What vibes do you give out?

  • Undio1, I cannot tune into anyone else's vibes unless they post something here or you have a photo of them.

  • oh, I don't have a picture,

    thank you, U

  • Not exactly easily, I do put up some fight, truth has to be said. 🙂 This person has just been through a massive health trouble and I'm feeling sorry for her. Apart from that, we have history, which left me feeling guilty for not being able to protect her when we were both small children. I do realise the unhealthiness of this feeling now, and do my best to change the pattern of our interaction, but it's not something that we can both change over night.

  • Pompanofish, no there is nothing you can do for your friend - he has to mature in his own time, when he is ready. It may not even happen in this lifetime.

  • Well, yes, VoplySoply, you CAN change overnight simply with awareness - by realizing that you (and all of us) do things primarily for ourselves and only secondly for others. You are paying off your guilt feelings through this dependent relationship but you have to know when you have paid enough.

  • Oh, believe me, Captain, I'm aware of it. I also know that it's me feeling sorry for her, rather than the actual guilt on my part that made me put my needs in a second place. However, it is getting easier, and the balance is getting restaured now, as her health is improving. We also have had quite a few conversations about it, and she knows that I need to take care of myself now. She's trying to get some emotional independence as well. I just hope that bad patch ends here. Thank you again !

  • Here is the newest picture that I have of myself.

  • This one should work.

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  • Here is a direct link to my picture since I can't seem to upload any photos.


  • HisPet, on the surface I feel you appear quite calm and unruffled, but deep down inside you are seething - being horribly critical of yourself and unsure about your attractiveness and 'lovability'. But you keep this to yourself so as not to seem too weak or needy. You have a lot of suppressed anger in you though, which is best released in positive healthy ways (like exercise or venting what you feel in a cool controlled way or even just getting away on your own in nature - except that you hate being alone) rather than with sudden and explosive outbursts of built-up emotion. I feel there may be feelings of shame and self-doubt or even self-hatred that stem from your childhood and must be dealt with. This should not be that hard for someone like you who has a natural talent for identifying problems and trouble spots and fixing them, too. You are nurturing and protective yet may encounter some trouble in relationships simply because you are forever trying to improve or otherwise uplift your loved ones, regardless of whether those loved ones feel the need to be 'fixed'. Thus your good intentions can often be misinterpreted or even rejected, for you are usually more concerned with implementing your pragmatic plans than explaining them. In fact, you find it a strain at times to talk and work with anyone. But as long as you don't become too rigid or inflexible with your personal morality and avoid trying to 'fix' others all the time (just be there for them and support them, no one likes to be made to feel 'broken' - fix situations, not people) and learn to apply your considerable diplomatic talents in relationships, you will find all the fulfillment and happiness you desire.

  • Hi, Captain!

    I'm curious to know what sort of vibes I give off! Any advice is most welcome and appreciated. Love what you're doing, btw. Fascinating! 😄



  • BabyM, I feel that you are in two minds about life and the world. At times, you are intensely curious and fascinated by other people and what they do, at other times, you can become very depressed with the terrible state of things. Part of you wants to learn and experience more while the other half wants to run away and hide or simply cry all the time. I feel a lot of heavy blackness around you that is probably depression and negative emotions. You do try to put on a positive front but it gets you down to be so sensitive to the suffering of the world. Sometimes you feel that no effort is worthwhile as life will just slap you down. If you can just see life as a series of necessary - sometimes hard, sometimes joyful - lessons and that everything is happening as it should, that everything is only temporary except for love, then you will be better able to cope. There are good people here on this forum with whom you can share your feelings and thoughts and concerns, too. You don't have to get through this life by yourself or feel alone. The world has need of sensitive caring people.

  • Thank you, Captain! 🙂 I'm just starting to see that about life now. You're right about the emotions, I'm learning to handle that and focus on what's real (love).. have taken steps and made personal changes recently. I've received a lot of encouragement from an unexpected Source! 😄

    I wonder if you sense that I have it in me to succeed as an entrepreneur in the near future - I'm looking into tapping into the new media to produce an unconventional sort of counseling and coaching programme - I'm obviously going to need a lot of energy for it but wonder if you sense if I'm ready to handle myself enough to be effective and succeed. 🙂 What are your thoughts on this? Also do you sense that this direction is generally in tune with my purpose and place in life (what I can grow and give to the world in a sustainable way)? I do appreciate any light you can shed on this!

    Oh! By the way, I read what SunCappyGirl posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 19:43 PDT with much interest. I believe I know who did that Akashic "clearing" for her. My report is exactly the same, word for word - the only difference is in the ages mentioned and the soul origin (the medium sounded troubled that she could not receive any info on the latter - I felt she was predatory). However, as in your reply to SunCappyGirl, I also sensed some truth but also lies, but fortunately had the help of another intuitive to clear my doubts. 🙂 I see now that one must always be strong and smart enough to discern who is really here to help, and who is in it to profit from others' misfortune, without letting it cloud one's love for life!

  • BabyM, I defintely feel you have it in you to be a great entrepreneur - if you can keep those negative thoughts at bay. And this time in earth history is definitely the time for unconventionality and unusual, original techniques, products and thinking. Go for it!

  • I couldn't seem to get a picture to upload to the other thread but would be very interested in the vibs I send out. Thank you so much for the insignt ,


  • Abetterplace, there is a new lightness around you, a sense of freedom and relief ,but there is also a fear of 'where do I go now and what do I do?" The basic answer is - anywhere and anything you want. You have always had a sense of adventure that you never really fulfilled so now is the time to do it. You are never too old to try new things. Have some fun and throw away your cares. This is a new beginning for you -- how exciting! You have always shouldered a lot of responsibility, being the boss, always in control, but now it's time to let it all go and to experience true freedom and a release from anxiety, to just please yourself. Stop judging yourself by your accomplishments and get out there and LIVE! You have deep creative, almost mystical powers of healing and artistic talent so stop worrying about how valuable you are or your status in the world. Just be...

  • I wondered Captain if you were getting any vibes for me of living elsewhere overseas with my family next year maybe the Middle East? Thank you and I appreciate your time as always.

  • Intrigued, actually I feel you getting more involved at home in the future.

  • I'd like to know what vibes I give off. I am so extremely shy, so I think it would be interesting.

    Thank you.

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