What vibes do you give out?

  • Hi Captain, I was just popping in. I'm feeling that my vibes are at a low ebb just now. I'm looking for purpose in my life. I'm working on myself! Life seems to have to many choices at the moment, and we have to wait yet again to see the outcomes of so many things. I'm fed up of having no direction myself due to my husband's job. I could do with a boost, if you could give me one please! Thanking you as usual Captain. I hope life is going well for you. Kind regards.

  • Intrigued, you give off a great deal of frustration and deeply buried anger because you feel that you have no control over your life, that you live at the whims of other people or fate, that your life is not your own completely. It's time you took back your power and began to do what YOU want with your life, even if it means upsetting others. Your problem is you are looking for a purpose that fits in with other people's plans when you should just be focusing on satisfying your own individual dreams. Until you do that and find your own 'bliss', you will never feel entirely happy. And you need to find somewhere to live beside or close enough to the sea that you can visit it often for your ultimate contentment.

  • Hello Captain, oh dear! I do have a lot of frustration and deeply buried anger due to the lack of control over my life. It has been simmering for a long time, and is starting to boil. If I was back home I would be volunteering to start with but out here, I'm in a foreign land and it's all office work. I only have months to do now, without any idea where we'll be at the end of it. Come September, we should have some idea about where we will be going. I think this will help. We have no idea if my husband will be made redundant, the redundancies are announced in September! Funny, I have lived by the sea a couple of times and it was very comforting. It would be lovely to live by the sea, but who knows where we will be next! I suppose I could look at it one way - it's a very exciting place to be. Come what may, a new chapter will be opening up for us and we will act upon it and make ourselves happy wherever we are. Many, thanks Captain. You're a kind, helpful soul and I appreciate you reaching out to help me. Hope you're ok in your life. Hugs.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you very much...No David isnt a burden ...its just that its soo much work keeping everyone that has a partake of his future on point...but I love my son...and I will be making drastic changes in my personal life..

    be blessed,


  • Hey Captain, I want to know what vibes I give out too! =]

  • Hello Captain,

    I would love it if you read what vibes I give out, it is most interesting!

    Love and Light to you x

  • Hello Captain,

    This has been very interesting to read, could you tell me what kind of vibes I give off to. Thank you

  • I particiapted in this at the beginning, but that was awhile back, things are changing, I wonder what vibes I'm giving off now? Thanks Captain!

  • SSAfrica, I feel a lot of suppressed passion and emotion in you, like an enthusiastic child who feels they must behave and not express themself too heartily for fear of punishment or rejection. This may make you appear rather reserved or even cold at times to others.

  • LeoLou, I am sensing tremendous but thwarted creativity in you, like you are artistic or crafty or full of ideas, but cannot figure out how to express it. But you need to let it out, to express yourself fully or else you will grow frustrated and maybe even ill. You have a very inventive mind - have you tried writing?

  • Lovetolearn, i am getting a lot of insecurity and low self-worth from you - you can be very critical of and hard on yourself. Yet I feel you are a charming and versatile person. However your insecurity and sensitivity can make you easy prey to anyone who makes you feel good about yourself so you need to build up your own self-love so as not to be taken for a ride by unscrupulous or careless people. You love to be in love and fear emotional rejection.

  • Bluecat123, yes I sense your growing strength and self-confidence. Don't fall back into self-doubt now, just when you are making tremendous strides in claiming back your personal power (which you tend to give away to others in order to win their approval or keep the peace).

  • You know me so well Captain! Thank you so much, I will take that advice to heart!

  • You are on point, Captain! Thanks a lot! Do you have any advice for me, regarding to anything?

  • Hey Captain,

    That is very true, thank you!

    I am quite creative and I am always full of ideas, especially at the moment and can become quite restless if I don't find an outlet to release this energy. My mind is constantly ticking over and analyzing. I am quite good at essay writing, I suppose. I am at uni at the moment studying Counselling, stress about the essays, but love writing them and once I start, I get right stuck in and away I go.

    Love and Light to you x

  • Thank you Captain!

    You are so very right about me. I am very insecure and self critical of myself. I do love to be in love and I tend to attract these types of men to me.

    There is one in particular that I can't seem to let go of, because he hurt me so many years ago, due to rejection. He just used me and I think that's when I started with the insecurities.

    He is trying to come back into my life again after all this time. Could you please give me some insight as to what his intentions are. Thank you so much! You are truely a gifted person.

  • SSAfrica, try to not care so much about what others think of you (or more accurately, what you assume they are thinking) or your worldly image, and let your feeling side come through more. Don't let anyone deter you from following your passion and your intuition.

  • Lovetolearn, this man is still a user and he is thinking you will be as easy prey for him as you were in the past. Don't let it happen again. Give yourself the love you crave from others by doing nice things for yourself and respecting yourself enough to allow yourself to do and have the things you want - to live the life that, deep down inside you, you desire and need. You do not need to give yourself away to others to win their love. If they are true friends, they will not take from you and will love you as you are. Don't be afraid to show people who you really are - it will increase your self-respect when you don't give away your power and energy. Hiding your vulnerability only makes you more vulnerable and tired.

  • Also Lovetolearn, you really only want to take this guy back so that his past rejection of you is counteracted. Don't let your fear of rejection lead you into bad situations. Accept yourself with all your faults and strengths and you will never need to seek acceptance and approval and love from anyone else.

  • 🙂

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