What vibes do you give out?

  • Good morning! Could you please share what vibes you feel from me? Thanks!

  • SalemChan, you have very VERY unique and unusual vibes, very powerful energy. But it's hard for someone like you to be a person ahead of their time - people in this present age just don't understand or deal with you well. This lifetime you will very much have to march to the beat of your own individual drummer and do your own thing, regardless of what family, friends and society try to make you do. You are a round peg in a square hole who can never make themselves into a square-holed peg (unless you want to be miserable), not for anyone's sake. Your unique visions and thoughts must be expressed so that mankind can prosper and expand from new ideas, but you will have to be careful to communicate in clear simple ways that the average person can understand. Develop a talent for the common vernacular. And don't worry, you won't be alone - there will be other round free-thinking pegs who will be drawn to you if you allow your true light to shine out. You have tremendous potential for doing great things - don't waste this opportunity by pretending to be 'normal' or ordinary or trying to fit in.

  • Thanks for the insight!! Very impressive, spot-on reading given the recent circumstances in my life. 🙂

  • Would love for you to read my vibes Captain.

  • Missinggammysgirl, you give off a deep deep need to be loved - it's almost an insatiable desire for everyone to love and approve of you. But you have to love yourself first and not rely on people and animals to fill the hole inside you. Yet I feel you don't even like yourself very much, though you try hard to be good to others. Part of this dislike is because there are some things you wanted to do but never achieved. But dreams and life change as we age - you mustn't beat yourself up over old unattained goals. Set new ones now and get your self-esteem and self-respect back. I feel there is so much positive energy in you to really make a difference in other people's (and animals') lives. Your life is not over while there is still breath in your body and you are never too old for anything.

  • Maybe the need to be loved comes from my mother dying when I was almost 4, an evil stepmother after that (and I do mean EVIL), living with my grandmother and then other relatives after they felt she was too old to be taking care of a youngster. I was always loved no matter where I was at and I know that for a fact. But, maybe it was a mothers love I was missing.

  • Missinggammysgirl, I think your mother's death affected you more than you realise. The child who was you thought your mother went 'away' because you were unlovable or bad, and that wrong idea persists deeply in you to this day.

  • Hi Captain,

    I would love and appreciate your insight , knowledge and wisdom...vibes please.

  • Could be...I just don't remember anything from that time. I remember times before that but not during the time she was in the hospital or right after she died. My father thought it was best if I did not go to her funeral. I don't remember anyone talking to me about it either.

  • And something that has always bothered me is that I have NEVER dreamed of her.

  • MGG, it sounds like you were left to find your own explanation for your mother's 'disappearance' - that was very wrong of the adults to do that to a child.

  • Pompanofish, you're not the type to show anger and seek revenge, though God knows with your past history you are entitled to. But you don't see the point of raking up past misery, at least most of the time. You are determined to be a more sane and nurturing parent to your kids than yours were to you, though. You may even end up taking care of those who were supposed to take care of you when you were young. Ironic, eh? Beware that old feelings of abandonment, guilt, anger and isolation aren't negatively impacting on your present life, as their lingering influence can haunt you rather severely - to the point where you may find it hard just to leave the house. Even when you are at the top of your game, you may still feel a shallow emptiness like someone who feels it could all come crashing down at any minute. Funny thing is that when you focus on what you are doing, your intelligence - the message you are trying to send to the world - will be heard, whether your family was deaf to you or not.

  • Hi Captain...

    How are you>....I hope in good spirits...you need blessings too...so Im sending blessings to you as well....( I just prayed for you)....Captain...Im going thru some things can you give me a word of advice....and NO!...I havent been living a happy and fulfilled life...I feel trapped...thank you in advance for you insight...

    be blessed,


  • Misstonya, what sort of things - can you be more specific?

  • Hi Captain...

    Im basically worried about my son David due to him having an infection in his bloodline again...this time around this feeding tube...he was fine since last year May2010 till now...he's hospitalized since friday (9-2-11) and Im very concerned of his condition and ventilator care....and as for me....I just feel so trapped within myself to be honest...like I cant move on...somedays i feel full of energy and ideas, most others i feel afraid to take a step out my comfort zone....and Im still in my relationship with my boyfriend that I deep down dont want....he is a great financial provider....I need enough money to support myself for at least 6months to leave...

  • HI Captain,

    What kind of vibes do you sense from me? Also would appreciate any particular advice you may have for me.

    Thank you so much!


  • Misstonya, unless you find a way to become financially independent from your boyfriend (whom it sounds like you have no real love for), you will go on feeling trapped and unhappy.

  • Lifer, you give off charismatic, even magical vibes, and you relate well to people of all types, yet you may use your charm to manipulate others or have a certain shallowness of perception in your interactions. Make sure you don't lose your humility. Trust issues (especially self-trust) can make it hard for you to feel entirely comfortable around others. You can be a bit moody at times and can throw up a smoke screen to disguise what you feel are your inadequacies. And watch the complaining - that can really turn other people off. Yet you have naturally helpful qualities and a genuine concern for humanity. You have just got to learn to cope more positively with life's harsher realities. Instead of sitting around moaning about how crappy life is, do something to improve your lot. Money and security aren't everything.

  • Thank you, Captain. Your reading is well said. Could you tell me a little bit more about the "shallowness of perception?" How can I improve this? On ocassion, I have become aware that I have misjudged a situation or person. This is very disturbing to me. I try to be "even" but fear that my negative experiences are starting to distort my realities...while at the same time, I can be naive and fail to see when situations are actual harmful to me.

    This is really a key issue for me right now....

    I truly appreciate your insights.


  • Yes...captain...the love has died a long time ago.....thank you very much...

    be blessed,


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