What vibes do you give out?

  • Hello Captain, I would love a 'Vibe' reading of possible, do I need to say anymore than I am now..?

    Thanks, Claire

  • Lifer, try to get to know and understand people better and in more depth. You may think you know them but people have many facets and personality quirks that are often well hidden from an initial view and can require some digging. Like a gold miner, you may unearth some surprising little 'nuggets'. Don't ever assume you know a person by their 'type' or by presuming they are just like or will behave like other people you have known. And certainly don't jump into a relationship without knowing a lot more about the other person. Get past the masks that we all wear. If you take the time to understand others at a deep level, it will pay off for you in better and happier relationshiips, and greater inner wisdom and growth.

  • Geminifairy4680, you give off some rather insecure, underconfident vibes. You need to believe in yourself more. You have an inventive, nimble mind but I feel sometimes your good ideas might get lost or buried when you overtalk them. Take care not to ramble or stray from the point if you want to get your ideas across to others. You must master the language of the people. However, your need to communicate may be at war with your need to protect yourself, with the result that you can say a lot without revealing much about yourself at all. You do know how to dazzle others but you may not know how to really be yourself, even with family and friends. Try to become more comfortable in your own skin and explore your feelings rather than intellectualise everything. Try to cultivate more honesty and objectivity in your dealings with others - you are a Gemini so don't run away from your other side.

    Did something in your past leave you with with feelings of anger, rejection, inferiority, or just plain suspicion about exclusive social clubs or groups of people (even religious or educational ones) that underminded your confidence and making you feel stupid, unworthy or crazy?

  • Hello Captain, Would appreciate a vibe reading. DOB: 06/06/1967 Thank you.

  • Food for thought ( and practice). Your comments are helpful. Thank you very much.


  • Hello Captain, many thanks for your quick reply 🐵 You are very spot, on, scarily so in fact! I do come across as un-confident and insecure, I am for some reason, not sure why, but I have had a few knock backs in my life, maybe that's why, it knocked my confidence.

    With regards to the last bit, I have had a few things that have happened in the past that haven't been great that have made me so angry and a bit crazy etc.. so much so I had to have counselling for it, to help, I think this has helped but I still never forget what happened but maybe that is what makes me feel less open with people now, so you did get it spot on! thanks again, much appreciated!

  • Seranade, your vibes tell me that you seriously tend to undervalue yourself. Yet you have considerable creative and communicative talents at your disposal. It's just that you find it hard to express yourself because of trust and lack of contentment issues. Do you know what really makes you happy? You must grapple with your sense that you are misunderstood by others and how this affects your self-worth. You may also have to release your preconceived ideas about worldly success and achievement in the interest of greater self-confidence and personal evolution. Your Achilles Heel may be your need to communicate effectively and to astound a wide audience with your insight and pereception. But you would fare better to turn to your nearest and dearest and open the channels of communication and understanding closer to home. If you can avoid criticizing yourself and worsening your feelings of inadequacy through a need to bite off more than you can chew, professionally speaking, and express yourself more physically, you can realize your great potential for success and enjoy the feeling of real contentment that has eluded you. Don't let any obsession with your health or work stop you from getting really close to other people. You need to be able to play as hard as you work.

  • Hello Captain, thank you very much for the 'vibe' reading. I am thinking of changing my job after working there for 6 years but a bit hesitant . It should not be the case of jumping from the fyring pan into the fire. Would appreciate if you could tell me if that would be a good move. Thank you once again and looking forward to yr advice.

  • Dear Captain,

    May i have a vibe reading please? Haven't been on here in a few months, had a lot going on.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Seranade, a change of job would be good for you but don't leave your old job until you have found a new one.

  • Witchywomen, I sense a lot of uncertainty and confusion in you. You tend to see the world as it should be or as you want it to be, rather than as it really is. You don't understand why what should work doesn't work, such as when you are nice and helpful to other people but they don't treat you the same way. Why you try to do your best but life just slaps you down. If you want to actually achieve anything in this world, you will have to put your idealistic dreams aside and work with reality, even if it is harsh at times. Life isn't always fair, however it can be managed and even triumphed over, but you have to have courage and determination and practicality, and you can't let people or situations treat you badly just because you find it hard to believe or understand why they would do so.

  • Captain,

    Thanks for the vibe reading. You are so right. have felt kinda of lost lately not really knowing what to think. Lol. I thought reality had done slapped me in the face. Im to the point that i dont even want to try and help anyone, not that i dont get anything in return just that they dont seem to appreciate it or try to do better. Thanks again.

  • Hi Captain,

    I swear I ask for a vibe reading on my friend 9/4/1942, But I can't find it. So if you would be so kind to do it again. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and spiritual gift. I love reading all the vibes..

  • Hi Captain,

    Would you mind doing a vibe reading for me ? I had a difficult patch in my life and would like to know whether there are still troubles in sight, or things are calming down ? Thanks in advance, I'd really appreciate it.

  • Pompanofish, your friend gives off a vibe to me of a deep deep yearning for some peace in their life. They feel so weary of struggling and would do almost anything for a restful problem-free life. But ignoring problems and hoping they will go away on their own without any effort is unrealistic. It takes a great deal of work and dealing with your issues to gain a happy life, and your friend must be prepared to do a lot of self-healing and exploration to get it. But they are basically like a child who wants to eschew all duty and problem-solving, and just be carefree, doing exactly what they want to do without regard for anyone but themselves. This is not how real adults face life so your friend has a lot of emotional growing up to do (even at the ripe old age of 68). Something happened when they were younger that made them very distrustful and like a victim, and they had to take on so much responsibility that it became a real burden - and they never want to be a victim or overly responsible again so they don't ever let themselves get too deeply involved with anyone, always remaining private,guarded, and distant to protect their sensitive inner core. Emotional intimacy terrifies them, yet so does being alone.

  • VoplySoply, I feel there is one big issue in your life that needs to be resolved soon if you want a better life. At the moment you don't feel ready to deal with it but leaving it will only make things worse for you. The issue is a person who is manipulating you and using you in the name of love. You cannot put this decision off - you have to do the right thing by yourself and stop coddling this person. Do it now before the situation becomes irretrievable. You are wrongly thinking of yourself as being selfish for wanting to live your own life but it is the ohter person who is being selfish. This is an important crossroads for you and the other person - how you behave sets the tone for thr rest of your life.

  • Thanks, Captain, I see what you mean. This issue is being gradually resolved. I'm feeling much better and doing my best to take care of my needs, and the other person is gradually accepting the situation, even though we have had few fights. Just hope that we both continue moving forward towards normality.

  • VoplySoply, the real issue is how this person is so easily able to manipulate you. Why is that?

  • WOW! wow, again. Is there any thing I can do to help this friend? Should I try or walk away? He down deep is a good, caring person, but like you have pointed out very immature with some deep rooted problems. But than again don't we all? Thanks for your help.

  • Captain,

    I did ask you for a vibe reading a while ago, and I had been so busy and forgot about it. just now saw it. thank You ! however, I am in a critical moment and thought if you could give me a vibe on this situation with this relationship. did I do the right thing asking to clarify things out with this person? I am very determent on this but still in waiting. what could you grasp on it ? why is this taking so long ?? any good outcome ??

    thank you for the time and caring,


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