What vibes do you give out?

  • Well Captain, all I can say is, hum, I will need to think about that a bit. Thanks again.~

  • Hi Captain! I can't pass up this offer... What vibes can you get from me? Thanks...curiosity is killing me 🙂

  • Ahoy Captain! Wanting some perspective on the vibes I give out. Thank you so much

  • CuriousitykilledKiki, I feel there is a volatile situation brewing at work that you might be able to nip in the bud if you are aware of it now. Otherwise, just stay calm when the pressure cooker blows and keep your head down and feet firmly attached to the ground.

  • Nickolbee, your vibes are like a fluffy white cloud - very pleasant until you hit bad weather and then watch out! You can rain on everybody's parade when you are crossed. Try and gain more control of your emotional state.

  • Mellove, I see a rainbow behind you but you can't see it because your eyes are lowered to the ground and your back is turned. Things are so close to working out for you and for you to get what you want. So don't let any depression or darkness of spirit blind you from seeing how to move around into the rainbow of hope and joy.

  • Thanks so very much Captain. I feel I am there in that place. I can feel I am close to something, finally. I'm just feeling so confused. Do I turn around to get to where I need to be or just keep moving forward? Any further insight?

  • Mellove, I feel you are facing away from solution at the moment. A close friend has given or will give you good advice so heed it.

  • Your insight is greatly appreciated Captain. I know I'm at a pivotal point right now in my life and feel very frustrated that I can not seem to apply my sight and intuition to myself. Your help is as always amazing

  • Mellove, your emotions are very unstable at the moment which is why you need outside perspective to lead you into the light. Your friends see your situation more clearly than you do at the moment. But that's how it is for everyone. Our intuitions become clouded by intense emotion.

  • thnx Cap.


  • Thanks Captain! Sounds about right...any ideas on how I could gain more control of my emotions...sometimes I find it very hard to keep them in check...would equate it to a pressure cooker ha ha... I also find I pick up on the vibes in rooms when I walk in and often react to them even though I may not have been feeling that way before I go in. I'm starting to cop onto the certain places that I go that do this to me and take precautions going in but sometimes I forget to..... Any ideas would be welcome!

  • Nickolbee, read up on what it means to be an empath (and avoid crowds if possible).

  • hi captain, my energy was picking up for a while during march but april has brought a steady decline. aches and pains are increased as well, any thoughts or advice ?

  • Thanks, Captain, for continuing to offer your services to us all!

    Would appreciate a "vibe" reading, also. Have had some health issues going on for

    quite a while, and am working to overcome them.


  • Earthwindandfire, I am getting that you have changed your diet regime in some way that is not beneficial. What are you eating or drinking that is bad for you?

  • Aquajj, the whole of your lower body, but especially your legs, feels very weak to me, like they just can't support you any more. I feel your spirit is weary also and that you need a new direction and passion in your life. The hands too feel very shaky. Overall your body is exhibiting the signs of toxic shock.

  • Thanks dear Captain, for taking the time. Yep, hips, legs, achilles, all having joint problems, also shoulder & hand. Been keeping a positive attitude, praying, changing diet, taking some supplements, a little bit of exercise, but I still am not reaching the point of feeling fabulous......wow, the "signs of toxic shock" does concern me.

    Can you elaborate on that, or point me in the right direction...I think I've lost my way a bit, in my life and in my healthy recovery.

    Blessings to you, and Peace.


  • Aquajj, look up on the net about the symptoms and causes of toxic shock which is a bacterial infection. Can you relate to any of it? Fever, diarrhea, sunburn rash, weakness etc.

  • Many thanks, will do. However, have gone thru many blood tests, etc. last few years. How everything comes back "OK" is the big question.

    In my head I still feel 30, yet my body is breaking down on me....I refuse to accept doctors comments "well, at your age, you should be feeling a bit stiff and achy". I know my body, I used to dance professionally, and somehow, all of these symptoms just don't feel right.

    I will continue to research & pray. Thank you so much for your guidance.

    Peace. jj

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