to your children's books or at least stay away from the bigger publishers and try the smaller independent ones. But do try especially if they are ready to go - you lose nothing by sending them off. I feel you may go into partnership with another person (nurse?) over the elderly assistance plan but I feel that is some way off yet. And get a reliable acountant for the business too. I don't feel hospice work for you. Keep the colour or word 'gold' in mind.

    Congrats to you for putting your daughter's safety first and for realizing that you can make a home anywhere, but that loved ones make a place a home.

  • Hello Captain, is there anything useful you think I should know? Thank you.

  • Greenshoots, your guides are advising you to be more decisive and not to stress and strain over situations that need to be changed. Make your choice and stick to it.

  • I'm grateful Captain.

  • Hi Captain, I would like to know what kind of vibe SL is giving off these days. he's my ex. havent spoken to him since we broke up last year.. Wondering how he is doing. birthdate is march 21, 1982. Thanks

  • Hll, he is still seeing relationships as being more like wars (though he is a bit sad and lonely) and he is needing someone he can boss around. His lack of empathy or consideration for others is still strong.

  • Hi Captain....

    How are you?...I have been slowly coming out of my depressive state of being from the last four years and need to get moving.....

    I was wondering if their any employment , training of education or finances coming my way that I can benefit from.



  • MissTonya, your vibes tell me you do not quite believe that these things could be available to you.

  • So work on belief in yourself, MissTonya, that you do deserve good things to happen to you, that life has not passed you by. Allow yourself to attract good fortune. And focus on exactly what you want - the universe cannot give you something unless you know for sure what it is you are seeking eg. not just 'a job', but a specific profession.

  • Hi Captain.

    Wow! what do you feel id right for me?

  • Pompanofish, I feel you are in store for a round of great good luck and nice surprises. I see sunny skies ahead for you. Just make sure you share the luck.

  • Captain- can I have a vibe reading pls? Thanks

  • thank you captain very much for the guidance....I do need to focus on what i want and need for my wellbeing.



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