What vibes do you give out?

  • Well I must say I'm very intrigued by this... so I just had to sign up to post on the forum 🙂 I've always been curious what vibes I'm giving off, would you be so kind as to tell me what you feel, TheCaptain?? Thank you and God bless.

  • GemTwin52, I am also feeling a lot of pent-up energy in you that needs to be released.

  • Cobaltphoenix, I am getting a whole lot of creative vibes from you. You appear to me to have a massive amount of talent that soemtimes goes undervalued or underused. You really don't need anyone to support or help you achieve your dreams. Just believe in yourself.

  • Oh my, not tonight Captain, my work zaps my energy both mentally and physically..one might say I work in a toxic environment.

  • Gemtwin52, not physical energy but emotional.

  • Especially in the heart area - a lot of heavy emotion stored there.

  • Captian, thank you so much for the reading, you are right on with what you say ,right down to the point of I don't know where to start. I can't believe that at my age,I should know what I want and how to acheive it. does that sound crazy.....I wish there was a class on what to do to make my life happy for me......I have always, since I was 8 taken care of every one else,really not a bad thing, just now how do I change the only thing I know?any way thank again hope to hear from you more .

  • Very much so Captain.. I have someone in my heart who I feel needs and wants me as I do them..I had to say goodbye for now so he could have time to put things in order and in the meantime I must keep on going. He'll come to me when he's ready and realizes he will be safe,

  • Wow you are pretty right on. I feel like I'm not using my full potential, there's so many ideas and passions, so many things I want to accomplish and I don't know how to go about doing it.... mainly with a lack of financial stability and resources. My higher self knows the truth of things, obviously, but its a struggle to get the rest of me in motion towards those goals. Life feels so complicated and "heavy" for me at many times. I greatly appreciate your insight, or any more you could garner for me if possible... perhaps in the realm of relationships (the second biggest part of my life that I struggle with, lol).

    P.S. I'm curious, as to how you go about reading these vibes..? Is it a feeling you just get? Do you meditate? Read Tarot? I would love to be able to use my intuition to help others as you do. It truly is amazing and wonderful what you are doing!

  • Cobaltphoenix, feel free to ask me whatever you need to ask.

    I feel you have a great talent for music as well as art. You also have psychic abilities - you can channel other dimensions into and through your work. You just need a bit more focus as I think you can get very distracted by life.

    In relationships, you need to find someone as creative and freethinking as you who can understand what's it's like to be you.

    I just clear my mind when I read vibes and see what comes. You have to be able to put aside all your own thoughts and emotions.

  • GemTwin52, i feel like your friend is confused about how he feels for you. Sometimes he feels like a child needing his mother (you) and he thinks that is just not right and feels bad about it so he retreats from you.

  • Anngora, I have emailed you as you requested.

  • He has been through a great deal of anguish and pain Captain...I have never felt so strong about someone like I do him. I honestly believe he needs nurtured in order to heal. I think his life has been void of that with everything he's been through. After all, aren't men sometimes like little boys who have always been told to be strong and not to cry? Trust me, this man needs to cry. He has seen h e l l first hand.

  • Gemtwin52, he must understand that his need for nurturing from you is not a sign of weakness or childish behaviour. He feels ashamed of wanting to lean on you, thinks he must be a 'strong man'.

  • Exactly Captain..I have been working on that..What more can I do to assure him so he will trust and allow himself a moment, a lifetime of knowing that emotion is not a weakness?

  • GemTwin, yes you have got your work cut out for you, all right. He has a rigid old-fashioned idea of what a man should be. You are good with words - talk to him about nurturing and caring without using any words that imply weakness or unmanliness. Make him see that two people can lean on and care for each other without losing their sense of self or strength. Deep in his mind he has the idea that love is a weakness and will be his undoing as a man.

  • Thank you Captain...I don't give up so easily and I think he knows that deep down, I am good for him as he is for me. We both have something to learn from one another.

  • Gemtwin, he also has unresolved mother issues, as you probably can tell.

  • Oh yes, he very much hopes you won't give up on him but feels hopeless about changing his ways. He doesn't like to show you any weakness. Thinks you would despise him for that. I feel his mother/parents was probably one of those "be a man - don't cry" sorts.

  • Captain, you've read for me on another forum recently, but I am very curious about what vibe I'm sending out...

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