What vibes do you give out?

  • Thank you captain, I just found your last post for me back at the end of

    Feb. I can definately see the wisdom in your thinking. Income first, then enjoyment. Do you have any vibes on a children's book that I've already started? Or any vibes on me and my partner? Everyone says he's crazy about me but it's hard to tell the hidden feelings because I still need closure from my husband's death. It may be another 10 or 20 years before I ever get that. There hasn't been a prosecution so that's a deep hole in my heart. When he died, if we didn't have kids, I would have laid in that driveway and died right next to him just through will power. It was devestating. I'm used to death, lost many many people that I love through out my life, starting at the age of 7 but when there's no closure, it's hard to swallow. I always thought I couldn't date again but recently realized, if I don't I will die from a brokenheart. My kids need me. So, it was accidental that I met someone, was never looking for it. We are crazy about each other and we can definitely see growing old together but there are issues. I can work through them but I'm not thinking clearly right now because of my pain. I'm trying and he deserves this but I want to make sure I'm not making a mistake. thank you

  • Hi. I would appreciate it extremely if you would give me a reading! I have had a lot of big life changing events recently. Is there any specific things you need to know? Thank you so much!!

  • ConfusedScorpion, yes there's a part of you that feels guilty about moving on with a new man, like you are betraying your husband in some way. But he would want you to be happy. I feel your husband has moved on over the other side and is happy, so you can be too. He is not attached to his death and neither should you be. Let the Universe take care of the details - just relax and enjoy your new start in life.

  • Mandysfun2000, you feel a little exhausted and bewildered by what has occurred but you also feel excited that change has come to you. Give yourself the OK to take some time to adjust to it all and then move confidently on into a better and more stable lifestyle. The Universe is encouraging you to be more assertive about getting what you want.

  • ConfusedScorpion, with your children's book, I feel you are erring on the side of caution with it but need to be a bit more daring in your writing to stand out from other book writers.

  • I read this forum for the first time yesterday and found it very interresting - made a wrong forum name yesterday so have made a completly new account today and I want to try this as well if its not to late - can you give me a reading as well please? sorry for my writing i am not english.

  • Santana1961, are you contemplating doing something different with your life? I feel a certain restlessness in you and and an eagerness for change and more excitement and exploration. But you're just not sure whether or how to go about it.

  • In the process of getting rid of lot of stuff to feel less cramped - sometimes stuff can hold one back I think to explore not so much for wild excitement more for peace and solitude - its what i have been trying to get started that last many years but always something happens to slow the process down somehow and its getting to the point where it have become as to stressfull you know like the cup is full - all I need is real rest somehow i think and the universe to grant me no outside events to interfere and stop whatever process is going on if any. Your right as if you where inside my head it would look like a tornado a sunami and a few earthsquakes had held a convention.....

  • Santana, it doesn't matter what outside events occur. If you are calm and peaceful inside, you can stand whatever life throws at you. The key is to find what gives you peace. Examine your thoughts to see what they reveal.

  • I will sure try that - going on a 7 weeks self ordered vacation/retreat next monts and will dedicate some of the time to this purpose. Thank you very much for your time on this reading :-).

  • thanks captain for your reading, it was write on !

  • confused scorpian thanks dear, sorry i just saw your post . i will try that and hope some of the fatiuge will go with the pain.

  • Hey Captain,

    What a good topic. I was curious what kind of vibe I give out especially to the opposite sex?

  • hmm, rite about the part - where i need to take off my rose colored glasses. Infact, recently i think i had to experience tht. Must say it wasnt pleasant to discover the true identity of this person. Nonethless -its good to know a person real face. Lately, i have been having these dreams of some significant past "love interest". 3 ppl to be exact, all of significant influence. Each dream shows a culmination, which i had strongly resisted in past. Upon meeting the culmination - i dont feel happy or satisfied. I feel sad. And still Im fighting feelings. The 3rd person's dream was scary, because it was the highest point. Total surrender u cud say. Wht does all this mean?

  • Kaimalino, you give off vibes to everyone that say, "Please take whatever you need from me. I am a giver and want to make people stay with me by giving them whatever they want, even if it hurts."

  • Ashponderer, thses dreams are just your way of working through and finsihing off whatever was left undone in your old relationships. you are resolving issues that weren't resolved at the time. It's a good thing.

  • Yes I do give off this vibe but I am trying very hard not to be so giving and set boundries. Do you think I am in the right direction? What advice would you give a giver?

  • Kaimalino, my advice to a giver is to remember to give to yourself as equally as you do to others.

  • Thanks Captain. Are you a giver...it seems that you give a lot to people and never ask for anything in return?

  • If you could tell me the vibes I send out to people that would be great. Always wanted to know. Thanks again for all you do.

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