What vibes do you give out?

  • Tonib3741, you feel a whole lot better and freer than when I last read for you. Good work!

  • Hi Captain, try my publisher, publish america....Good luck,

    I didn't mean to involve myself but i know how hard it was for me to get my book published..and to send a message that was importan to me.


  • Thanks Sheila I am actually looking at overseas publishers and the best seem to be in America or England. Many Aussie writers have told me to send my work overseas. There's not a lot of fantasy published here.

    I feel you are grieving over something at the moment - are you all right?

  • I've also been told I should write a self-help book by my friends but I have no idea what I'd write about.

  • captain: what vibes do i give out ? i would be thankful for your insight. b-day is 06/02/1972 thank you kathy

  • Wow, you have hit the nail, our last conversations were of my partner and I photos, I have been crying all day...trying to figure out what to do with the love of my life who has commitment issues like u said. I am a romantic, thats because of all my past history, I will never give up on that, its all i have.My heart is huge and sometimes it causes me allot of heart ache. I know my man loves me,i keep questioning if thats enough.

    he doesn't want to get married, and living together would take him from his comfy suite under his parents,they need him. .They are elderly.

    Thanks captain,

    i was going to write more on my topic thread i started for you, so this is where i found you today.


  • Shatz, we can talk more in your thread if you prefer.

  • Kathy72, I feel your vibes are very indecisive and confused at the moment. You are unclear about what you should do with your life but that is because you ignore your own gut feelings. Take some quiet time to meditate on what you want to change in your life.

  • Captain,

    Yes you should write a self help book. On what, is the question indeed.

    I suspect you could easily write one on relationships in general, with chapters on specific kinds of relationships (family, business, romantic), and the junk we let invade the space of those relationships. That is what messes them up after all, isn't it.

    I also suspect you could write one on how a person can get in tune with their own intuition. Not everybody has the gift as strong as you do, but most people can certainly at least sharpen their BS detector, if nothing else. I think you would have some fascinating insights into intuition, or the sensing the vibes people give off. It has been written about before, but your view would be unique I think. I mean, if you look at how many books have been written on Abraham Lincoln, over the years, I think you would be stunned.

  • Hey captain, I moved over to the thread i started for you.


  • Brian, I shall follow your advice and write a book on Abraham Lincoln.

    (Kidding!) The intuition book is a good idea though.

  • Thanks Thunder these posts have given me some food for thought.

  • Captain,

    Well Lincoln could be part of the book. You could put six pennies (the U. S. currency coin that Lincoln's image appears on); six cents (sixth sense) on the cover at least. : D

  • thanks captain... ur reading is very true...

    will i get married to someone nice...im looking since many years..

    should i just leave this guy ..

  • I have a question, I've been happily divorced since 1993. Will I ever get married again? Will I ever find taht love where I would actually consider it?

  • Drgagannagi, you don't need anyone else to go to in order to get out of your current relationship. Are you waiting for a white knight to ride up to your door?

  • Brian, sixth cents - nice one! 🙂

  • Captain, frustration, yes, with something and someone else.

    Would I work overseas-not really- but would I help in other ways, yes

    Thanks again for the reading~

  • sheila, i hope you feel better soon and that everything works out the way you want it. maybe the road will show you a path that cobines everyones desire... but i dont know anything and dont want to invade, i just hope things work out for you.

    thank you Cap, you definitely have your stuff together. you are legit, where as some others on this site rather insist that they are right even if their words and advise have almost nothing to do with your situation. but i suppose they deserve their credit, where they are helping others. also, best of luck with your book. should i look for authors titled "The Captain?" lol

    i would like to ask a little more of you. i would like to know if theres anything i should be aware of or look out for over the next few weeks, and i guess what i basically should do..... its kinda vague, im sorry, not good with words....

  • True2yourself, it's just that i get a very strong vibe of you surrounded by African children. I feel a very strong connection for you and that particular country.

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