What vibes do you give out?

  • Hi. I felt i needed to share something with you. I recently had an Akashic Record reading and my report was almost identical to yours, I mean almost word for word. It felt really off to me, and I told the reader so.

    I looked up 'light power imaging' and found this web page as well: http://healedspirit.com/2011/02/negative-validation-sometimes-the-best/

    Please read this because he describes your reading almost perfectly, but with 2 other individuals, claiming it as very rare. It seems like our "reader" has been doing a little plagiarizing, and maybe doesn't have the best intentions. I do not believe that someone else can talk to the spirits and do a clearing for me. I do my own personal work, and am very committed to taking that responsibility.

    I guess a difficult lesson (and expensive at $350), huh? The final result of my reading was that I felt very sad and helpless... momentarily, at least. that didn't feel okay to me. I believe that this woman is perpetrating a very convincing scam.

    If you want to email me I will send you a copy of my report. I hope this will make you feel better. It's tough enough going in these times of self-discovery without having people manipulate you.

  • sorry folks. that post was for SunCappyGirl. erm, maybe I hit the wrong button.

    hope she gets it. 🙂

  • TheCapitan, Hello!

    I would like also a reading, please )

  • Marishkaa, I feel in you a lot of restlessness, rootlessness, and indecision. Until you understand who you truly are and what you want, you will never attract the things you desire. You must do a lot of inner seeking and dig deep into your heart and soul to find the answers. You need to make up your mind and stick to it. How can the universe send you what you want when you keep changing your mind? You need to decide what and who would really suit you - and stand firm on it.

  • Thank you, TheCaptain, it's true (.

  • Hi Captain,

    please read my vibes.


  • Sure I am up for a vibe reading ... very interested to know what vibes i give out lately. thanks in advance

  • Tangerine7, frustration and a 'ready-to-give-up" feeling with your life is flowing in abundance from you. That's because you are still waiting for fate or someone else to 'fix' everything for you and put things right. When will you start doing for yourself? It really is the only way you will pull yourself out of the long struggle your life has become.

  • Livingadream, you give off the vibes of someone who is afraid to make decisions or take action in case you do the wrong thing - but this can paralyse you so that nothing gets done. You have to move past fear and indecision to effectiveness. I feel you have no idea of the abilities you have inside you. I have a vision of you as a lion hiding inside a cave. You are the lion with this incredible strength and courage, but you seldom use these qualitites because you don't realize you have them. Try putting them into practice more often if you want your life to move forwards in a positive direction. Don't hang back in the cave when you have so much potential for success. You have to learn to trust yourself.

  • TheCaptain: Thanks for the reading. I can totally relate to what you just said. I know that you are totally on target. And will take that to heart Thanks again and many blessings to u!

  • Hello captain. Could i have a vibe reading.? I am very curious to know the vibes i've been putting out towards friends and family latley. And also if you could do one for my dog thunder. I would love to know what vibes you get from her. It would all be much appreciated. 🙂

  • Cookiie24, I feel you are often misunderstood by others, coming across as bossy or sarcastic. True, you can have a very sharp tongue and other people might find your intensity and love of drama too much to handle at times. But you can also be a charming and loyal friend and you do have great depth. You really want to be liked, but equally I feel you can be a right pain sometimes to live with.

    If you can post a photo of your dog, I would be better able to pick up her vibes.

  • Dear Captain,

    Can I also have a vibe reading? Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    I would like a vibe reading too, please. lots of changes in the horizon. Could you say something on it.

    love, U

  • Pinkrose08, genuine sharing is not one of your strengths, is it? Nor is being on your own - in fact, you may stay with someone to whom you really have nothing to say, ironically because you need someone to talk to. But you will never be open to life's adventures when you are glued to the side of people whom you can't be honest with. You both love and hate relationships. You will have to overcome your fears if you ever want to be happy. You have to communicate from your authentic self and not wear a mask all the time. You really need to be listened to but you have to have the courage to share your views and opinions honestly. Don't doubt your intelligence and abilities. Your path to freedom and success lies in finding and showing your true courageous inspirational self. Get out and travel. Do things that you''ve never done before. Follow your heroic vision. Challenge yourself. Break new ground and don't just go with the program, And don't wait for company on your adventures - you'll make plenty of new friends once you are out there in the world, confident and unafraid. Watch out for selfishness and a rather dictatorial and theatrical attitude - learning to work with others and winning their respect is paramount to your growth and success, as is learning to delegate and regulate your responsibilities. You have the ability to win an audience and to be a leader, so don't let any ego issues get out of hand. Share the glory.

  • Undio1, I feel like from the time you were young, you have been beaten down and discouraged from showing who you really are. Of course you get mad about that. But you have the courage in you to rise above anger and frustration and be a shining example to others of how someone can overcome shame and rejection and social embarassment to become a powerful member of society. But you must stop playing the role of rejected lover that you have played more than once and put aside feelings of self-loathing or embarrassment for how you look or feel or behave. It has been a struggle for you to learn how to relate to others socially as you can be quite shy due to your fears. You just want to be loved, to have someone like-minded who returns your passion. But you will only attract a compatible partner when you fight your fears and your need for other people's approval, and be unafraid to reveal who you really are. Deep down you are a born performer, but your spirit has been crushed by those who felt insecure and inferior to your electric personality, magnetic charm, amazing energy, and enormous enthusiasm. You must break the patterns of isolation and retreat, the desire to escape, that was formed in your childhood. Of course, there will be times when you need to withdraw from other people in order to restore your calm and emotional balance, but your destiny lies in your ability to work with others and bring out the best in them. Through an involvement in group efforts and activities directed towards the achievement of some innovative, technological or artistic or even a futuristic vision, you can realize your own personal ambitions and help others to realize theirs too. A great deal of personal happiness can be yours in this lifetime as long as you learn not to take life's ups and downs too seriously and to live as the incredible, beautiful, vibrant person you are deep down inside, doing only those things that you know in your heart are right for you. Stop doing what you think others want from you. Your inner child must grow up and move on from childhood with all its old hurts and lies to become the strong adult which is your true nature and birthright.

  • Thank You Captain.

    yes this is me. the good thing is that I have start to realize my problems I am dragging since my childhood. And just by doing this I have start feeling some positive changes. the problem still is that deep down I feel too hesitant and withdrawn to change in socializing. I fear expectations and withdraw in fear problems. I fear people wanting to be too close to me.

    those days I have been feeling the last bits of complete endings with my platonic love interest and it feels horrible. I keep seeing numbers like 8:08 or 9:09 for about 2 weeks. I am so certain that this long nightmare is ending, but I fear it again because it is my neighbor and it interrupts my daily routine. just going out to buy milk causes me anxiety, because he might be downstairs.

    I have been also having physical symptoms of anxiety in the chest and feeling very lethargic and keep laying down in bed. hard for me to change in this department. I realize I have had traumas in the past and maybe this one is reflecting those, but I wonder if I am picking on his feelings too, because I am very empathic, or am I too clingy, which I hate it.

    thank You again my Captain ! 🙂

  • Hi and Hello Captain,

    It has been awhile since I've conversed with you. If you have the time please, I would like a vibe reading.

    Thanks and peace, love and happiness to you and the world.

  • Hi Captain,

    I wouldlike to have a vibe reading too. I wanna know what I can do to change my current situation... thanks!

  • Good Evening Captain,What an interesting way for you to allow us to bring an awareness of ourselves I would love to have a vibe reading .

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