What vibes do you give out?

  • Pennyesmom, I feel that when it comes to showing your emotions, you can be a bit like a stone wall. You feel emotions are signs of weakness and that you should just suck it up. I sense other people find it hard to get to know you and often feel a bit put off by your formidable exterior - they think you don't need them.

  • Captain - I would like to have my vibes read? what do you need to do this?

  • The Captain,

    If possible I would like to know what vibes I give off.

    Thanks So Much!


  • Thoughtfulterry, calm down! You are so jittery with anxiety. I feel like you are very worried about the things that are happening in your life at the moment. But it's more your imagination than reality.

  • Monishas, you feel very practical and responsible - you are probably the rock in your family.

  • Hi there. Thanks captain - not untrue at all. But is that all - just a questing mind? You have any advice for me on my little road...? No worries if not of course, but I could kinda do with it right now. šŸ™‚

    I've so enjoyed the stream btw, thanks for sharing with us all.


  • LityJ, the problem is that your mind desires to know more of life and the world but your fears hold you back from being an explorer, a pioneer - fears of going against what's acceptable, fear of people not approving of your choices. You have to decide what sort of a life you want to live - the riskier one where you live for yourself according to what you want to do and achieve or one where you live to please everyone else. The former choice is the only one that will ultimately make you happy.

  • Thank you so much captain for the vibe reading and of course I prefer honesty even if it hurts. I have no idea how you do what you do but you read me to a t. I am working on love of self but it is very hard. Thank you again and hope to be at the Valentines day party.

    Love and light

    Bluebird 58

  • Good Morning The Captain,

    OOOhhh is that a good thing? Can I change that to more like "I am approachable and loving"?.

  • It's deciding where to start...!

    But I've been having some ideas - nothing new - but newly remembered. I know I just need to start acting on them now. And do you know, I think this could very well be the year !

    Thank you. x

  • What a great thread!!!....I would love my vibes read please, I am quite a new member here and I find this "place" very good at sharing there experiences, and without sounding like I'm "buttering you up" Captain, I have quickly found your vibes to be so honest and true!!....you are so to the point and speaking your truth!!!....I so love that!!

    much love, joy and peace to you The Captain


  • Can you read my vibes Captain, thank you so much. Bless you.

  • Captain,

    Loving this!!! You are the best...Could you read my vibes? Greatly appreciate the time and help,


  • Africanqn, the point about this thread is that you can always change what you give off if you want. Even just reading what your vibe is can sometimes bring about a change in attitude.

  • Hopeeternal, you give off very youthful, very 'new' vibes. You are like a baby seed, bursting through the earth with hope and enthusiasm, maybe a little naivety, ready and eager to explore the world. You see all that is good and wholesome, but you also need to grow a thicker skin and develop more awareness to protect you from the evils of the world.

  • Tonib3741, you give off the vibes of a newly awakened person, someone struggling to change her life for the better, who now sees that she is stronger than she thinks and can actually do things for herself rather than simply being at the mercy of random fate.

  • Oh pwheeeeeeeeeeeeee i thought it was my constant. Thanks for clarifying. Relieffff

  • Aries22, you give off weary soldier vibes, the vibes of someone who has put their warrior self aside in order to get along better with others, who is tired of fighting. But trying to please and accommodate others has only made you feel weakened and frustrated. Fighting back against injustice will make you feel better and boost your self-esteem, but first you have to be willing to recognise where you have been treated unfairly and by whom. You tend to close an eye to the bad behaviour of loved ones.

  • Interesting thread. I too wonder what The Captain thinks about my vibes... tune in!

  • Lis1, you are full of conflicting emotions - anger and love, frustration, hopelessness. I get the feeling of you hanging onto things that are past their 'used by' date, of wasting your energy yearning for things that are over and done, completed. You do this a lot. There is no going forward until you release your grip on the past.

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