What vibes do you give out?

  • The Captain,

    If possible I would like to know what vibes I give off.

    Thanks So Much!

  • The Captain,

    If possible I would like to know what vibes I give off.

    Thanks So Much!

  • Hi Captain - I've been enjoying your vibe readings this morning and would love it if you'd do one for me too, pleeeez. 🙂


  • Captain: HappyPeacful, you have the power to do great good in the world but you get distracted by thinking you are a normal person here to live a normal life. Start thinking bigger.

    HappyPeaceful: thank you, Captain! 🙂 I have to say I've never ever thought about myself this way. Because I think about myself as someone really ordinary.

  • Hello there busy Captain,

    I just stopped by to see how my vibes are doing? Happy days to you. Not to worry if you're inundated, I know how it feels to be on the other side now (so to speak!).

    Take care 😄

  • Hello, I was wondering what vibes I am giving off this evening?

    The same or are they different this time?

  • Thanks, Captain! Painful but helpful news.

  • The Captain: "CrabbyTycoon, not sure why you are asking again. What do you mean you're looking for love?"

    Well, I thought your vibes change over time. If I misunderstood what kind of reading this is, I apologize.

    And by looking for love, I mean, I want to make sure that I am spiritually and emotionally in a place to receive that ONE love when it comes along.

    Is it selfish for me to ask for another reading? It's Ok. I know lots of other people want one, as well. I didn't mean to be selfish, I'm just "drawn" that way, HAHA!!

    Thanks for everything, TheCaptain, keep up the good work.

  • Forget about mine too! I was just hoping they'd improved, been working hard on improvement! Thanks too, take care and happy days do you Captain! 😄

  • Hello, Captain. I had a wonderful horse in my younger years named Captain. Anyway, I've never been here before and am having some issues with my husband. I am studying men and how they feel and think and it is really trying me. I was just wondering about my vibes and if they are hurting or helping my situation? Any help is truly appreciated..

  • GRSunShine, you feel preoccupied to me. I feel you have a big problem on your mind or a big decision to make. It involves either confiding in someone or revealing a secret to someone.

  • LityJ, I get a lot of curiosity about the things this forum explores. You want to know more about the supernatural and psychic phenomena etc. You have a curious questing mind about many things that appear to be mysteries.

  • Tikirose, you give off 'victim' vibes. I see people throwing stones at you and you sitting on the ground putting up with it without a fight or whimper. You feel you deserve to suffer but you should stand up to the world and develop a fighting spirit instead of letting people stomp all over you. Your victim vibes draw people to you who are sadists and like to hurt others. Once you start feeling better about yourself, you will attract nicer friends. When you believe you deserve to be treated better, you will be.

  • Blacknblonde, I see a picture in my mind of you drifting on the ocean in a lifeboat, lost and lonely and waiting to be rescued. Start swimming and save yourself. No one else can manage your life for you.

  • Africanqn, you have very sassy vibrant vibes. You give out the message "Behave yourself and don't mess with me - I bite!"

  • Bluebird58, do you want me to be gentle or honest? You know you are too passive and over-sensitive, and give in to people too much. Your vibes say "If I don't upset anyone and do what they ask of me, I will have a peaceful life." But that doesn't really work, does it? In the end, you just feel used and abused becuase you attract people who know you can't resist giving them what they want, even if it hurts you..

  • Robin5215, you give off vibes of being a 'good little soldier' - someone reliable and fair, obeying all the rules, looking after everyone, and working hard to do your duty. But even soldiers get leave from time to time to break out and please themselves.

  • SoulEyes, I feel a lot of weariness coming off you as if you have struggled for a long time without seeing much reward. This year it comes! But only after you revive hope in yourself and life. Replace those defeated vibes with positivity.

  • For those who ask for updates - if you have done any inner work or changed your negative attitudes to more positive ones, of course your vibes will have changed - for the better.

  • CrabbyTycoon, to attract the right person, you only have to love yourself, and you are not - quite - there yet. You need to forgive yourself.

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