What vibes do you give out?

  • Hi Captain,

    Companionship? Someone to learn and grow with. Someone who will challenge me as much as I challenge them. Who will be there for me, as i am for them.

    Friends and family provide this to a certain extent, but it's not the same. I enjoy my current freedom and independence but it's making me feel insular too. Like I'm existing in my own bubble.

  • Danceur, it feels like you may be looking for a teacher or mentor more than a lover.

  • Hi Captain,

    Hi Captain,

    Do they have to be mutually exclusive?

    Beyond the emotional and physical aspects (which i do want), I believe that all of us bring something to a relationship, and I just like the dynamics of both parties growing together and learning from each other. For all that we already know, there are things we have yet to learn and I think that's why we come together in friendships and relationships, among other types of partnerships (business etc).

    I think I am looking for a lover/partner who is also my best friend, sounding board and a mentor in some regards, and my equal.

  • Danceure, wanting a teacher is very different to wanting an equal love relationship. Maybe this is why you haven't found the person you want, because you are mixing up your desires and needs, and no such combination exists. A mentor is not your equal - they are someone you can depend on for guidance and learning. That is not fair to ask of a lover.

  • Maybe I am mixing up my terms too. Maybe it is more a character trait that I'm seeking, and mentor is not the right term.

    I want to be with someone who is open to learning from me, as I am from them. Because we are knowledgeable in some areas and not so experienced in others. That we retain our own ideals/ideas, yet are receptive to other's opinions/reasoning.

    Equality is one aspect that didn't work in my previous relationship. I was always open to other person's point of view - and in seeing how it intersected with mine - whereas the person already assumed their point of view was the right one and wasn't interested in what i thought.

    I do want an equal. Very much so. Not someone who has all the answers.

  • Danceur, that sounds like a close friendship more than a love relationship - a meeting of two minds. How much do you need the physical aspect of a relationship? Sometimes lovers are not objective enough or feel free to have frank open discussions with their partners.

  • Hi Captain,

    Just came across this thread. Curious to see what I am giving out?? I try to practice giving out "positive energy" But sometimes that just doesn't happen. lol...Thank you so much for your time! 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    The physical and sexual aspect is very important to me. That's how I've differentiated wanting a love relationship rather than a friend. I guess you're kinda right when you say it sounds like a close friendship - because I do want my mate to be my best friend (or a really good one) as well.

    I had this with my previous partner. Though it was a very turbulent relationship and we've moved on, I enjoyed that we were lovers and friends. He was the only one thus far that I've shared this dynamic with. I really do want that in a companion.

    It's definitely understandable that some wouldn't feel comfortable being that open to their partner. I wasn't in the past either. However, I've changed. Though I have a better idea on what I'm looking for in a partner, i still find it's as difficult to find this person...LOL.

  • Permission to come aboard Captain!

    Always interested to hear of what others do see

    Perhaps it would help heal my heart (or my knee).

    I trust you'll look past or right into my rhyme,

    Don't rush, I'll check back, so please take your time

  • sdr1980, there's a big differnece between forcing yourself to be cheerful and really being happy. You shouldn;t have to smile when you really feel like crying. I feel you withhold a lot of your true personality in order to be accpeted. But people can sense when you are not being real and it may create a chasm between you and them. They want an authentic person, not someone who wears a happy mask. Don't be so afraid of expressing your real self to others and asking for what you truly want and need.

  • Danceur, I get this feeling from you that what you really want is a protective nurturing father-figure, not an equal relationship. Are there any unresolved father issues with you?

  • Krazkatie, I feel you wear a tough outer mask to disguise your very vulnerable and sensitive insides, and also use humour to hide your tenderness or shyness. I think you may take things too personally at times so that you feel hurt more than you should. I feel this does create a lot of stress for you to maintain your facade so I would suggest letting others see your vulnerable side more often. A stiff upper lip can become so tiresome after a while not only for the wearer but for those around them, too. I feel you have a lot of creativity and imagination that you don't really express enough or do anything much with.

  • wow this has a lot of comments-- whats the vibe i give out 😄 ( cant wait!!! to read what you wrote [:

  • ok wait now im confuse am i suppose to ask a question or let you read my vibe? if im suppose to ask a question i wanna ask is my mom going to have another baby anytime soon or at all? she said shes been trying with my dad but now im not sure- is there any other baby in our near future? she only has me as a child so far

  • what vibes do i give out ?...

  • Can I please have my vibes read?

  • Thank you Captain!

    That is very accurate on some level with me. Mostly I hid, or did, as a child my home life. And as an adult my LTR w/my daughters father. I was one SR at school and at work. Hiding the pain of home. And at home I was the other SR. Its called a mask. I was pretending that every thing was ok. Because I always had to. Its amazing how you learn to cope with bad things as a child. But I have been working on that for a few months. And I always felt that I was being "real" but I just wasn't letting people, friends see my pain. Very cool that you could pick that up.

  • Hi! Could I ask about my vibes? Thank you for that!

  • Mercin, I only read someone's personal vibes here, not other people's futures.

    Your vibes tell me you are very eager to learn and have experiences, but you must be careful of your impulsiveness and innocence as you go through life. Until you know more of the world, use your intuition to tell you which path to follow and who to trust. Or else I feel you will be very easily fooled by con artists and users. I feel you often act first and think later. People find you friendly and open, maybe too open. Use discrimination in choosing your friends as I feel one of two of them are very manipulative/scheming and you are easily led at the moment because you trust too much. You have much psychic potential but it needs practice. Try 'reading' the people and situations around you.

  • Plutoniansun, I feel there is a part of you that doesn''t want to be read, or explored - some aspect that draws back when other people try to get closer to you. I sense some deep reserve inside you, a part that no one but you has been allowed to see, but something you are dying to share with the right person. But no one ever quite measures up to what you want from a companion. Give people a chance to see all of you if you want to experience true intimacy. I don't feel you have ever given yourself fully to anyone and this can make you feel very lonely and cut off from the rest of the world. You have got it backwards really - you first open yourself up and then you attract compatible partners - remaining closed and waiting for someone to just turn up means no one ever receives your 'signals' because you are shut down inside.

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