What vibes do you give out?

  • Momo139, something scares you - it may be life in general or other people or change. But whatever it is, you have to deal with it and conquer it or you will never have as normal or successful a life as you have the potential to have You have a very curious active mind and you want to have different experiences so I feel you will overcome your fears. Secrets are really not as bad as we think they are, and having the courage to open up and share yourself with others is far preferable to hiding yourself away forever. This forum is a good place to meet sincere people who will help you get through anything. But you will have to trust them and trust yourself, and I know that is rather hard for you. Try anyway - it gets easier.

  • Noto, I feel you have big dreams but that you don't feel you have the ability or confidence to achieve them. You actually do - it's practicality you lack. You need someone to ground you and help you manifest your plans in reality, a good friend or teacher who will point you in the right direction and give you motivation. Don't think - act. You are very talented and imaginative so make sure you do something tangible with your gifts. Very psychic too which will also be very helpful to you in life if you use it responsibly. Don't worry so much about looks - they are the least important aspect of a person's total package..Personality is what counts.

  • Hi Captain,

    Your questions are helpful in that they're helping me to understand what I may be thinking/feeling - what fits, what doesn't - even tho I'm still not clear what they mean in the larger picture.

    My parents were over-protective and i hated that. And I rebelled a lot. It doesn't feel like I'm looking for a father figure. I'm quite dominant - even though I try not to dominate other people. I like there to be a balance, so I start to close off or push back, if there is a power struggle in the relationship.

    Because I am dominant, I cannot be with someone who isn't. But I can't accept a domineering or over-protective personality. I have met a few people like this in my life. Older friends who are comfortable being who they are and know a lot more than others, yet are still great learners of life, and do not act like they have a monopoly on knowledge.

    Maybe what I'm looking for is someone who's similar to me: quietly dominant and confident; nurturing/supportive and who freely expresses his opinions but does not impose them on others, and allows others to be who they are, have their own opinions, walk their own path, make their own mistakes; steps in when it is needed, and is firm but fair; loves to learn and share; sees me as an equal partner whom he can also learn from - even if he is the more worldly / experienced person in the relationship; loving and kind and not vindictive;

  • And just to add - the physical aspect is important to me and the sexual chemistry has to be there. Someone who is my lover and brings out my passionate side, my best mate with whom I can go out and do activities with or hang out at home sharing a bag of chips, watching DVDs on a lazy Sunday - or the person I am comfortable sharing a quiet day with - doing our own things within the same space.

  • yes i am very open to people- people who gives off a gud personalty- yes i am very intuitive 😄 yes i've been noticing im really psychic too :D( im happy to hear someone else said that now im positive about it YES!!!! thats what ive been saying--> i want to show off all my personalities off- so dont get surprise if im mad or angry - yea i was wondering how to practice at it-- yeah i am very open but i notice the littlest things bout a person - i am open to people because i want them to feel accepted and comfortable- but at the same time i have backbone and can give them a piece of my mind and teach them a valuable gud lesson :]you're right sometime im not sure bout some things when im online can be afraid of getting use by a con man that selling the product - i show my innocence off because i feel that the person im with has a gud heart and sometime i want people to feel ahh around me and i do it also because i know i have a kick in my personality and i can bring it out [:

  • ( you're awesome )- yes i do use my intuition to tell who to become friends with :]-- hey you have any idea how i should practice them out- i wanna hear your ideas

  • Danceur, we often look for in others what we really want to find in ourselves - are all those qualities you want in a partner not things you want to have in yourself? Maybe you are just looking to find yourself...

  • Mercin, you need to practise your psychic abilities on other people so that you can get feedback as to whether what you picked up was right or not. That way you get to tell what way works best for you. When you are right, keep on practising in that way. Try and read people's feelings, try to find things that are lost, even try to guess who is on the line when the phone rings etc.

  • Ahoy Captain! Just saying Hello, been thinking of you!

  • Hi Captain

    Starting a day with your post about my vibes was very inspirational- thank you for that. What you wrote about practicality is something I really need to deal with but I am not sure how to. How could I get benefit of being very psychic- as you said it will be very helpful if I use it responsibly?

  • BTW, Ivvi replied for noto since we use the same pc- there was a confusion.

  • Hi Poetic, I've been nthinking about you too and wondering how you were getting on.

  • Ivvi, practicality comes when you take the time to examine all your options and decide which ones are realistic and which are just pipe dreams. Being psychic can help you know which situations and people are harmful for you so that you can avoid them. Using your psychic gifts to manipulate people into getting what you want is an abuse of power. If you know how people are feeling, you can help them rather than hurt them.

  • I'm fine, just learning and growing and being Thankful for this beautiful journey! I Am SO THANKFUL! Blessings to all!

    I Am grateful for all that you showed me!

  • Thank you Captain! I am in a really strange situation and I was wondering if i could ask for a short reading about something I am very concerned right now. Thank you again.

  • Ivvi, please start your own personal thread for a reading (by clicking on the 'Create a new topic' button at the top right of this page) and give me some details about your problem.

  • Hi Captain,

    I see what you're saying. Actually, I'm basing this on my experiences with others - those whom I can relate well to because of my traits and theirs. I've used that to sum up some of the qualities I'm seeking in another.

    Thanks for your replies 🙂 There's lots to think about and maybe only time will bring me closer to those answers and finding this person.

  • Danceur, the person you are looking for is yourself - you authentic self. When you bring out in yourself all the qualities you seek in others, you will no longer have a NEED for someone in your life. You can simply ENJOY another person's companionship as much as you enjoy your own company.

  • Hi Captian.....

    This is in regards to the photo reading of my son....anywho...can you please give me a vibe reading since my photo wouldnt post...thank you for all you help I truly believe in you...may GOD continue to bless..

    Thank you , thank you so much i knew it was more in him ....i can see it it his eyes...in his movements....David has more I knew it ....I felt it. ....he's my son.....this boy has football, basketball and baseball trophies...I talk to him all the time of not giving up....thank you...Im gonna work a lil bit harder on him now....by the way I sent a pic of me to get some insight especially financial...if it dont show....I will post my response on your vibes thread....thanks captain.

    be blessed captain as you are,


  • Misstonya, you still feel very anxious for your son's future but that's only natural. However he picks up on any anxiety you have (or anyone around him) so it's best to try and think calming thoughts when you visit. Your son is worried that you are putting too much of your life on hold for him. Make sure you talk about how you are enjoying yourself (I hope you are indeed living a fulfilling happy life) and that he is not a burden to you. He is extremely sensitive to people's moods around him. He is happy when you are happy.

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