What vibes do you give out?

  • Kaimalino, I have had a lot of help given to me in the past and now I am just trying to give back what I received.

  • LaMordis, you give off both timid and strong vibes - timid about expressing your own needs but strong when sticking up for others. Why do you find it so hard to ask for what you want?

  • Thank you Captain for doing this. You really help me put things in perspective.

  • Thank you Captain! Yes I do feel very guilty for moving on without him, like I'm betraying him. I know he wants me to be happy but it's hard to let go of the pain when you don't have any closure.

    Thank you for your advice on the book. I know exactly what you mean. I do have plans for it to be completely different. It's exciting that you'd say that because you hit the nail on the head with my plans. If you're still on the forum once it's finished and published, I will have to let you know just how different it is. You are good! Have a nice day.

  • thanks Cap'n ...i also felt tht it was time to resolve them,but wasnt sure of my interpretation, BUT its definitely good ..:-D....farewell to the old, usher in the new !!

  • You are right on the money. I've always looked after/taken care of others and my needs,wants and desires have always been secondary. You could say the proverbial doormat. I have been working to change that, but as you know, it isn't always easy.

  • LaMordis-maybe u need to get away from them ? I kno i was in tht cycle several years ago, and then i suddenly realized i was letting myself be unsatisfied - my wants, desires etc. Nobody really cared or looked out for me, as i did for them. I felt i was loosing myself in others, loosing my identity. I eventually, took the toughest decision in my life - left them all, moved to another country to pursue wht i wanted. At first, no body was happy with my decision. No body even wished me goodluck for my new venture, but nonetheless- i doggedly pursued mine. Today - i am happy, because i have a both of 2 worlds. And they have grudgingly come to accept my decision. And wht do they say -distance makes your heart grow fonder. In my case tht proved to be true, they all realized wht a gem i was to them. So - maybe if its possible to move away , try tht. Or speak out to some of the few close ones, wht u want..and express tht u did like if they also gave back n looked after u once in a while (atleast). Hope this gives u something to think. All the best !!!


  • Hi captain

    I would love too know what vibes i put out.Have always wondered.

    Thank you captain.

  • Ashponderer-thank you for the wonderful advice and words of encouragement. I have definately thought about moving to another location, I would have done it several years ago but I was given the "guilt" trip by several family members and pressured into staying. I am sure that when I do move my decision will be met by much animosity, but the way I have been feeling as of late, that is just another drop in the bucket in regards to certain individuals. I really do need a change of scenery to get myself out of the slump that I have been in for far too long, I believe that there is nothing left for me here with the exception of a treasured family member, but on the same token, he will prove to be my greatest detractor . I admire you for the courage to stand by your decision, lets hope that I am as brave when it comes time for me to leave.

  • SASSYRABBIT, I feel you have many talents and interests but aren't sure which one to pursue with more intent. Are you unsure of where to go next? I am receiving a cryptic message that a building across the road from where you live or work holds the answer.

  • Magicsouldream2003, you have very light, airy-fairy vibes and I see you as being part of this world and partly in other worlds. There are times when you probably feel quite out of it. You are a channel between worlds. You receive messages but dismiss them as imagination. There are times when you must be fully on the earth so learn to ground yourself at those times.

  • LaMordis - guilt trip ? why does that sound familiar. Yes - because I was bamboozled by all members of the family, yep - everyone of them. It hurt that they were not encouraging me to go pursue my dreams, but holding me back, because i looked after them all. Why couldnt they do the same for me? One thing i trully realized was - if i remained with, i would have down the road resented them. Not that i was starting to resent them back then. And we all have flaws, but since it was family, i didnt want to harbour negative feelings, or start hating them for holding me back. So as u said - just another drop in the bucket, it seems you are getting to that resentment part. Before the relations sour, sometimes u have to take the toughest decision. In my case - it served everyone well. They didnt appreciate it then , but they certainly do now. Infact - we have even become more closer which each member. If u feel, as if something dark and heavy is closing on u , suffocating on u - maybe u mite have to take tht leap. I also understand how one most important person cud also be your detractor. Totally do. But i hope and wish the best for u. Cheers. Take care !!

  • Hi captain!

    You already gave me a photo reading, but I'm very curious, so if you don't mind I'll ask for this one as well xD

    24/8/1988 12minutes past midday (12:12)

    Thanks 😄

  • You give off very secretive closed vibes, HiddenDiamond, like you don't want to or are afraid to share with others what you think and feel. This can repel people who may think you are a bit snobbish or that you think you're too smart for them.

  • That is so true about messages i don't listen to them and always regret it.I'm also not grounded at times.

    Thank you captain for the wonderful reading.

  • I would be very appreciative if you could give any insight into the vibes I give off to those around me. I would find it quite helpful.



  • Zypher15, I feel like you have been very misunderstood in your life. You see and feel things that other don't because of your extreme sensitivity and psychic ability. But you need more grounding or you will just fly right off the planet. Try getting out into nature more or being around animals - this is very grounding.

  • Hi Captain,

    It's been a few months and I would love to know what you feel. Thanks

  • RememberingAries, i feel you are sitting on the fence a bit about a decision you have to make, but you are definitely leaning more in a direction away from your present circumstances.

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