What vibes do you give out?

  • Pompanofish, I am getting some anxiety from you regarding a domestic or family situation. Is there some female you are worried about?

  • Hll, your energy seems to be very scattered at the moment. What is your current situation?

  • Leinida, you give off very gracious and dignified vibes. I feel you try to retain your dignity and equilibrium under the worst of circumstances. I do see an image of you being under fire and trying to weather it with grace, but still feeling hurt that people can be so unkind. You have the strength and spirit of a survivor. Maintaining your serenity will help you through bad times to come (I feel like someone close is going to turn on you if they haven't already done so). I also sense a friend will have need of your strength and wisdom.

  • Hi Captain

    My main concern is my job situation... been looking for a job for months.. getting so frustrated.. not sure what I can do at this moment to land a job. ehh. And my love life is kinda confusing too. Not sure what's really on my bf's mind.. this guy is hard to read. and I am tired of trying to understand him. leave him or continue ? What you think, Captain? How he feels abt being with me? Thanks Captain!

  • Hll, this is why your energy feels scattered - you are trying to solve all the problems in your life at once. You need a lot of energy to accomplish your job search successfully but at the same time you are worried about your relationship - and I am feeling other things as well. So each issue only gets a tiny bit of your energy. Decide which issue is most important and concentrate on that. Then when that is running smoothly, go to the next item of importance. Your particular vibes tell me that you have to put your whole heart into achieving something or you will not succeed.

    Unless I have your BF's photo or birthdate, I cannot tune into what he is feeling/thinking specifically, except to pick up a general vibe that he is bored and restless in his life.

  • thanks for the advice. guess i will concentrate on my job hunt..

    his birthdate is Aug 10, 1967... so what u see about how he feels abt me? and what you mean by he's bored? are you saying he's bored with me? well, he always says he's a boring person.... as he constantly works.... nothing else

  • Hi Captain ....

    How are you its been a year since I've asked for a vibe reading .....my birthday is 6-20-1969, can you tell me what i should expect or NOT in my life for the remaining year, please...thank you.

    be blessed always,


  • Hll, I feel like your BF holds back a lot of what he really thinks and feels from everybody, including you. He desperately wants to have a normal family life for himself and find total permanent commitment with a partner he can count on to be there forf him. But he constantly fears being abandoned, left alone, or emotionally hurt. So he tends to harden himself, feeling-wise. He can never relax completely in an intimate situation because he fears what will happen if he lets down his guard. Trust is hard for him to come by and he will push away those he cares for most because of his deep fear that they will eventually all desert him. This situation with your relationship will continue until he finally believes you will stay with him (could be a long time) so whatever you do, don't go off on wild binges or seek solace with someone else. He would never trust you again once you let him down.

    None of his colleagues would ever guess that anything was wrong because he is always the consummate professional at work. He himself is usually very loyal and reliable as a partner. At the moment I feel he is very bored and unchallenged in his life (not with you, but within himself). Yet change is not something he embraces and he can cling quite stubbornly to the most negative or unproductive ideas about himself and what is possible. He would do well to dwell more on his strengths than his weaknesses - and instead of waiting for life to challenge him, he should go out and try new activities, studies, places etc. to challenge himself. But you will have to learn to respect his need to be alone at times and must resist depending too much on him for stability and support.

  • Misstonya, August, September and October 2012 may be potent and challenging for you, but if you hold onto hope and the reminder that this too shall pass, you can persevere. In September' you may encounter a material loss - possibly from theft so be extra careful - which may shatter your personal resolve, but I feel that you will be able to pull through this if you keep things in perspective. You may find it difficult to balance the material world and matters of the heart at this time.

    The year should finish with a new-found zest and excitement for coming opportunities. Things will be pretty slow and steady most of the year in general, although emotionally turbulent, until around October when life really begins to speed up again for you. The lessons to reap this year are about working together with others, open communication, letting yourself be vulnerable, and persisting despite fears and setbacks. The work you do on yourself now will do wonders for your personal relationships, either making your current relationship more healthy or leaving you ready and willing for the truly wonderful to come into your life - a soulmate. However healthy and strong in yourself you are, that is what you will attract. If you have been with someone for a long time, you may go through the most immature and dysfunctional times and come out on top, creating new stronger foundations for your relationship to build on (which is what this year for you is all about - relationships and enlightenment) but if you are not growing together, it may be time to move on.

  • Dear Captain,,Thank you so much for your vibe reading. I want to tell you how I really felt when I read it.

    First of all it was very complimentary and I really appreciated that today as... You where correct about the family member. I have had to let her get her way again. She is very aggresive and her words are very cruel and sharp, At this time we have a brother in palliative care. She has to control everything and no matter what I do or say she makes a problem out of it. We are not alike at all . I often cry over the situation she creates but for now my brothers comfort and spirituallity is of the most importance to me. And " YES I have a dear friend that has just recently shared some of her concerns with me in regards to a very sensitive situation she was put in. WOW!!! You Are Amazing.

  • Leinida, you are stronger than you know. Keep a cool head and you will flow easily through these troubles.

  • Thank you Captain.....I will be extra careful thru-out the year....but still no marriage in my BF mind huh....I guess its time for me to fold my cards inspite of just for love.

    thanks again captain...talk to you again.

    be blessed always,


  • And blessings to you too, Misstonya! 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks so much for the detailed reading about my BF. May I ask you a few more questions please? It's still related to my bf - As I said, he's very reserved. He doesnt share much about how he feels about me.. And he's kinda lack of actions too which I understand, sort of. as he works a lot... high pressure,long hours... Hmm I am wondering how he really feels about me? How he feels about our future together at this point? Hope you can help me understand him more! Thanks Captain!

  • Hll, when your BF really trusts you, you will know. He will share more of himself and be less reserved and more demonstrative. As I said before, this could take years so you have to ask yourself how much time and effort you are prepared to invest in a relationship that may not become a solid partnership for a very long time. Your BF feels trust must be earned and he needs to know you won't just up and leave him (which you have to ask yourself if you are not ready to do if he doesn't commit to you soon). So he watches and waits to see what you will do. This guy is like shares in the stock exchange. You have to be prepared to wait for a good long period of time before you see any solid returns on your 'investment'. He will not be rushed. There could be a big conflict of time agendas here.

  • thanks for the insight, Captain. Pretty interesting... The example you used is exactly what he does for a living. he's an investment banker. Funny. Besides what you said, is there anything abt him that i should be aware of? And do you feel if he carries baggage from his past relationships? I think so..

  • Oh, yes, Hll, lots of baggage that he is not dealing with. He expects to be abandoned or betrayed, so that's what happens.

  • wow... Captain.. I am shocked.. Betrayed? did it really happen to him in the past? like some of his ex cheated on him or betrayed him??? hard to believe.. He's such a cocky guy... guess thats just his mask...

  • another question... do you feel that he's actually not getting along with his family??? was his childhood memory bitter? is that why he hasnt introduced me to his family yet? i kinda can tell from his words... what u think?

  • Hll, his childhood made him what he is today (as it does for all of us) so one or both of his parents may have abandoned or emotionally abused him in some way.

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