What vibes do you give out?

  • Lovetolearn, this thread is about reading someone's personal vibes of the moment, not for future prediction. You have to create your own year the way you want it to be.

  • Capitain, I would like to know how he feels about me and what is going on in his life in general. I know hes unsatisfied with his present job, but I don't think that is all. Thank you

  • AngelDream, it's funny that you are wondering about Chris because he is wondering about you too - he isn't sure of what you really feel for him. He is generally dissatisfied with his life but has no clues what to do about it. He's not even sure why he feels this restlessness and dissatisfaction. He thinks that at this time of his life he should be feeling more content and settled. He likes to analyse other people but doesn't like to turn the spotlight on himself. But he needs to do some heavy self-analysis to get in touch with his real needs and desires in order to know what to do with his life. Maybe you can help him with that by asking him questions that will reveal his deepest feelings and longings. He may feel he is too old to follow his dreams or to live life on a grand scale, but that is not so. As long as he is alive, he can accomplish whatever he wants if he puts his mind and determination to it. He is very psychic, empathic, and intuitive but he needs to use his gifts instead of relying on logic or his downfall - emotion. Worry, a fear of being judged badly by others, and self-denial can really hold him back from doing what he wants. This new year of 2012 for him is all about finishing up the things that aren't working for him and beginning to do the things that are right and authentic for him. Out with the old ways and in with the new!

  • Hi Captain,

    Could I have a vibe reading? one for my cat too? He's sitting near my feet, seems contented but I often wonder what he's thinking...

  • Danceur, I am getting a heck of a lot of stress and concern for the future and for your happiness coming off you. It feels like you are screaming inside. You need to relax more and accept that the universe always sends you what you need, even if it is not what you think you want. You cat seems just content to be with you. He enjoys your company and worries when you are gone. He picks up your anxiety and it makes him nervous too.

  • All that sounds right Capitain and I would like to help him. We are apart for professional reasons and he says he is very depressed and he is afraid of talking to me, that he feels trapped when he talks to me. Strange that he should be wondering how I feel about him, that is the one thing in his life I thought he was sure of. Did you get a clue on his feelings for me?

    Thank you.

  • AngelDream, he won't let himself fall for you until he is sure of your love for him. And he is so confused and insecure at the moment that it is difficult for him to know the truth.

  • Capitain, what can I do? I love him dearly and I have told him and shown him. He has not answered my two last emails where I just wanted to know how he is because I am worried about him. He was supposed to see a doctor. I don't know what to thinkk. Does he have someone else.? What is your advice Capitain, please.

    Thank you.

  • Capitain, the last email I only sent yesterday saying I was worried. I really appreciate your kindness.

  • Thanks Captain,

    Oh now I just feel bad that I make him worry. No wonder he is always hanging around me. Or maybe he just likes me 😛

    Yeah I'm feeling immensely stressed out and under-rested at the moment. Trying to make sense of my emotions and then there is huge work stress. I cannot release the tension and my whole being feels weighed down.

  • Angeldream, you have to rein in your anxiety and paranoia - you are coming across to your friend as being a bit desperate and that makes him feel more responsible for you. He doesn't want any more responsiblity at the moment as he feels he has enough on his plate. Right now he needs a friend more than he needs a lover. He is struggling to cope and you are just adding pressure by being so needy.

  • Danceur, your pet is very protective of you and tries to comfort you when you are down. He feels bonded to you.

    And you have to make a concentrated effort to relax or your body will not cope. Talk a relaxing walk in nature. Exercise and give yourself some time, pampering and love.

  • Capitain, that is exactly what I felt today, that my asking him if he is well when he isn't, only puts pressure on him and makes him feel worse. If he is afraid of going to the doctor's, my asking him if he has been only makes him feel bad for not doing it.

    I want to be his friend more than anything Capitain. How can I show him that?

    Thank you.

  • AngelDream, you can be his friend if you pull back and give him some time and space to make his decisions.

  • Captain can I get a vibe reading as well? Thanks so much for all the insight you have already given me. I seen you mentioned someone's pet, do you get any vibes from my toy poodle?

  • TaurusGirly, you are giving off very dissatisfied vibes concerning your life. If there is something that you want to change or needs changing, you must do it for the sake of your future happiness, even if it is painful or difficult. There is nothing written in stone that says we cannot change our minds and pursue different paths in life to what we set out originally to follow.

    Is your little dog old, because I am getting some debilitating illness with your pet?

  • Capitain, sorry to be a pain. Do you mean I should not try to contact him at all? If so, won't he think I don't care?

    What about sending him a note from time to time without asking questions or expecting an answer?

  • Hi Captain,

    I already feel that my body is not coping. And resting heart rate is a lot higher. Even doc said so when I went to see him for another ailment. So yes, I will try to make that effort to relax and get some TLC 🙂

    And I don't want to let my cat worry about me. He really is a sweetie and I do feel comforted being around him. I'm protective of him too. And I do feel we have a very special bond.

    Thanks a lot for the reading 🙂 Have a great day!

  • The Captain, could you please do this for me? I am curious as to what sort of vibe I give out.

    Thank you!

  • AngelDream, yes a light-hearted note from time to time, say once a fortnight, with no expectations attached, just to let him know you are still thinking of him, should be just right.

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