What vibes do you give out?

  • Hi Captain,

    Would really like to know what vibes I give? Thank you so much in advance.


  • hi captain, i'm curious as to what energies i send out and how to navigate my ship in a more propitious way.

    thanks! 🙂

  • Hello Captain-I send you my vibes and my best wishes! Thank you!

  • Hello Captain ,

    I have never heard of such a reading , that is really awesome !..Yes , I would like to have a Vibe reading as well, when you have a spare moment . No doubt it will hit right off the vibe scale lol :O)

    Thank you In Advance

    Take Care and God Bless You


  • Blackiespistol, you know your fiancee would hate to see you so gutted by his passing. But he is all around you, trying to get through to you but the fog of grief and loneliness is too strong. Believe that he lives on and you will meet again. Your greatest gift to him is to live well.

  • Brick1, for you I get a hard wall of stone surrounding and holding back a great fire (creativity and emotion). You need to check if the wall is still useful to you because it is growing cracked and has a few holes. Your choice - repair the wall or let the fire out!

  • Melezka, I see you running in fear from a huge pursuing dragon. But if you were to turn and prick the dragon with a pin (admit your fear or secret) then it would burst like a balloon and the burden you are carrying would vanish.

  • MissHopeful, I see you sitting at a window wishing upon a star. You grab the star and pull it down into your hands where you cradle it gently. I feel you need to be more nurturing to others and less self-involved. Give out and spread your love, don't hold it all to yourself.

  • Lindy1941, I get very world-weary and resigned vibes from you, like you're about ready to give up on life. Give yourself a kick up the bum and get out and enjoy yourself! There's plenty of life in you yet.

  • TemdrOPs, this is very serious. I cannot pick up anything coming off you because you have woven a complete thick dark blanket of protection around yourself. Nothing bad can get in - but no good either and you give nothing of yourself out at all. No request for help is ever able to emerge nor any help enter.

  • May I request a reading of my vibes as well? Thank you 🙂

  • Songofsharon, ah such sweetness and light! Very nice vibes here but a little shallow. Try diving more deeply and honestly into life.

  • Captain,

    Now who could resist this. . . your readings are fascinating, everyone is unique. Your openness to help is touching. The 1st thought I had when I saw this thread is this guys gonna get swamped....

    I would be gladdened by your take on me.

    Take care of yourself.



  • Doves46, I feel something in my left ear, some blockage with you. Is your hearing all right? There is a shadow running all down your left side. The left side represents the subconscious. There is a buildup of fear in your subconscious that is blocking your progress. Visualise it clearing away and light streaming in..

  • GoldenShadow, ah with you I see warm honey trickling off a spoon. You flow with life, making everyone around you feel good. Life is sweet and you feel a lot of satisfaction.

  • Pfree the elf! That is what I see for you, a slightly mischievous chirpy little elf who likes to play pranks on people but never means to hurt. But sometimes you hurt more than you think. You can be a bit insensitive especially to those who tell you they love you.

  • Thank you for the reading Captain. Tell me if I am wrong when I say I sense a grayness or a shadow around you, yet at the same time you seem like a mellow, accepting person.

    I sometimes get images and senses when I think of a person. I never know if I am right.

  • Can you see what the grayness or shadow is? I cannot read for myself.

  • I think that is a good idea! Please read my vibes and tell me your thoughts! THANK YOU!

  • yellow, sunshine, sad smiles, deep eyes, you have dealt with pain growing up, and I hear the word 'acceptance'.

    The shadow is like a looming cloud around your head and shoulders. It almost feels heavy.

    But primarily, the vibe I get from you is that of a wise soul, accepting of circumstances (in most cases)

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