What vibes do you give out?

  • Thank you for the redirection of my purpose. I will do just that captain!

  • caption what is my vibe 🙂

  • Captain,

    What can I say other than "YOU ARE RIGHT". That's me!

    I am trying my best to "listen to my instinct" (started a thread on that subject too) now and not to let my mind wonder and get me into the wrong direction. With more practice and guidance from all the caring people I meet in here, I am sure I will be able to have the control soon.

    Thank you Captain.

  • Captain....please tell me what vibes I am giving out to others. Thank you and many blessings.

  • AuntBuck, you give off the vibes of a spaceship commander - someone who wants to explore the Universe and all its mysteries but must often steer her course alone, although she has the strength to do so. But it is a lonely mission being a pioneer and adventurer. Still, someone has to do it in order to move us all forward.

  • Danielleissmiling because she knows that people often underestimate her with her quiet, sensitive nature. She is smiling because she picks up a lot more about others than they do from her.

  • Katiesssss, you give off vibes of someone wandering lost and alone in a desert, searching for someone to pay attention to your cries for help.

  • Boatgirl, I think you feel are being held back in your life, that you are not able to move on because of the weight of your responsibilities or by other people. You feel a bit weary and frustrated.

  • Very true...I am in exploration of the universe....just wish I didn't have to do it alone. Would like to have a co-captain on this mission. :0)

  • captain can u please tell me me what vibes u are getting from me. thanks. i would really appreciate it.

  • LeoCancer103, I get a funny image from you - one of those cartoon scenes where some natives are grouped around a pot in which a missonary is being boiled so that they can eat him. But the missionary is sipping tea, ignoring how bad his situation is and trying to put a good spin on it. Does any of this apply to you?

  • can i have a reading plllease??

  • captain, thats amazing u are very right. i am like that missionary sippin on his tea. i do procrastinate alot. but i sometimes feel stuck in this situation im in, because i think i can t change it. or i dont know what direction to head in.

  • Lynv, I feel a lot of envy coming off you as if you think other people have so much better lives than you. But if you could see it from their side, you would understand that having a big house and lots of money and good looks is no guarantee of happiness. Look around you and really see what it is you have.

  • I would love it Captain if you could tell me what vibes I give??

  • Cali4niaGirlz, you give off vibes that tell me of your great desire to help others and be of service to your fellow man, thereby transforming the world into a better place. But you are also not quite sure where or how to start. The answer is by one person at a time.

  • Captain,

    What do you see about me? So many things going on atm, so don't be surprised if you get a whole hodgepodge of things !!!!


  • Summerbutterfly, your vibes show me you being put through an old-fashioned clothing wringer like a piece of washing. You are three-quarters out of it. It has been tough but you will come out of the wringer cleaner and stronger and revitalised. You will also have a clearer idea of who you are and what you should do next. It's time for a big change.

  • you are completely right! well, i'm actually not SO quiet all the time. i really do love to talk and smile and laugh and i want to become an actress and do big thing with my life. but i do have my shy times, and people can underestimate me and think that i'm just this shy, quiet, serene kid. and i tend to observe alot. i think you're really talented at what you do! 😄

  • Thanks, Captain !!!! Yes, it has definitely been a long a tough drive this past year. Glad to know it's almost over. And yes, although change is difficult, I am ready to spread my wings.




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