What vibes do you give out?

  • FishyOne, I feel you are very insecure, lacking in confidence, and down on yourself, and you project the message to the world through your vibes that you are vulnerable and unworthy. Consequently your lack of self-esteem attracts people who just want to use and hurt you. You are attracted to those very people because you feel like you don't deserve any better and because you think that any sort of attention is better than nothing (wrong!). You deserve so much more. If you want to attract - and be attracted to - a better type of person, you have to do things that make you feel better about yourself, like giving yourself little treats and pampering yourself, and doing those things that you really want to achieve. Ask your friends what they like about you. I can feel your deep well of inner compassion for others and your psychic ability/empathy from here. If you don't like or respect yourself, you give off vibes that tell others not to like or respect you, too.

  • WOW!

    You read me like an open book, it is not easy to read this about myself beacuse it makes it even more true I guess.

    I have been working on myself.

    University for example is an achievement that gives me great confidence but some people there just pick up on me being weak and put me down even more.

    Yes I have been picking the wrong men, I do hope to end this cycle soon!

    And you are so right about any attention is better than none 😕

    I feel guilty when I do things for myself beacuse I know i can do much more in other aspects (I am lazy at times)

    Oh some other people told me they sense psychic ability/empathy for me, never sensed it myself. I know i can be intuitive for myself sometimes, not often. I can sense when something might happen to me.

    Thank you Captain. This is a true awakening

  • Thank you Capitain. Would you do a reading for me? I wondering about my own vibes...

  • Hi Captain, I would like to konw if you can tell mehat vibes I give out. Sometimes I feel I come accross as being nasty other times a push over. Many blessings to you, Thanks

  • AngelDream, to be honest, I feel like there is so much love in you, but you don't 'spread it around' as much as you could. You tend to 'save it up' for that one special partner you are pining to have in your life. I have an image of you peeking through a keyhole and seeing one man standing in a room but, if you threw open the door, you would see that you have been seeing only a small part of the whole picture of your life. All that wonderful love and compassion should be shared with the many - you could be a powerful force for good in humanitarian ways. You just need to broaden your focus on who you give your love to, especially when it is not reciprocated in the way you want it to be. Love is not finite - you can give as much as you want away and you will still have loads of the stuff left! 🙂 And the more love you give to others, the more you will get it back. I feel your loneliness and neediness to connect with someone that drives you on to search far and wide, up and down for romantic love, but every form of love is beautiful - the love of friends and family, the love of pets, the love of children, the love of your own self...you need to experience and appreciate love in its many forms to fill that deep hole inside you. You need to expand your vision to encompass and appreciate all the beauty around you. You think you have so little when you really have so much in your life. Don't neglect self-love as you seek to give your heart to another. When you spread your love around to all, doors of opportunity will open like magic for you and your life will blossom.

  • Hi Captain thanks for the prompt reply so very generous of you. Work, love, family all these things have changed and I am trying to keep up with it all. The uncertainty has left me worried, anxious and at times very sad I can see how my vibe came off as dissatisfied with life...... That is just HORRIBLE!.... On a positive note I am aware and working on these areas of my life slowly things are changing and soon I hope I will be out of this funk.

    As for my little dog she is a year old I worry that because I am now home more and often restless that she is restless as well. Can this is the debilitating illness you speak of? I never had a dog before her she has truly played a big part in me keeping my sanity through all the mess she brings so much love to me!

    Thanks Captain for the reading and for taking the time to do this for me. much love and light your way...

  • Marsc135, yes, it's true, when you are feeling frustrated or afraid, and when other people disappoint you because they are not the ideal 'perfect' people of your dreams, you can come across in a very intense, negative manner where you frighten other people off. "Cranky' is a word I am hearing someone use about you. It can make you hard to live with. You do tend to impose too-high standards on everything and everyone - no wonder you get disappointed all the time. No one can live up to that sort of perfectionism. You need to lower your expectations to a 'normal' reasonable level and accept that we are all flawed individuals. If you don't want to be alone, you need to show that sensitive, loving, positive side that I know you have, more often. You remember her - that attractive, non-complaining, enthusiastic and cheerful person you used to be before you had some bad life and love experiences. Instead of focusing your laser eyesight on all that is bad, try lifting your attention up to all the good in the world and helping others to achieve that higher state you know exists.

  • TaurusGirly, I feel your little dog is very stressed and jittery - she has the beginning stages of this debilitating illness that I feel will get worse until you take steps to make her feel less stressed. She is very attuned to you and does pick up on how you are feeling. When you relax, she will relax.

  • Captain, thank you for doing this for me and for your compassionate advice. It is a pity that the only vibes I give out are those, I was hoping to learn something more about my life.

    It is true that I love this man and I miss him. He was the man of my life, but I AM NOT searching for romantic love in general. I love THIS man and if we cannot have a life together, that is it for me! I am NOT LONELY and I do share my love and compassion with those around me, family, friends... I am always there for them. The fact that I am in love with a particular man does not prevent me from loving those around me or to appreciate beauty in every way and share it with others whenever possible. I am not into humanitarian activities where I often find that little love is actually being shared and I people do it just to gratify themselves. Sometimes those who need most help are very close to us, there are poor, elderly and lonely people in our own neighborhoods and our help in those cases is much more effective than looking to Africa or whatever. I find that more love is expressed in inviting to tea a vague acquaintance who has just lost a loved one and need an ear and some comfort, or bringing a piece of cake to the little old lady who lives alone on a very small income. That is the way I express, helping those who would never ask for help and bringing them some joy and being there for my friends and family. I do experience love in all its forms and I am still grieving for my sweet Yorky of 16 years.

    Thank you for your time and your advice. Do you get anything else about me, my life?

  • AngelDream, by humanitarian causes, I didn't mean international overseas campaigns, just loving concern for those aorund you. And these vibe readings are your vibes of the moment, not your whole life necessarily. This is what you are giving off right now - this neediness and focus on just one person to the exclusion of all others. I think you just needed a little 'pull-back' to gain more perspective on the situation. You say you aren't after romantic love but to say if you cannot have this man you will want no other, is a very romantic notion.

    What in particular did you want to know about your life?

  • Thank you, you hit that on the nose. I wish I had someone to share my life with and I think i would be happier. Right now all I have is work. I work for a perfectionist, so I became one to. It keeps the peace at work. My mom just passed on and with constant conflict with the nursing home, you start to get "cranky" I have another word for it. My husband and I divorced in August. I really want to go back to that person.

  • Marsc135, that person is still inside you - she is just a bit distracted and weighed down with worries and self-doubt and bad past experiences. Start afresh! Remove these 'blocks' and you will find that old 'you' underneath.

  • Capitain, although this person is in my thoughts and I am concerned about him, it is not at the exclusion of all others, far from it. What I mean is that I love this man and that is why I need him. I don’t need a romantic relationship for the sake of it and I don’t need a man. I need the man I love. Does that make sense?

    I guess what I want to know about my life is if there is any hope with this man. If I’ll find some sort of financial security and serenity, maybe even happiness… Thank you.

  • Ok Captain...you have done readings for me.....now, time for the vibes!! Be gentle please!!

  • AngelDream, are you saying that you would honestly be happy for this man to see you only as a friend - someone he only sees or thinks about from time to time? How would you feel if he meet another woman whom he fell for?

  • PS. AngelDream, as long as you feel that your happiness depends on external things like money and other people, you will never have a sense of internal permanent happiness that doesn't change with your circumstances.

  • Twinwit, is there something you are puzzling over at the moment - some direction you are not sure of taking or someone you wonder about? Because I get this quzzical confused vibe coming from you that seeks answers. All you have to do is look within to your inner guide for wisdom and then follow your gut feelings - your intuition.

  • Capitain,

    What I am saying is that I had a wonderful romantic relationship with this man and I do want it back. I want a romantic relationship with him because I love HIM, not another. And if I can’t have it with him I will certainly not seek one with another man. I am past dating and I don’t want to complicate my life further with men I don’t love.

    Yes, if he broke up with me in a decent way, I would want to remain his friend and although it would hurt, if he fell for another woman, if he was happy with her, I would be happy for him. I would accept to keep him as a friend. I wouldn’t want to lose him completely.

    It is hard to have a sense of internal permanent happiness when you don’t know how to pay the rent from month to month and just manage to survive. One month with more work than you can handle and you must somehow do it because the following month there might not be any. You end up exhausted, drained and must keep going…

    Some security would certainly bring me serenity.

    Thanks Capitain


  • Actually AngelDream, it is the other way around. If you want to attract security, you have to be serene first. Happiness and positivity attracts good things to you, not vice versa. When you are tired, drained and without any enthusiasm for what you are doing, you will only attract more of the same, as like attracts like.

  • DEAR CAptain and suncappygirl,

    I received the EXACT same akashic records reading from an online website as suncappygirl posted. The same three soul shifts light and mirrors story! Every word suncappygirl posted was the exact same only with changes in age!!

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