What vibes do you give out?

  • Hopeternal, someone is making you feel very pretty.

  • interesting. i suppose i can see what you mean. its true that i offer a helping hand if the person i try to help will let me. if they are not really ready for any kind of help then i dont bother passed one or two attempts to see if their ok. you are right that i dont like to put myself out there. really, besides being "scary" (other's description, not mine) i blend in the background to watch, even if my "scariness" is something that catches the eye. however ppl try to drag me into shit asking for the helping hand, which is one reason i dont like being around ppl. if theres something i gotta do, i have no fear of doing so. but i am very suspicious of ppl. and i really dont talk to them about my personal crap. even if i wanted to, how could i? not when they are going through such trivial things! (cough that they get themselves into cough cough)

  • TheCaptain

    lol, Captain! omg

    your saying everything that happend today ahaha.

    i dress ALOT, today i did my makeup and everything

    and got dressed up changed into about 3 outfits very fancy

    although i didnt go anywhere spectaular. i dont know if this is a

    good or bad habit but i do it often sshhesshhh!

  • Addictdtoriches, you are getting ready for your future in the spotlight.

  • Oh wow!!....I am at the moment listening to a subliminal cd, one to make me feel better about myself....could it be that you are picking up?...this is great!!

    thanks Captain



  • TheCaptain

    :DVery Interesting..This is good News.

    Hows your book coming along ? Any Luck ?

    thanks alot captain.

  • Hopeternal, if it's a man's voice on the CD, then yes because I was getting a male around you telling you that you are pretty.

  • Thanks for asking, Addictd. Fraid I got rejected again! šŸ˜ž

  • Captain

    no probs.

    sheeshh! so sorry to hear!

    im sure its a good book things will work out.

    You deserve it.

  • LOL....yes, it is a mans voice....ah bless him....LOL LOL

  • Captain,

    Thanks, just checking on my direction.

    Yes, I can see things clearer now, but as far as knowing "what to do", I do not see me having to really do anything at all. I will put the olive branch out, naturally, but the wrong was on her end, if she wants to fix it she can. And that will take time, if it happens at all, because of things she is on (pain meds, anti-anxiety meds), and great turmoil in her life. I am not sure who she is right now anyway.

  • Briantristan, I was actually referring to you and your life. What are you going to do with it?

  • Hi Captain, I too am wondering what vibes I give out...I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.


    PS If you haven't joined already, on Linkedin there is a group Authors and Publishers, maybe a good group for you. Just a thought. šŸ™‚

  • Thank you!

  • Captain,

    I understand, my own life. I am working on it. I actually have been, but let the nay sayers words lead it off track. Not anymore. I am busy doing the logistics, the nuts and bolts, of what I need to do to get to the place I want to be at eventually. An outline if you will, before I begin writing the book.

    Best wishes, on your book too. I get the feeling you will get a positive response soon. I seem to feel June, but I am not so good with specifics, nor am I in tune with things like you are. Anyway, soon, you will at least get a positive response I feel.

  • Thunder07, I feel your heart opening like a flower and you peeping out from behind it at the world like a shy child. Keep up the good work!

  • I have been changing my life hopefully for the better. I am becoming more independent. Thanks for that reading Captain way back around 50, I have been doing what you said. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi again Captain, its me shatz.


  • True2yourself, thanks for the idea - I will try Linkedin. But my writing is on hold at the moment as i feel my psychic reading for people comes first.

    You give off very compassionate and helpful vibes, True. But I feel you are frustrated that you cannot do more at the moment for others. You do help those around you but i feel you want to do something even more worthwhile. I even feel like you would do work overseas in underdeveloped countries if you could.

  • Thanks Brian, keep practising with your intuition and it will grow stronger.

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