What vibes do you give out?

  • Leonida, with you I see an image of a leaf falling from a tree and fluttering resignedly to the ground to lie still in the dust. This is the time to fight, not give up or in. People will trample on you if you lay down on the ground and let them do what they want - even your family and friends will do this unless you sit up and shout "NO! NO MORE! I have given enough of myself away.". This is your time to revive and manifest all your old dreams. Let people look after themselves and make their own mistakes. You are not helping them by carrying them or standing in danger's path for them. It's time to do your own thing and leave everything else to spirit to handle.

  • Hello the Captain, I just started a Forum which is rare for me ..but I felt I needed help &advise ... and then I came here to this site and here was your answer to me .. & I know you did not have even a Chance TO READ WHAT I WROTE and you have already answered me that is unbelievable .. I call it "Angelic " If you read my forum I want you to Know you can offer or ask me anything that would help me and I will be quick to answer ............. Leonida

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  • Kealaigh, you give off very responsible yet very fun-loving vibes too. Mainly you are a rock of support for others but you also know how to enjoy yourself. You are very well-balanced and have strong morals, and you have a natural gift for helping others to find clarity with their problems.

  • Captain, I am almost afraid to ask. I have been very self absorbed lately, when I am usually more in tune with helping others. I have felt very cut off spiritually because of this. What kind of vibe are you getting from me. If they are not positive, what can I do to get beyond this situation? Thanks again Captain. You are always so helpful to so many people.

    Blessings to you.

  • MissyMill, with you I 'see' someone wearing a hoodie pulled down over their face and head, and their hands held protectively above their head as if to ward off blows. You are giving off a lot of self-protective and fearful vibes but I don't feel that there is anyone around you who can hurt you, that what you fear are shadows that don't exist. Don't be afraid - step out into the light and show yourself!

  • Wow! Did not see that coming. Trying to process that... I guess it makes since, as I am hiding from myself right now. Hiding from some decisions that I need to make. I am on a path that will potentially hurt those that I love, or I myself will be hurting. I am afraid to make any decisions... Thank you for revealing that to me. Now I just need to find the courage to make those decisions...

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  • Kealaigh, I am feeling your mother holds the answer for you.

  • Hello Captain ... if you are still doing readings could you please tell me what you see for me. Thank you.

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  • Serendipity367, I see the sun slowly rising for you so this means that things are gettting better day by day and you are feeling more optimistic as the year progresses. The sun has not completely risen which means there is a little more work and effort (I'd say about another month) to put in before you reach your goals. But it will all happen for you - don't give up now just when success is within your grasp.

  • Kealaigh, do you know what your Mum's special gifts or talents were?

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  • Kelaigh, I feel very strongly what you need lies in your mother's life story so I would definitely encourage you to find out more about her. Her example is one you should heed and learn from since you are a part of her. Pass on her legacy once you know the whole story.

  • Hello Captain, I would love it if you could read my vibes. I found this thread and thought it was an awesome idea, and even more awesome ability. You are blessed with an amazing gift, thank you for your time.

  • RocknRollGirl, you give off very open, friendly, and sociable vibes - I bet you have no trouble chatting to people and getting along with them in a social setting. You probably have plenty of friends and you give off confidence and a zest for life.

  • Thank you Captain, honestly I was afraid of what vibes I might be giving off.. My middle son says if he could have one quality that I have , it would my ease at talking to people. But I have just gone through a very bad breakup, lost the man of dreams (tho he evidently wasnt) for what reasons I do not really know, as he refused to share his reasons with me. I am going through a rough patch in my life, tho admittedly. it is much better now then a month or so ago . Its good to know the vibes I am giving off are not negative. I was also thinking of a new friend ,who I would like to see where the future goes with him, as I wrote to you. so i shall take that as a good sign 🙂 thank you for giving so much of yourself to strangers.

  • Yes RocknRollGirl, the essential 'you' is still very much intact. You have taken a few body hits but you have bounced back and not allowed life to drain your spirit. Well done!

  • earthwindandfire, if you're feeling empathy pains you can tell yourself repeatedly, this is not my pain, it belonged to someone else, I took this pain and now it doesn't belong to anyone, we are both rid of this pain and I do not hurt anymore. It is not my pain. Say this over and over until you're comfortable with it and then get your mind into something else. I to feel pain from others and it interferes with my daily life. All my life I never understood why I hurt all the time and the doctors couldn't find anything. (Except a little arthirits) My pain was awful and could be anywhere in my body. it has gotten to where it hurts me to rake, clean, etc. A reading revealed to me that I feel others pain. It was an aha moment! Since then, I usually can talk the pain away. "I'm still severely fatigued everyday and would love for someone to help me with this." I have even started trying heaingcrystals.com and I will let you kow how this works after I've tried it for awhile. I hope this helps. I also had a real bad headache the day my husband was killed. I was at work and he was shot in the head. I kept feeling like I needed to be at home, my head was killing me and I kept telling myself I need to go home. I never did that in the past. It was wierd, it was like he was calling for me or either I just knew something was wrong. Unfortunately, didn't listen to my insticts and I stayed at work. I didn't actually know until 2 1/2 hours later when it was to late. I suffered really bad sympathy pains for a year after his death. My head would hurt for weeks at a time. At that time, I didn't realize that most of my pains were other's pains. Now that I can talk them away, I still get sympathy pains every day and sometimes can't figure out who the person is but all of a sudden a pain will come on out of nowhere. I just tell myself it's not my pain and then move on. It always disappears. There are also times when I'm with people in person or in thought that have a major surgical pain and I don't feel a thing. Not sure why it's only sometimes and not with everyone. Thank God it's not! Good luck, please let me know if it helps any.

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