What vibes do you give out?

  • Earthwindandfire, I feel that the chronic fatigue is you resisting the flow of life and trying to do things or move in a direction that deep down you do not wish to do or go.

  • captain, thanks again ! i wished i knew what i could do to correct that flow. im not sure if its a relationship thing or a work thing or all.. thanks again for all your help... fatigue and aches and pains are crazy now... some say possible empth.. ears have been buzzing lots the last few yrs... and i have felt very lost.

    i feel a little better in the last few months on being lost but the pain and fatigue has been worse.

  • Please can you tell me what vibe I give off? I think it might help me to know, thank you.

  • What sorta vibe do you get from me?

  • Earthwindandfire, you should read the Ascension thread in the 'Anything Goes' section - you will see that many people are experiencing strange symptoms that may explain your problems.

  • Hello TheCaptain, If you are still telling people about the vibes they're giving out, I'd be very interested to hear mine. Thank you : )

  • Goliath, you are giving off vibes that tell me you want a partner in your life, but the qualities that you you want are so varied and so numerous. It would be impossible for you to find any one person who has all those attributes. Examine what you really want in a partner and try and cut down on your impossible list - you want perfection but that doesn't exist. You are asking for too much from your relationships and the people around you. Your friends would feel they just can't live up to your hgih standards. We are all only human...

  • Thanks much for your response, it is appreciated.

  • What sort of vibes do I send out?

  • SensualLibra, I am getting a lot of confusion and indecision from you. There is a man you are interested in but he gives you mixed vibes. I feel he is both turned on and turned off by you. He is attracted to your looks and body but there is something he doesn't like about your personality. He doesn't feel you are completely compatible together, nor do you actually deep down. I think this will keep him from getting deeply involved with you so this is probably better as a friendship.

  • Ineedtomediate, I am getting a car vibe around you. Are you going on a road trip or anything?

  • Nope, don't really like driving much : )

  • Truetoyourheart, I am feeling your mind is very active - it feels like it's buzzing like a hive of bees. You seem interested in so many things - what a curious mind you have and such an eagerness for knowledge! I wonder if you have trouble turning your mind off? There's a big worry amongst all that enthusiam too. I feel your fears are groundless, though. All will be well, given time. Money will arrive when you least expect it and from an unexpected source.

  • Ineedtomeditate, i am getting a very clear image of a long red convertible for you. Does that mean anything to you?

  • Yes I have a problem turning off my mind lol

  • lol, I drive a silver Honda civic. I can't think what a red convertible could mean, I have absolutely no interest in cars. My husband does though.

  • Ineedtomediate, there's a sort of Elvis Presley, rock n roll vibe to this car. The man driving it is wanting to go back to the past when times were more fun and wants you to go with him.

  • My husband drives a red car, not a sports car but it's red. And he's really into music. He has said that he wants things to be like before, before we started having a bit of trouble in our relationship. Maybe that's what you're picking up on?

  • Wow Captain! What did you get yourself into? I skipped right too last page, you read all those vibes! I'm impressed! Ok, I'm up for the vibe reading, if I'm not one too many over, thanks!

  • Ineedtomeditate, yes I think that's what I'm picking up. He really wants things to be the old way, and is not prepared to change or update himself. And he wants you to behave like you used to when you first met. What I'm picking up is that he felt more suave and attractive back then. the red convertible is his image of himself back then - cool and fast. 🙂 A lot of nostalgia for the past here! I feel like you have moved forward while he has moved backwards.

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