What vibes do you give out?

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    What do I give out?

    I guess, I give out negative vibe. How do I give off positive vibe?

    Thank you

  • Hi Captain

    Thank you very much for that. I really appreciate it.

    Take care and well wishes.

  • Hi Captain, your words ring so true.

    Now, everything seems to make sense.

    Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    All the best,

  • this gift you have capt are you born with it or can you learn to do this? and is it possible that you can get the vibes that some one is hiding something?

  • Ut-it, you give off a certain nervousness - about being liked and appreciated. You are never sure if other people really do like you so you try extra hard to earn their love. But you give away far too much of yourself and so have nothing much left with which to make your own life a success. Take a little more time to concentrate on YOU and what you want to attain. Make sure your goals are for you and not for anyone else. If your goals and actions are intended to impress other people or placate your family, they are not YOUR goals. Don't do what you think others want you to do or what is right by social or traditional standards. Do what you really feel strongly and passionately about - what you really love to do. Success will follow from there. And then other people will admire you for the way you bravely and confidently follow your own path.

  • Shadowmist, everyone is born psychic - we just lose this ability as we grow older because society is not yet completely ready to accept the fact. Psychic ability is like a muscle - you must use it to keep it from withering. The only way to make it stronger it is to practise reading everyone you know and get their feedback. You will then be able to tell what you got right and what type of technique you used to get it right. You have to risk making mistakes and looking foolish in order to find the right way for you.

  • And yes I can often tell that someone is hiding something.

  • still trying to get his picture to you

  • what are my vibes today?

  • ps:are peoples readings changeable or do thay stay pretty much the same for a long time?

  • Librao, your vibes don't change unless you make big changes to yourself and your thinking. They don't change day to day.

  • Dear Captain,

    i'd like to know what vibes I give out.

    many thanks!

  • I'd like to know what vibes I give off now Captain......if you would. Last time, you said I was jumping over fences for no good reason I think. That was about a year and half ago! Wow, this thread has been around a long time! Anyway, am I still jumping? 😉 Thanks! xx SE

  • Hello and good morning Captain

    I would like to know what kind of vibes that I give off.

    I think it should be a crazy vibe because I have fun making myself laugh. But I would like to know what you get.

    Illona aka lustylavendar

  • Tangerine7, I feel like I bump against a polite but impenetrable invisible wall when I try to sense your vibes or get closer to you. It's like you're saying "I've built this wall to keep out those who would abuse and hurt me". But while walls protect, they also imprison - yours keeps the good people and good times out, too. Relationships with others are always risky but if you use common sense, some objectivity, and your intuition to sense the good from the bad people and situations, you won't need that defensive wall. Try living and enjoying life instead of fearing and hiding from it. People can't hurt you unless you let them - don't take everything so personally.

  • Stonyeye, the main thing I sense about you is that you seem to have more hope and faith that things will get better now. There is the feeling that you no longer have to jump through so many hoops for people. You want to please yourself more. Yes, there is still a little need for other's approval and validation but it is much less than before. I get an image of a gopher in a hole that was once just peeking out over the top of the hole now and then, and then pulling its head back in. Now your whole head is above ground and you are curious more than fearful about what you will see of life. Progress!

    Now bring up the rest of your body into the light.

  • Blackladydiver, the overwhelming vibe you are giving off to me is one of sadness - sadness for what you see as the missed opportunities in your life. You feel like you have missed out on so much with relationships and life situations. But really these things were never meant to be. You were mistaken about what makes you happy so you chased the things that were not right for you. As you grow and learn more about yourself, you will begin to attract the situations and people that will genuinely satisfy and fulfill you. It all begins with understanding your own self on a deeper level, facing the things you know you must change, and dealing with any old issues from the past that are holding you back.

  • Thanks Captain. Progress is good! Maybe NEXT time I ask, I'll be out of the gopher hole?! ! 🙂

  • captain, what am i putting out there these days? i'm always curious to know 🙂

  • Good evening Captain

    Thanks so much I am trying to work on myself and learn more about me. There is alot I need to learn about me. And the first thing I need to do is learn to treat myself the way I treat other people. I think once I learn about me I will be just fine. I am slowly but surely learning thanks

    so much for your help.


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