What vibes do you give out?

  • Thank you Captain!

  • MELinSC, I get an image of you dressed in armour with your sword held out looking very war-like. You look armed and ready for a fight. But I feel this is a good thing and that you are standing up for your rights and defending yourself. The battle seems to be with your past and former relationships as I feel the people you are fighting are old 'acquaintances' and family members who may have tried to hold you back but whom you are now breaking free of.

  • ah. i had my first experience with a shaman lady/psychic the other day and that's along the same lines of what she said i needed to do. and i have been. it's been a crazy adventure. i moved, deleted those old friends out of my life...and off my facebook...lol. and i hear they haven't been taking it well. i gotta do what i gotta do to move forward...and it feels pretty good to know i'm strong enough to do that

  • Makes me a little nervous but what do you sense about my vibes. Thanks for all you do

  • Abetterplace, you give off the vibes of a benign ruler, someone who feels she knows what's best for her 'subjects' and truly wants to make them happy - as long as they acknowledge you are in charge and are right. This vibe can be intimidating for others who can feel rather insecure, ineffective or useless around you. There is an ego issue here where you feel better about yourself when you lead others and they look to you for support and advice. Your intentions are good but you need to start seeing people more as your equals (even if they might not seem to have their lives together as much as you do) and give them the chance to learn from their mistakes rather than trying to 'fix' them or their problems. A true leader leads from behind the people, where she can see what they are going through and can help the stragglers who are truly in need of aid and support, not from out in front where she cannot see what her 'troops' are experiencing or needing. If you want truly healthy and compatible relationships, you need to look for people whom you can feel are equal to you, not lesser or weaker ones for whom you can serve as a guide and gentle monarch. You need strong, independent partners who can help and support you too when you need it. And you also have to admit you can make mistakes, like all human beings, and be flexible and remain open to learning all your life.

  • I'd like a vibe reading too 🙂

  • BeeFreeD, I get that you are a very deep and loving person, but that you have been hurt when you gave your love and now feel unsure about who and how to love. But that great loving heart is a huge gift that you must share with everyone, not just one special person. Your sort of 'big love' can be used to heal the world through helping others to open their own hearts. Your compassion and understanding can lead the way for others to become more emotionally open. Don't underestimate how wonderful and strong your potential for doing great things is, using your gift. Give it to everyone, even those (or especially) who don't seem to want it. Teach the world to love.

  • Thank You Oh Captain, my Captain!

  • I would love a vibe reading! Thanks so much!

  • Faye1218, I am picking up a lot of unhappiness and confusion from you, involving your life and the things you feel you may have missed out on. You feel confused because you thought that doing for everyone else was supposed to make you feel happy and satisfied. But it doesn't because you left yourself out of the mix. I feel that you don't know the real Faye or what she truly wants - you only know the Faye who dances madly to please everyone else. This can make you indecisive over everything because you are trying to find outcomes that suit everyone - that is impossible. Until you become clear on what YOU want - just you - you will never be completely satisfied or contented. Of course you must consider other people's feelings but you can't put yourself last anymore. It's not selfish to treat yourself as well as you treat everyone else. You aren't making your family happy if you are not happy. When I saw your photo in the Photo Readings section, the unhappiness in your face was so obvious and painful to see, although you were desperately trying to hide it. You need to get in touch with the old Faye who had all those big dreams once, until she settled down and had a family and got all responsible. Those dreams can still be achieved if you pur your mind to it. You have done so much for others, now it's time you did something just for you.

  • Hello Captain!

    May i please have a vibe reading.

    Thank you! 🙂

  • SunCappyGirl, I feel like you are in a state of imbalance at the moment. Your emotions feel all over the place - happy one minute, down the next - and this is being caused by an un-wellness in your body. Something you are doing to your physical body - how you are treating it or what you are eating - is causing it to be unbalanced. I feel this may lead to serious illness unless you stop doing what you are doing and pay more attention to your health. I feel your heart and stomach are especially affected.

  • Yes, you are right. I understand Captain.. I have to apologize to my body.

    I'll do my best to maintain it in a healthy state.

    thank you so much for taking your time with me 🙂

    I AM Grateful!

  • And Captain it's not just my eating habits but also disappointment on things going on in my life and things that i was/am expecting. I know i shouldn't expect and just allow things to come my way at the right time but I can't help it at times.

    Thank you again

  • SunCappyGirl, you might find my latest blog entry helpful -


  • Could I have a vibe reading please? Thank you.

  • Pilotguy, I am getting an image of you groaning and bent over in pain, crying out "It's all too hard, it's all too hard." But I also sense a deep inner well of strength, wisdom, courage and determination that you haven't called on yet because you aren't aware of it. Something or someone has made you feel you aren't good or strong or smart enough. This unawareness of your true power is what your current situation is trying to bring out in you. Life is trying to show you what inner reserves you possess that you didn't know you had. Call on that inner well of power now - and you will achieve everything you want and dream of...and more.

  • I have had abdominal surgeries and I hope to have my ileostomy reversed in January. This has been a very tough situation and at times I can't handle it. I know before you saw the surgery working, has that changed? I am a stronger person after this.

  • PG, no I still feel it going well for you. Your body will keep time with your spirit so keep on growing stronger.

  • HI Captain,

    Could I have a reading please?

    Have been sick for almost a month. Can do my regular activities but can't completely recover. Some symptom or another almost gets better and then starts all over again. Even meds making me sick.

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