What vibes do you give out?

  • Do i still give out the same, although my emotional and health is so much better,, you know the need for approval?

  • Scully, it's more now the need for understanding - for those around you to understand you and for you to understand them better.

  • Thanks for the reading again, Captain... I actually had a fight with my bf last week. I was so fed up with his attitude. I wish I read your posts earlier ;( so I would have understood him better, and been more patient with him.. Havent spoken to him for a few days.. May I ask... how he feels about me and us at this point? Thanks, Captain!

  • Hll, he is questioning your suitability as his partner, whether he can trust you enough to be there for him when he needs you.

  • Thanks Captain. I would have reacted differently if I knew all this earlier.. But its still not too late I guess.. If he wants to talk again, I will let him know that I will stand by him 100% as long as he is willing to try to trust me.. As I said earlier, since he's so reserved, and he is lack of actions (he works a lot and we never spend much time together), I really am not sure how he feels about me.. not 100% sure. Captain, Do you see if this guy loves me a lot? Before I try to make my first move, I need to know we are on the same page that we want the same thing from each other.. What u think, Capatin? Does he love me a lot? And is he stil willing to give us another chance even he's questioning my suiability???

  • Hll, he will not give you his full love until he trusts you. He does not allow himself to get too involved with someone while he still has doubts - hence, his working so much to avoid too much contact.

  • Captain, thanks so much for the vibe reading about my BF. it definitely helps A LOT to understand him better... I will keep your words in mind... hope things will get better between us.

    May I have a vibe reading about myself? i am wondering what i should expect for the rest of the year.. I am so struggling these days.. But as you said, I should totally focus on one thing.. so I can achieve it.. then move on to the next one.. Now I need to concentrate on the job hunt. My birthdate is April 8, 1985. Thanks, Captain.

  • Btw Captain, Do you see if me and my bf have marriage potential along the way?

  • Captain. Can you please help to do a vibe reading for my love interest? 3/20/68.

    what has been troubling him and how does he feels towards me? really thank you so much for your help. 🙂

  • Pinkrose08, I feel a huge conflict in your partner over his need to be connected to someone and the strength he finds in independence. He is just so darn used to looking out for himself that it's hard for him to give that up and let someone else take care of him. He can never quite trust or believe that anybody will be there for him the way he feels he is there for others (he does have rather an over-inflated idea of his own importance). Guilt rather than love tends to drive him into relationships. But then he can end up resenting the very people who look to him for love and attention as he fears being engulfed by their problems. So he pulls away. In the end, he will prefer his own self-reliance to somebody else's needs. At least until he works through his fears.

    There is also some big trouble at work bothering him, too. This work problem is what he feels is his most important issue at present.

    I don't feel there is much chance here of this relationship deepening or improving, to tell the truth.

  • captain.

    does he loves me? or he already has someone else in his heart? i do find it hard to get him opening up to me.

  • Hi Captain, i think you missed my past on the previous page 😉 please let me know! Thank you!

  • Pinkrose, I feel the physical attraction between you but I don't feel that your partner fully wishes to engage with you emotionally or mentally. I don't feel much compatibility between you and I don't feel his whole heart is in the relationship, sorry.

  • Hll, no I don't feel this will be a longterm relationship, sorry.

  • it's okay captain. thanks anyway. i am too stubborn to let go and ended with all these emotional issues in me. i always thought he was facing some problems with his life and he does have feelings for me. have been waiting and waiting. it is torture to my emotional health.

  • Thats okay. If its not meant to be, I accept it.... Captain, as I requested earlier, may I have my vibe reading please? my birthdate is april 8 1985... wondering what i should expect for the rest of this year? Thanks..

  • Hll, I don't do predictions here.

  • But if you start a new thread, Hll, I will go into more detail there.

  • Hello Captain!

    Would you be so kind as to tell me what vibes surround this gentleman, intials JJB??

    Light and Love,


  • TheTransformed, I need some sort of contact with this man in order to pick up his vibes - his birthdate, his photo, or if he posts something here in person.

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